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on 25 March 2017
Great present
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on 1 August 2014
😊 thank you
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on 16 August 2009
If you like 'Charmed' this is the best.I am watching all the series in order instead of the piecemeal 'catch it on the T.V.' system I used before.
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on 30 March 2016
As described
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on 28 February 2006
What I like to see Charmed back at its best! ok so season 6 might not have been the best season with a fair few unimpressive episodes but at least season 7 makes up for it! ok so we don't have Drew Fuller to drool over as adult Chris, but we do get to see kerr smith play FBI agent Kyle Brody who has a major grudge against the Avatars. The Avatars storyline plays a big part in the first half of this season, in season 5 we saw them make Cole one of them because of his powerfulness and now its Leo's turn after we saw him vanquish Gideon in season 6. Then comes along Zankou played by Oded Fehr, a powerful demon trapped by the former Source who saw him as a threat, in the Witchness Protection (which also guest stars Charisma Carpenter from Buffy/Angel fame). Zankou has only one thing in mind, destroying the Charmed Ones for good. My favourite episodes from this season would probably be A Call To Arms, which sees the girls return after coping with the death of adult Chris, and Leo and Piper get turned into love gods. Scry Hard, in which Leo and Piper are shrunk by Wyatt and put into Grams old doll house and Zankou trys to unleash the Nexus. Death Becomes Them, the girls have to face the the corpses of the innocents the have lost over the years by an alchemist working for Zankou to make the vunerable so he can steal the Book of Shadows. Something Wicca This Way Goes, the season finale which see the Charmeds Ones face off Zankou for one last time without the help of the Book Of Shadows, excellent episode!!!
This seasons episodes are:
A Call To Arms
The Bare Witch Project
Cheaper By The Coven
Styx Feet Under
Once In A Blue Moon
Someone To Witch Over Me
Charmed Noir
There's Something About Leo
Witchness Protection
Ordinary Witches
Extreme Makeover : World Edition
Carpe Demon
Show Ghouls
The Seven Year Witch
Scry Hard
Little Box Of Horrors
Freaky Phoebe
Imaginary Friends
Death Becomes Them
Something Wicca This Way Goes
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on 12 February 2006
This is a good year for Charmed. It picks up where season 6 left off, Adult Chris is now dead and Leo has to deal with having killed Gideon to protect his son Wyatt. Also Barbas is still on the loose and the season premier deals with this particular demon that managed to get away last year!!
The Viewing figures for this season were not good at all. So much so, that the cast and crew of Charmed completed the production of the season without knowing whether they would be returning for another season. While this was a worrying time for the fans, this led to a series of episodes at the end of the season designed to tie up any loose ends in case they would be the last episodes!! The season finale for this season was therefore particularly good and would have worked even if the show had not returned for one final season.
This season sees the introduction of a couple of new characters: Paige gets a new boyfriend in the form of Kyle who has a life-long hatred of the 'Avatars'. Also we have the big-bad demon this year, Zanku; imprisoned by the source as he was seen as such a threat, he's now out and wants to kill the Charmed Ones!!
Also this year sees the return of an old favourite, Cole Turner played by Julian McMahon who returns for the show's 150 episode (a definite highlight!!). Also Drew Fuller (Adult Chris) makes a brief guest return to the show this season.
This is a good year. The main story arc during the first half of the season concerns the Avatars. As a viewer I loved this storyline since we (the audience) had been introduced to the Avatars in season 5, however the Charmed Ones have no idea about what they're dealing with! Also the Zanku storyline is pretty compulsive viewing for the latter part of the season!
Of course there are things not so great about this season, a couple of poor episodes and special effects. However its still pretty good stuff!!
A good season and deffinitly worth it!! Enjoy :)
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My daughter (12) has fallen under the spell of the Charmed Ones and now has every season on DVD - it's probably all that girl power that attracts her and she was a dedicated old/new Worst Witch fan - although my son (10) happily watches Charmed with her (perhaps he secretly routes for the demons). Some of her Charmed seasons were recorded from Living TV re-runs on Sky but others were purchased from Amazon (we get the far cheaper NTSC region 1 offerings from Amazon resellers). Naturally the episodes are far nicer without 20 minutes of adverts.

I have watched a lot of Charmed episodes with her and I have to say that I really liked this season with the rise of Avatars and their attempts to create heaven on Earth (e.g. `Extreme Makeover - World Edition' and `Charmageddon'). Plus demon Zankou makes a good baddie. The finale is pretty good as well (`Death becomes them'). This season really sets the pace for the final season 8 when the `power of three' have to face their worst enemy and defeat the Ultimate Power. Ok the stories repeat themselves a bit (there must be around 160+ episodes) and some of the acting is on the `Victoria Principal' level with girly pouts and eye rolling, but it is all great fun. In many ways the series has a non-violent feel and little blood and gore despite the high body count (although there is the mystery of how does a flaming vapourising demon fail to leave a scorch mark on the sofa). I'd ignore the 15 rating, they are more like a 12 max - our kid's PG rated 'Clubhouse detectives' film is far far scarier.

If your daughter (10+) hasn't seen any of Charmed before, I'd recommend it. Just tell her it's like `Buffy the Vampire Slayer' but with no Buffy and no vampires. Highly recommended for female offspring (and young males in touch with their orbing side). Also try them with classic 60's sitcom 'Bewitched' (seasons 1-5 with Dick York only) which is quite sympathetic with Charmed and a hit in our household. For under 10's there is the classic 'Worst Witch' series on DVD.
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on 3 April 2009
I don't understand why season 7 had such low viewing figures. I love it! In my opinion it's slightly better than season 8 (where Billie sometimes seems to upstage the Charmed Ones).
It's not my favourite season, and it does have it's low points. For example, the major threat of the Avatars never feels as serious as it is supposed to, and seems to drag on. The idea of a Utopian society is an interesting concept, but this is Charmed! Come on, you can't have a demon-free Charmed.
After the (minor) threat of the Avatars passes, Zankou takes over as the main threat, and in my opinion, is one of the best demons of all 8 series (after Cole- obviously).
Something I love about this season is the variety of new guest stars. We have Oded Fehr (Zankou) and Kerr Smith, who plays Kyle Brody, an FBI agent and new boyfriend for Paige, who is hell bent on destroying the Avatars. Also notable are Charisma Carpenter, who plays a seer trying to become mortal, and Billy Zane as Drake, an ex-demon turned literature teacher, who spends his last days teaching Phoebe to embrace love again.
Highlights of Season 7 include:
'Styx Feet Under'- Piper angers Death, who retaliates by recruiting her as a temporary Angel of Death. Her job is to help souls into the afterlife, but this becomes a lot more difficult when one of those souls turns out to be her sisters.
'Charmed Noir'- Very stylish episode, which sees Paige and Brody sucked into an unfinished crime novel, set in the 1930's. In order to keep them alive, Phoebe and Piper must write plot twists in order to lead the new characters to the only one with the power to finish the story...
'Witchness Protection'- The seer (Charisma Carpenter) is placed under the protection of the sisters when she decides to sell out her fellow demons in order to become human. With her visions of Utopia, she is just what the Avatars need to bring the Charmed Ones around to their cause (or so they think).
'Show Ghouls'- After a cabaret club caught fire, killing those trapped inside, a time loop prevented them from moving on, meaning they were forced to re-live the fire again and again. Phoebe and Drake must go back to the night of the fire, in 1899 in order to free all the lost souls.

Weaker episodes-

'A Call to Arms'
'There's something about Leo'
'Freaky Phoebe'
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Season seven of Charmed, fantasy drama series about three San Francisco dwelling sisters who are also witches and who struggle to balance that and their personal lives.

By this point the show has so much back story that new viewers shouldn't start here otherwise they might get confused very quickly. Start with Charmed - Series 1 [DVD] instead.

The DVD box set contains the twenty two episodes of the season, four each on the first five discs and the final two on the sixth disc.

It has language tracks in: English French German Italian and Spanish.

Subtitles are: English Danish Dutch Finnish French German Italian Norwegian Spanish and Swedish.

There are absolutely no extras.

If there's a central theme to the season it's about the sisters trying to rediscover their mojo. Six previous years of constant battling demons and the resulting personal strife has taken a toll and worn them down. Do they still care enough to carry on? Especially when a chance appears to end the fighting once and for all.

The season does get off to a rather unpromising start with four rather gimmicky episodes - characters turned into love gods, lady godiva appearing and pirate ghosts all seeming rather corny. Although the early episode with the sisters given the personalities of squabbling teenagers is rather fun. And the early episodes can look very cheap at times also. Added to which phoebe has a very predictable romantic subplot that seems to be going over old ground.

But then things pick up markedly with the fifth episode, a strong look at mortality, and things get steadily better as the issues of the chance they've been given to change the world are considered. An appealing performance from Charisma Carpenter as a seer enlivens the episodes she appears in.

Even though the main plot for the season is concluded only a little over halfway through it, the next three episodes are fun thanks to a wonderfully charismatic and entertaining performance from Billy Zane as Drake, former demon now teacher who lives life to the full. Then follow four stand alone stories that are marking time to the season finale, but they're all fine episodes.

The last two episodes basically form one long story that had to conclude the season and also act as a possible end for the show if it wasn't going to continue, and these do a good job of that, putting the sisters in a situation that really appears to be beyond their control and about to change their lives forever.

In fact the show was renewed and there's an eighth and final season after this one. But if it had ended here, it wouldn't have gone out too badly.
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on 29 September 2011
Charmed fans are very much split when it comes to season 7, but the penultimate season of Charmed is (in my eyes) the last great season of the show's 8 year run and one of my favourites. Overall the season is dark, dramatic and action packed. The Charmed Ones take a gamble and change the entire world when The Avatars offer them Utopia, while the demon Zankou is unleashed hellbent on killing the three Charmed Ones once and for all (and believe me he gets close). There are some great guest stars this season: Billy Zane as the demon with a heart, Drake. Charisma Carpenter as Kyra the Seer and Kerr Smith as Agent Kyle Brody. However there is also Nick Lachey in the beginning, a new love interest for Phoebe, which was so clearly not going to go anywhere that it wasn't interesting to me at all. There are a few really bad episodes: the premiere was pretty ridiculous, 'Charrrmed' could have been good but unfortunately tries too hard to be a comedy and 'Cheaper By the Coven' is quite possibly one of the most cringe worthy episodes in the whole series. It basically starts off really light but quickly darkens after the first few episodes, and get's down to more serious magic and some new exciting threats. It's also very light on the stupid magical creatures (by which I mean leprechauns, fairies etc.) The majority of this season is pretty epic.
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