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on 14 May 2008
I ordered this game expecting something epic. What I got was something ... not. Don't get me wrong, it looks (as countless others have stated) quite simply breathtaking, but I'm afraid in this case it's just mutton dressed as lamb.

So what's wrong with it? Well, for one thing there's no save option, and the game only auto-saves at the end of each mission. I read a review where someone said that it could take up to 2 hours to complete missions, and at the time thought it couldn't POSSIBLY take that long. How wrong I was. Some even took longer. That's all right if you're a hard-core gamer, but for the short-session gamer its a bit too much to suffer.

The other major let-down was the scripting for the cutscenes. Although the plot itself isn't bad, the cutscenes were almost painful to watch, with consistently twee, puerile and in places unbelievably cheesy ('I WILL kill Isenberg!!') dialogue. It wasn't the content that was wrong - it was the tone.

I personally also loathed the constantly re-spawning baddies, forcing you into a 'duck and dive' style of gameplay. When I shoot the bad guys, I like 'em dead. Period.

If I'd played a demo I wouldn't have bothered with the game. I even considered not bothering to finish it, but as my obsessive nature wouldn't permit that, I played on expecting there would at least be a satisfying ending. Wrong again. Gameplay stops, there's a pathetic attempt at a plot tie-up, then the credits roll.

All in all, unless you like games where you endlessly shoot things for no apparent reason, and are prepared to put in long sessions, I suggest you give this one a wide berth.
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on 21 January 2007
Im about 8 out of 12 levels in now and I must say that this is rather good but not fantastic

story 6/10
So we're terrafoming a new planet to sustain human life- some indegineous creatures (akrid) arnt very happy about it and have proceeded to murder your dad. revenge is in the air... Thats right this is Starship Troopers with snowstorms. The lacklustre story unfolds with a cutscene at the end (and sometimes middle) of each level and in all fairness theyre complete drivle- Amnesia- government conspiracy- there's nothing new here. dont expect to be drawn in by the strory and i would be surprised if you grew any affinity to the chracters.

gameplay 7/10
the game is played from a third person perspective and I must say that its a very well thought out control system which follows the easy to learn/ difficult to master theme. You wont be pressing the wrong buttons at crucial moments and bemoaning your clumsy thumbs.
Its worth baring in mind that this is an arcade style shooter so fans of tactical espionage may be dissappointed- you will have your right index finger glued down on the trigger for large periods and at times you will feel that success is down to luck rather than skill.

Success through levels is often dependent upon your utilisation of VS Suits. These are large mechanoid type walkers with which you can strap large weapons - gattling guns, rocket launchers, laser weapons, shotguns etc. There's nice variation here- some are quick and nimble some slow and powerful and you'll need to think about which weapons to strap to it to best suit the situation. It is very good fun throughout and you'll never feel bored. Challenging without being frustrating.

On the negative side it is extremely linear. There are no alternative routes through levels to aid replay value. Its such an old fashioned style game as well. level based with a boss at the end. I found it frustrating that there are no in-level save points. Each level can take up to an hour to play through, which is about right but i found that i often got stuck on the boss battle at the end but was unable to end my game without having to play through the level again - very frustrating! Also you can quite easily run past most of your enemies and are not forced to fight so you might find yourself asking 'why bother'

graphics 9.5/10
The only reason I dont give it 10 is because its not as good as Gears of War, which is still easily the best. Absolutely superb explosions and snow effects. There's a great variety of environments and scenery, textures and colours and some of the akrid are mamoth and awe inspiring. Truly superb in every sense. Its just a shame that this isnt more of a sandbox type of game so that you could explore more. A slight niggle is that your ever diminishing thermal life bar often means that you cant hang around to admire the view.

sound 9/10
Cant fault the sound either really. The screams and roars of the akrid are perfect and apporiate to the particular cretures size and type. voice acting is more than adequate (even if the hero is a bit to pretty for my liking) missiles fly past your ears and bullets reverberate on your surroundings. theres good echo in indoor environments and it all has a good feel of authenticity.

overall 7.5/10
Ive never been a big fan of arcade shooters. They seem to me a relic of 90's 8-bit consoles but there was enough here to persuade me otherwise.
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VINE VOICEon 23 April 2007
Love the game and have only got into probably the first main boss a kind of armadillo that rolls around in a circular cell with a load of eggs it is protecting. The graphics of the tailed monsters are incredible and the snow effect is just brilliant. Have to get home and play this one again.
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on 16 November 2007
this game mihgt not be up to starders of say gears of war or halo 3 but i think it has a certian quality that you dont see in either the of the games iv just mentioned. some mihgt not see this quality but for the people u do this will certianly be a game you cherish in your xbox 360 collection.
this game has a brilliant story mode that will entertian you for quite a while. fair enough the plot is not exactly plot of the year but it does have its twists which surprise you and the graphics are quite good. the combat system is really good wether your on foot or in a giant robot thing and having this choice of combat through out most of the game is great. the best part of the game i would say is the online multiplayer as maps are somtimes absolutely humungus which much bigger than what you get in GOW or halo3 and the mechanics the games uses make multiplayer a barrel of lauhgs somtimes

the only bad thing about this game is the way it creates multiplayer matches can be frusrtaitng and may take a while but somtimes its worth it and the control layout and is a little diffrent from most shooters and the camara angles came be frustating but thats not somthing that will throw u off the game its just somthing you will get used too so all in all i would say this is worth buying if you like and want a game which is diffrent or unique to other games.
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on 26 August 2007
This game is great fun and full of variety.
You could class this game as a shooter especially when it comes to multi-player.

The controls seem weird at first , but then again that can be said about alot of shooters. Once you've gotten used to them , it's golden.

The single player mode is pretty average and not too exciting if you ask me.

But I have enjoyed playing the multi-player mode of the game very much.

There are a great variety of weapons in this game , including giant mecha/ vehicles which add alot of variety/ strategy and excitement to the game.

Customizing mecha / weapon combinations is a great touch.

I have enjoyed this more, than many of the other multi-player shooters available for the 360 at the moment.

The only thing that lets this game down is sometimes you'll experience this strange lag between players who have a bad ping rate to you.
But that's something that can easily gotten used to. Plus Capcom saying they'll be patching up the multi-player too.

There are also a great number of maps for this game, extra maps can be downloaded for free on the xbox live marketplace.

Fans of shooters might want to try this game out , if they want to try a shooter that's very different.
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on 21 February 2007
I was looking for a decent single player shooter with no real squad based action. Played the Demo from Market place and was hooked. It looks great as expected from a 360 game. It all moves very quickly and when the screen is full of action there is no slow down that I've noticed at all. Have now purchased the full game and I'm loving every minute of it. Most of the games I play are Sports ones but this has changed my mind, and I will certainly be looking for more games in this genre. Yes, this game may of been done before on PS2/Xbox but it's all good Next Gen fun, which is why people enjoy gaming in the first place isn't it. I've yet to try the 'LIVE' experience yet so looking forward to that.
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on 15 March 2009
WOW this game is wicked. you will be amazed
this game will have you gripped from the start to the end.
the battles in the game are just awsome. no other words can describe it.
the akrids at most intese set of creatures in any games you are going to see. you kill dozen of them then more will pop even bigger ones.
snow pirated im really stuck on tho.
12 missions bit dissapointing. heard tho you can download additional mission off xbox 360 marketplace . good to hear that.
make sure you only play it time to time cuz you will get to much addicted to it.
overall a wonderful amzing game to be enjoyed....
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on 16 January 2007
Love this game, cant get enough. I would like to add the the review below by "Rincewinds Trunk" is in-accurate. The "timer" that you play with is your thermal energy. As the game is set in -80 conditions and you are often waist high in snow you need warmth to survive. This Thermal energy therefore needs to be constantly topped up, it can be gained by shooting Akrid (the aliens) or blowing up barrels or tanks. The thermal energy is converted into health when you are injured, and when it runs out it simply means your health will stop regenerating. Besides, the thermal energy is easily topped up, the only time it can become an issue is when fighting a boss because you will be hurt so often your T-Energy will keep getting used up as you convert it into health.

Each of the bigger enemies has a weak spot, where their thermal energy is showing (bright orange). Destroy their stash of thermal energy and they freeze to huge ice sculptures that can then be satisfyingly smashed. Logical really.

As mentioned in several of the below reviews Lost Planet has some neat little tricks. Pressing the RB or LB shoulder buttons makes your character's torso spin 90 degrees left or right, a usefull tactic for taking out swarms of enemies attacking you from all sides.

There is also the zipline, allowing you to hook onto walls and ceilings and then zoom towards them. This is really handy for whizzing about the landscape and looks very impressive in multiplayer. I especially like the way you can drop off a ledge and absail down whilst shooting hordes of enemies. Also, the ability to zipline onto enemies, then stick to them blasting away with whatever gun you are currently holding. This can be very useluff for some of the bosses, although i wouldnt advise trying it with the rocket launcher.

I am also a big fan of the VS machines, or "Virtual Suits" - gundam style walking tanks. Each VS has a different ability (hover, turn into a bike, etc) and you can attach weapons found lying on the ground to the arms of your VS. VS is slow, but were designed to work in cold conditions so prolong your T-Energy meaning you survive longer. If your vs is damaged, hop out and you can then rip off one of the weapons (like a 8 ft gattling cannon) and lug it around the landscape blasting away at enemies.

The weapons are pretty good too, with rifles and shotguns, machineguns and rocket launchers, as well as more futuristic weapons such as plasm and energy rifles that dont need ammo but use up a little of your T-energy instead. I particularly like the large selection of grenades, both normal and sticky, as well as disk grenades (thrown for miles like a frisbee), Plasma grenades (disabling VS suits and players), and dummy grenades (multiplayer only) which inflate into human shapes and float across the landscape - the catch is that they appear as human players on the radar, very confusing for any enemies.

The graphics are (as you can expect with an 360) amazing. The aliens are stunning, especially in large numbers, similar to Dead Rising. The closest thing I can compare too is Starship Troopers except on a snowy planet instead of a Desert. I especially like the massive explosions the engulf human and Akrid enemies alike. The human "space pirates" that you encounter will attack in similarly large numbers in an attempt to outwit you, but they also react to the landscape, so if a Big Akrid turns up they will try and kill that first.

Oh yes, the Big Akrids. i would call them bosses, but they are too frequent to be called bosses. They are huge screen-filling monstrosities, Collosus-esque enemies that each require cunning and manouvreability to defeat.

I especially like the way the enemies react to damage, like if a huge armidillo-like Akrid is rolling towards you and an explosion hits it from the side it will buckle, twisting and sliding towards you in a scrambled mess.

The game has no split-screen mode, and you dont get many oppurtunities to fight with your snow pirate comrades, which is a shame. It would be nice to have some team-mates to rely on, if only to see them get eaten in a variety of ways. However multiplayer is arguably the best part of the whole game, allowing you to play 16 people online (its just as fun with 7 or 8 because its easier to communicate) and there are a load of levels and game modes littered with weapons and VS machines. Great fun, and more than makes up for the slightly short single player mode, which can be completed in 7 or 8 hours.

As you can see, I think this game deserves to be justified as one of the most awesome games on the 360 to date, which is why i made such an effort to write an accurate review. I hope it was helpful =D
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on 5 September 2007
I like this allot and its weird. Its quite short and fustrating but it rocks mech style. Ok heres the short version....dude on iceplanet out to kill enemy bugs, and there are loads of em...big ones,small ones and huge screen filling jugganaut ones. Its cold so you gotta keep movin and the bugs give off some energy source when you frag em so you gotta keep killin. Its an old school blaster with spit and polish and just when you get used to rolling around in the snow dodging and shooting everything you spy a mech. These you can man and if you so wish customise their weopons which is cool especially in a full on fire fight. Jump out and grab a mech weopon...use it or attach it to one of two gun rails. Loads of guns and different types of mechs with differnt abilities. The action never stops coz if you stop blastin enemy scum you die. There is no hideing behind stuff and waiting for the enemy to come around that cornor or down that mountain side. You have to lock and load and just waid right in to the killing zone.The bosses are gorgous and if you can get this on the cheap then its a good weekend of intense pest control. More of a game to fill your time before you buy something really great....Bioshock probably. Honestly if you want a game that makes you feel like you have your bits in a blender then try this...its a rush.
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on 26 April 2007
...but that's about as far as the "well made game" label stretches. While this game looks great, and received a number of favourable reviews... the control scheme just falls on it's face. The sense of scale of what's going on is pretty huge - landscapes (even though they are just... snow) and enemies range from cramped/small to unbelieveably huge, but then, on those huge bits it's a little unclear where you're going.

The main problem is the aiming system that, unfortunately, seems to have been inherited from the dramatics-enhancing camera angle. Essentially, there's an invisible box on your screen which you move the reticle in, and moving it "past" this box turns the camera. Yes, the bumpers can turn the angle 90 degrees quickly, but it's a hassle to remember something like that when your used to either FPS games or a joystick. This kind of thing doesn't crop up -as much- in Gears of War because the camera is fixed behind your character though. Throughout playing this I felt as though I was holding the aim button on Goldeneye 64. I ran out of enthusiasm around Mission 4, and online multiplayer just felt stunted for the same reasons.

It -is- a well made game graphically, and I'm sure that with a few tweaks to the control scheme it could be great.
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