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on 7 July 2007
Used Norton and McAfee in the past, and more recently was an afficianado of Zone Alarm Internet Suite (used it for 4+ years). Swore by it because it seemed to do the job.

Had to reformat my HD last weekend, and after I'd reloaded everything, ZA was playing up. Anyone who's ever used it will know how much work actually goes into allowing/blocking all those question marks (groan)!! The other important thing was the way it was slowing down my system (even though it's high-spec). It was driving me nuts! Anyway, decided to take a look at other alternatives and read up on AVG.

Decided to give it a try, so ordered it from Amazon at a great price. Delivered within 48 hours, and the product comes with 2 year's updates and FREE email tech support. I'd read one review about a possible conflict with AOL, so was ready for that. Needn't have worried though. AVG loaded like a dream (no problem with AOL), and once I'd set options for downloading Updates and done all the scanning and stuff, my system was protected. One or two bits of shrapnel identified which were either healed or zapped. I downloaded the Eicar test file (as recommended) and, sure enough, Resident Shield reacted to it immediately with a warning.

As I'm sitting here typing this review, AVG Updates have downloaded with a gentle purr automatically - unlike ZA! Oh, and my system has speeded up no end! Magic!

Early days yet, but so far I've been SO impressed with this product. Thoroughly recommended and at Amazon's price, what have you got to lose?
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on 10 November 2006
Being only a small home computer user we had been running Norton internet security for a couple of years.After installing their 2007 version the computer went so slow and was being a right pain.Some people at work recommended the AVG 7.5 professional and on looking at the AVG site and the AMAZON saw that they did a complete security package with the 7.5 AVG INTERNET SECURITY. The disc arrived the following day (what service)and was so easy to install.What really shocked me was on completion of the full system scan it had picked up 150 tracking cookies, 4 PS kills and 1 Adware Generic!!The whole usability of the product is superb and our computer has gone back to its old self in being lightning quick.What with 24/7 tech help and uk contact we are well pleased.
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on 4 December 2006
This is an edited review as things have improved ++

I purchased avg internet security as the 2 year license made it sound attractive.(I had been quite happy with norton, though it did seem to slow down the start up , and renewal seemed expensive)

I uninstalled norton, and tried installing avg from the cd rom-although the computer seemed to imply it the programme successfully installed, clearly it wasn't. this is where I came into contact with avg support.
I e-mailed them and then had a couple of weeks increasingly frustrating discussions over the web.I was told my computer was infected and was given some very technical suggestions despite explaining my lack of computer know-how. Eventually I used an avg rootkit revealer from their software in beta testing. this discovered a trojan virus, and since then the software seems to be working very well.
To improve matters further, I had a phone call from someone from AVG uk (who had read my initially poor review on amazon)-he explained that I should've been put in touch with AVG uk who offer telephone support and who have english as their first language.
I am now very happy that I made the switch

-2 year license making it relatively cheap
-it found a virus that had got into the computer while norton on watch
-start up is quicker than with norton
-user friendly
-option of telephone support within uk, or e-mail support.
- e-mail support variable. poor english. e-mails possibly contain viruses(a number were quarantined by my server's mail control).You never get to write to the same person.
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on 27 November 2006
I have used the basic AVG anti-virus & firewall for years. The primary benefit is the low drag on system resources which is so low as to be almost non-existent. Compare that with Norton which can drag the beefiest of systems down to a snail's pace.

So when they offered me the full Internet Security package, I went for it. Well, it seems to work just fine but as always with this sort of software, you never know how effective it is until it doesn't work. So far (3 months in), so good! My system appears stable and clean and the user interface is easy to use.

Updates work as they should so it really is an 'Install it & forget it' package. Recommended.
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on 18 February 2007
Many years ago I started with McAffee, then switched to Norton. Despite keeping these fully updated I suffered more or less constant virus & adware problems. About once a month I've had to manually remove viruses/diallers/adware or Trojans which Norton couldn't deal with, and the Symantec site had little or no information or advice on any of them. I'd also put up with Norton slowing my system to a crawl, but the final straw was Norton bullying me into renewing my subscription with unstoppable popups everytime I started my PC during the last month. So, out of interest, I went to the Symantec site to check how much it would cost to upgrade: I was informed that NO upgrade was available for my 1 year old product, and so as a loyal customer I'd have to spend over £46 on the latest version. I searched for alternatives and relevant reviews, and picked AVG 7.5. Before installing it, I updated my still current Norton Internet Security for the last time, and ran a full scan, which found nothing and reported a clean system. Then I installed AVG. Norton and AVG fought over the internet connection, so I uninstalled Norton. On uninstalling, Norton reinstated the Windows firewall, which itself now blocked AVG, so I set the relevant permissions. Then I updated AVG, and ran a full scan. The scan turned up: 3 trojan diallers, 2 trojan DNS changers, 1 trojan downloader, 5 coolwebsearch system registry entries, 1 fugif downloader, 1 generic adware, and 2 other downloaders (one of which had already been quarantined by Norton). Now OK, some of these might not be much of a threat, and it is possible that more than one were already quarantined somewhere, but the point is that at least AVG found them. Over a month later, my system seems stable and clean, and AVG updates itself admirably fast.

A couple of minor gripes: it seems AVG cannot be set to update itself less often than once a day, and Windows shutdown seems to take much longer than it did before intsalling AVG. This last seems to be because an "unnamed programme" is still running, and if you select "stop now" it still takes ages for Windows to "save my settings". Not really sure if this IS AVG, and it's just a minute or two delay.

So, considering all the problems I've put up with during my Norton years, and as the price I was quoted online for a year with Norton was almost identical to 2 years with AVG, I'm happy. -So far, so good!
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on 21 March 2007
Having used Norton for the past five years - but never completely happy with it - I've just switched to AVG Internet Security. Brilliant!! I'm not very technical-minded but this was really easy to install and is very user-friendly. AND it sorted out a few problems that Norton had let through! Sorry I hadn't changed earlier. I'm recommending AVG to all my friends.
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on 2 March 2007
Before using this, I have tried both Norton and Mcafee. Norton was okay but let a lot of spam through and the firewall was very restrictive. McAfee was slow, and ground my computer to a halt.

Having used the AVG free and being very impressed with the speed and the service, I purchased the full suite and its a breeze. Installed quickly, updated within seconds, found 26 tracking software programs previously not detected, and all this for such a great price. Will get another copy for my other machine.

Ok the menus and bits are not the most 'attractive' but who cares, its simple and does the job.
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on 18 April 2007
I have been using the AVG free version for around 6 months now and decided to go for the full version when Amazon had it on offer. It was sent very quickly but when I came to install it there was a problem with AOL.If you us AOL don't bother to phone them because they can't sort it out but a quick phone call to AVG with the problem and within seconds they had sent me an e-mail to solve it. From then on installation was a dream and the product is first class. You really feel protected and it runs well.

The free version was great but for just over £20, go for the full works
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on 8 May 2007
I was using Norton 2006 when the subscription reminder popped up - I was irritated that Norton offered to charge an existing customer more than I could buy the product new from Amazon so I read some reviews on Amazon and found AVG - I'm not a techie what I do know is after I installed AVG complete internet security - 3 days after my Norton subscription expired AVG found 551 threats kinda speaks for itself -

AVG was subsequently removed as I found it rather heavy on background updating to the point of the PC being virtually unusable for some time when booting up. It was replaced by ESET NOD 32, which I have also installed on 5 work PC's, it is light on processing and very effective - well worth the money
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on 12 September 2007
AVG was recommended to me after I moaned to my IT son that my copy of Norton was about to run out. I thought Norton was a bit expensive and bloated so was keen to try another AntiVirus but didn't know which one. AVG seemed to fit the bill after I saw it running on my son's PC and read the reviews here and visited their web site!
I had a little difficulty installing AVG at first, my PC would also not work properly but my son found the problem was actually caused by Norton not uninstalling itself properly. It turns out this is such a common fault with Norton they were forced by the US courts to make an uninstaller which we found eventually on the Norton web site.

Once all traces of Norton were gone AVG installed and worked like a dream. AVG immediately found three Trojans that Norton had not detected! It's so simple to use and easy on the eye even an old technophobe fuddy-duddy like me can use it! AVG is great, the price is great too, I'm definitely converted now.
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