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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 September 2009
Good clear instructions. Simple and quick to fit. Impressed by design because it has been made so that it is very difficult to try and get a grip on the box to pull at it. Even if levered from wall (extremely unlikely), it is still locked.
Quick and easy to adjust code numbers as often as you want. Simple to use. Ideal for health personnel needing access, as they are not allowed to take keys away with them. Notice several of our elderly neighbours who have home helps, daily carers and district nurses are also using this same design.
Does not contain hooks, so keys just sit in box.
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on 24 March 2015
DO NOT PURCHASE SHOULD BE WITHDRAWN FROM SALE:- I have had to return this item to Amazon after I was made aware of an online Video which details very clearly how anyone can overcome the locking mechanism of this lock and gain access. This item is not secure. I contacted the manufacturer and this is what they have told me: "To answer your question directly, Master Lock has recently become aware of this video and has, as a result, taken steps to modify the key lock box to improve its features and minimize any potential risk in terms of violating the product using the method shown on the video"
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on 3 March 2010
Great service from Amazon and most importantly the product arrived at my (son's UK) address in 5 days even though there was a weekend in between. The keysafe itself is easy to install (you only need a drill with a masonry bit and some rawlplugs), easy to set and easy to use once installed. The interior space is limited and you have to take keys off their keyring in order to fit them in flat on the inside. I am slightly worried about how easy the safe is to crack : so I tried to crack my own, following the instructions posted in another review here. However, to my relief, I was NOT able to "feel" when my chosen code was selected, so I have stopped worrying. It is wonderful to know that if anyone forgets or loses their keys, there's still an easy way to get back into the house!
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on 23 November 2009
I purchased this as my father has carers visiting the house and he is unable to get to the door. It is compact enough not to have to be fitted facing the street and feels sturdy and secure. I think the design would have benefitted by having a key hook as just placing the key inside can get in the way of the mechanism, however we overcame this by leaving one of the fitting screws protruding slightly. It is ideal for our purposes but would only recommend for one key.
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on 19 January 2012
I purchased one off these last year for a holiday home let. All seemed good simple to use and simple to change combination. We got a call on Saturday from a guest who could not get into the safe it seems it had miraculously changed combination. Impossible you say as I did. Managed to get the keys out after crow barring off the wall and smashing back off with a hammer. Replaced with another of the same thinking this was operator error and the previous guest or cleaner had altered the combination. Same fault occurred after some weeks.
I have managed to find the fault. If the door is not fully shut or the catches of the lock are held down this has the same effect as moving over the combination change lever. In other words if te door is not fully closed and the wheels are turned the combination will be changed.
I now use another brand.
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on 28 August 2010
Bought this for a holiday cottage rental, to provide secure and easy access for guests. First problem is that our key bunch of one Chubb and two Yale-type keys is extremely difficult to fit into the box when closing the door; it can take several minutes of fiddling to get them to stay put so that the door will close and not jam. Other safes with a hook for hanging the keys vertically seem better.

The major problem is that the safe has failed twice: back in Spring 2010, it jammed closed for some unknown reason. Masterlock replaced it promptly, but in August 2010, the replacement model jammed again: the issue being that the "open" lever could not be moved, even once the correct code was dialed in. Thus, I had frustrated guests stuck outside the cottage. I will now replace this with a completely different model.

While the safe is not in an exposed position, it is in a coastal location in Cornwall, which may explain its failure due to the climate, salt spray, etc. But its initial failure within a couple of weeks of installation would seem unlikely to be due to the elements. My diagnosis is just poor design and/or construction. I would not recommend this item, certainly not if its for paying customers!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 December 2009
Let me say, I'm not a safe-cracker or in any way 'dodgy'. I bought one of these for the carer who looks after my elderly grandmother so that she'd never not be able to let herself in, without the risk of losing the key.

However, whilst it secures to the wall very firmly & the keys sit nicely inside, & it's easy to choose a unique code, with a very small amount of 'testing', it's surprisingly (not to mention shockingly) simple to open without knowing the combination.

To test it, I even set a random combination in total darkness & then opened it within a couple of minutes.

Thus I would NOT recommend this product except for the very minimum security. Theoretically if it were placed in a high-view area to dissuade a dishonest person from cracking the code, this may be a solution. But to my mind, it does not do the job it was purchased for.

In response to a number of comments, in particular "Angryoap" (on 5th July '12), doubting the ease at which this lock is crackable, this review is now edited to remove the "method" by which it can easily (& quickly) be opened by someone not in possession of the code.

I accept that what was previously included in this review may not have been completely sensible on a public forum such as this, but at the time, I felt obliged to inform potential purchasers with the full situation of what I considered to be a waste of money (& why).

Finally, it's possible that some of these locks have better security than others & I can only go by the product that I received, back in December '09.
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on 28 August 2008
Sturdy product which does exactly what it's supposed to do. And it's easy to use, and easy to fix. If you're thinking of buying a keypad (as I was) it's worth noting that some keypads with 4-digit combinations provide only a fraction of the possible permutations that this type of device with rotating number wheels does. This one has 10,000 possible combinations but keypads will often not allow duplicate numbers, and may regard permutations of the same numbers as equal (eg: if the code is 1234, then 4321 or 2143, etc will also work) - check before buying.
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on 16 November 2009
the key storage box gives me peace of mind should our alarm go off when we are away from the house eg on holiday, because our two trusted neighbours & our security firm are the only ones to have the combination which allows them access to enter the house. the big advantage is that I do not have to give anyone now a copy of my house key. It is also very useful in the case of a vulnerable infirm person who needs help as lodging the code with close relatives or trusted friends & neighbours allows instant access in the case of emergencies.

Perhaps an improvement would be a small loop in the top of the box rather than at the bottom in order to hang the spare key from it.
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on 10 March 2011
This box was easy to fit and set the code.
didn't really take two keys comfortably unless you left them in the bottom of the box - then it was difficult to close, or by leaving the top screw sticking out a bit to hang them on - which is the option I went for.
Worked great for 5 months, being used once a fortnight for my cleaner.
It now wont open at all ( and I have the right code ) and I am going to have to take a hammer to it to get it off the wall.
Didn't notice the other reviews that talk about the jamming - especially if you have a cold spell.
Seemed good value at the time but will end up expensive as I now need to get some more keys cut and get another box
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