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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars

on 18 November 2001
This book starts where 'A notorious love' finishes. It is the story of Rosalind's elder sister Helena. Not set in the drawing rooms and balls of the upperclass but more of an adventure story . As usual Ms. Jeferies story is refreshing, humorous and contains great sex scenes! Daniel Brennan does not have the usual background for a romantic hero but he is compelling, attractive and sincere nontheless. Lady Helena is not perfect either but the two of them learn a lesson in love, having great fun on the way. I heartily recommend all of the author's books and feel her style is the way forward for all Regency Romances. So come on ladies, wake up to Sabrina Jeffries.
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on 5 October 2001
If you enjoy a bit of lighthearted fun and a giggle when you read a book, this is for you. I totally disagree with those who say it is unbelievable. I believe that when you read romance you need to not take it too seriously because romance is fairytale.
Yes the main character is a male tart but he is a loveable one and with his background and feelings "which is explained in the book" you can understand why. The leading lady is not perfect but with her sharp tongue and prudish ways, but again you can understand why she is attracted to him.
This book is good fun and for us who dream of a hero, so read it and make up your own mind.
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on 2 July 2010
I think if you are going to be reading romance novels then you should know that it is basically fantasy, and not to be taken too seriously so I did not have a problem on whether the plot was believable or not. I liked both Daniel and Helena when they appeared as supporting characters in "A Dangerous Love" and really, their courtship starts in that book -- it just melted my heart how sweet Daniel was to Helena in that book so of course I had to read the one in which they are the main characters! So this one continues their story after Rosalind and Griff go on their honeymoon.

The main theme of "A Notorious Love" is that love, as well as people, come in all shapes and sizes. I don't think it strange at all that Helena would be attracted to Daniel -- they might be opposites on the surface but really they are essentially in the same situation: both have been tolerated but mostly cast off from the "refined" society. In Daniel's case, it's because of his unfortunate upbringing and in Helena's case it's her physical limitations. Both of them have dealt with this rejection and unfair judgement by either flouting the rules (in Daniel's case) or hiding behind a cold reserve and adhering to strict etiquette by following a book of rules on it as Helena has done. Although they both know that the reasons society have judged them "lacking" are shallow and ridiculous, the treatment they get nevertheless affects the way they perceive their self worth. So it's no surprise that both would be more disposed to looking beneath the surface and be able to appreciate the person for who they are and help each other to accept it as well. All they needed was the excuse to spend more time together and what could be better than the abduction of Juliet?

I liked it. It was heart wrenching and funny at times, but always sincere. Both characters are not the usual hero and heroine (like a dark, bitter lord or a perfect lady)but all of the characteristics that make a great person are there, and that makes it a refreshing read for me.
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on 17 October 2012
Lady Helena Laverick seeks out Mr Daniel Brennan in order to help her find her missing sister, Juliet. She knows she is going against all the lessons she's learnt in Mrs Nunley's Guide for Young Ladies by visiting this well known womaniser alone, yet she loves Juliet, and believing she was abducted, puts aside all propriety.

The son of a highwayman, yet a former worker of her brother in law, Griff, she knows he has the skills to get Juliet back. Daniel agrees to help her, but isn't happy she's tagging along. Not because he doesn't like her. In fact, it's the complete opposite. Daniel has long been attracted to Helena, but believes he's beneath her, as she's a lady and his past doesn't make him enough of a gentleman to ask for her hand. Yet throughout their journey together, they must fight their growing desire for each other.

I read this story after 'After the Abduction,' which is the story between Juliet and Sebastian/Morgan, so I already knew what happened to Juliet in this story. This story wasn't quite as enjoyable as Juliet's story. It reminds me a lot of another story by the same author, with Jackson Pinter (a Bow Street Runner) and Lady Celia, who desired each other, but Jackson thought he wasn't good enough for her. I should have enjoyed it more, since it's quite similar and I really liked Jackson and Celia's story, but felt as if something was lacking in this one.

Also, the book I received didn't have the same cover as what's shown on Amazon. Amazon need to update this.

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on 20 January 2015
We were introduced to Daniel Brennan and Helena Laverick in the first book in this series, A Dangerous Love, where Daniel had pretended to be Griff Knighton while Griff tried to undermine the Earl of Swanlea's plans for his future. In that book, there were sparks between Daniel and Helena, but it blew up in Daniel's face once Helena found out he was playing the family false by going along with Griff's maneuverings.

Poor Daniel never fully agreed with Griff's goings on and tried to do his best to halt Griff at every turn. But, alas, he did go along to a point and when Helena realized Daniel had been paid to pretend to be Griff, she's certain Daniel is a scoundrel of the first order, which he is - kinda. He's the bastard son of a famous highwayman who was hanged alongside Daniel's mother, leaving Daniel in a workhouse at the age of six.

Daniel was rescued from that workhouse, took a job with a gang of smugglers and finally broke away to make his way in the world at age 17. Since that time, he's become a funds manager with clients ranging from Cits to members of the aristocracy. He no longer works for Griff and has taken his funds management business full time. Helena has come to London seeking Daniel's help to track down Juliet. It seeems she's eloped with a Captain Morgan and since Griff and Rosalind are traveling on the Continent, Helena hopes Daniel will agree to help her find Juliet.

Daniel considers Helena to be haughty and an ice maiden, but he can't refuse to help her. Helena, although beautiful, is extremely self-conscious due to being lame from a bout with the polio. She was jilted by one gentleman and has grown a shell around her soul to keep from being hurt. Daniel is just amazing in that he has so much insight into women and what makes them tick. He's just the right person to bring Helena out of her shell and then once cracked, peel off that shell. In the process, Helena slowly reveals herself to be a soulful, passionate woman.

I truly enjoyed this story. Both Daniel and Helena had their own wounds to overcome, but the gentle giant helped the lovely lady and in return, she gave as good as she got back to Daniel.
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on 10 January 2002
I give this book 3.5 stars
ok, I understand that the hero is not a nobleman and that he didn't talk like one- but he kept referring to his penis as his 'pego' 'st peter' and 'john thomas' and that was very silly. he's a grown man not a 12 years old boy!
don't get me wrong he was a very sweet man- a very rare attribute for an Alpha male hero but I kept rolling my eyes to the ceiling every time his st peters raised it's er... head.
I read two other books by Sabrina and loved them but something was missing from this book- the love scenes were pretty hot but the rest of the book lacked in passion. 'The Forbidden Lord' and 'The Dangerous Lord' were much better....
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on 22 July 2013
really good summer read couldn't wait for the next one love the charactors and made me laugh out load great
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on 6 September 2001
Do you really believe a nice young virgin to fall in love with a whoremonger? She finds him in bed with one of his whores. This time it is only one. Usually he prefers two at the same time. And they will fall in love and live happily ever after. A well written book. Nice story. But do you really want to read about a man like this ??
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