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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 6 September 2004
Well, what can I say? This is how strongly I feel about this video:
If I saw a homeless person begging for money I would give him £20, take him to the local video store and buy him this. This video truely is a masterpiece. It is a must buy. There are no two ways about it. Buy this video. Trust me. The band Nirvana has had such a great influence on so many peoples lives, what better way to remember Nirvana then to buy this video. The footage is so precise and entertaining. It is often funny. You cannot help but laugh at Kurt Cobains deep voice when he mockingly sings 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on Top Of The Pops. The producers of TOTP were furious. FANTASTIC!!! In one word: FANTASTIC!!!!
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on 20 October 2001
If you are a true Nirvana fan and don't already own a copy of this, buy it immmediately! This vid contains Kurt at his best performing tracks from both Bleach and Nevermind at various concerts. The interviews of Kurt and the band are highly entertaining but I won't give much away about that, with the exception that you can see that he didn't consider himself "the greatest rock star" and he certainly wasn't big-headed. Although the video doesn't contain the promo videos for the tracks off Nevermind, the live performances certainly make up for it! The video even lives up to the tradition of the "hidden track" and the performance of 'Endless Nameless' is superb! A fantastic blend of interviews and live footage.
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on 3 February 2004
Being only 17 I never experienced the music scene of the early nineties but Nirvana is one of my all time favourite bands. This video is essential to any Nirvana fan but in particular those who never caught it the first and only time around. The video provides an amazing insight to those of us who know Nirvana is more than just 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' which is why we dont mind the 'rendition' produced on this video! Buy Now
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on 9 January 2007
I bought this on video when it first came out, and since the DVD revolution have hoped it would be realeased on those flashy discs. It hasn't disappointed and the magic is still there. Also it is nice to see some additional material included too.

For those who haven't watched this, it is an essential dvd to own for any grunger. If you are a Nirvana fan buy it!! There isn't much video material available of Nirvana so this is a must buy. Let's hope they bring out an official recording of the unplugged gig too!
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on 25 July 2004
Kurt Cobain was really something huh? I think i realised after watching this video that this man was truly one of a kind, Cool without being cool, a great musician without really being a great musician you know? witness his erformance on "Aneurysm" Negative Cree , "Love Buzz" and the heartbreaking video of "Come As You Are, where it becomes obvious that the man is in severe mental agony. You also get signs from the good times, like Readings "Lithium" and the hilarious Smells like....and Territorial... This is a must have for EVERYONE! A great reminder and testament to a missed rock icon.
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on 10 November 2003
From the outset this video will have you in stitches. The interviews are the real gems, but seeing Kurt and the bouncer is worth it too. You really get to see their characters and Dave Grohl is just hilarious, 'are they aware they suck?!' sums up his opinion on G'n'R. Unfortunately no In Utero material is on this video and it's a pain there is no DVD(darn VCR's got teeth!). The performances are all live, as the name suggests :-). It's funny to see the rock star stereotype and the guitar hero ideals quashed by Kurt in a lace nighty thing. If you like Nirvana you'll like this, it also touches on their musical ideas and views of the music business at that time. Oh and if you dislike Jonathan Ross already then prepare for the next reason to switch off your TV for good. My final reason to buy this video is for the TOTP performance which apparently the band where ashamed of afterwards but is worth seeing if you haven't.
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on 3 December 2000
It's a Nirvana live vid, what more do you expect! Great footage from various gigs of some of the bands best songs and includes the version of Smells Like Teen Spirit that the band performed for totp. The only downside of this vid is that there are no songs from the bands final album, In Utero. However it is still an essential purchase.
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on 26 November 2006
I remember watching `Live! Tonight! Sold out!' at the peak of being a Nirvana fan and it was an amazing experience. If you are a Nirvana fan, then this is a great watch; but if you are a MASSIVE Nirvana fan, then this is so good it will make you crazy. I was expecting a concert style show with the band playing a set list of songs (which, if you look at the back cover of the case, is what you'll expect, too), but, because Kurt was behind the making of the video (there were no DVDs in 1993), we get something so much better. I get the feeling that Nirvana's record company wanted to cash in on Nirvana's popularity at the time and put out a simple live video to showcase the band live. Nirvana, however, probably thought that if they had to release a live video, then they would use it as an opportunity to make some points.

It starts off with an advert for a group of yuppie, pony-tailed consultants who are supposedly the cogs behind the live shows of any slick, well-oiled, big permed hair, Kiss make-up, big drum, mainstream rock band. This is exactly what Nirvana hated about rock - the commercialisation of it; the way that cutting loose and raging about something had become so contrived and phoney. The concert then looks like its about to get going as we see the band play a great version of `Aneurysm' in a small, intimate venue. At this point, you sit back, get comfortable, and look at the case to see what songs are coming next ... but then, at exactly the halfway point of the song, we cut to the band dressed in women's clothes and playing `Aneurysm' in a huge outdoor arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The vocals and the sound are no way near as good and it's as if the band is using the contrast to say 'this is why we hate playing at huge venues'.

The entire film chops and changes between various live performance of the supposed set list and interviews with the band. With the songs, the band have a number of surprises up their sleeve, and these will make your jaw drop ... and then make you grin. An old performance of `Love Buzz' seems to be going along as normal, but then Kurt dives into the crowd and smashes his guitar in the face of a bouncer. Krist confronts Kurt about this on stage and you see Kurt earnestly trying to get a point across to Krist. If you've read some Nirvana books, you'll know that the bouncer had been threatening him from the crowd all night and Kurt was simply pre-empting an attack. Other standouts include the screaming performance of `Territorial P*******' on the old Jonathan Ross show when the shocked host had just announced that Nirvana would be playing the milder 'Lithium' and the Top of the Pops performance of `Smells Like Teen Spirit' when the band sabotage the song, hilariously change the lyrics and blatantly mime playing their instruments.

The interviews and intermittent footage of the band messing around is equally as funny. No one really appreciated just how funny Nirvana was - for example, you see Kurt playing on his junkie image by frailly entering the Reading Festival stage in a wheelchair and a big blonde overgrown wig. He slowly pulls himself up out of the wheelchair by the microphone stand, faintly sings `Some say love is a river ...' and then collapses. The audience realise he is having some fun when he gets up and rips into `Breed' at full force. There are lots of other funny clips and also some very insightful moments when Kurt talks about the music, the industry and how he likes to write vague, open lyrics.

All in all, this is probably the best and most unique music video I have ever seen in my life. It's sad to think that no act in the music industry today would be creative enough to do something like this and, therefore, it is a great reminder of how special Nirvana was.
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on 23 January 2002
If you don't own this video and you are a Nirvana fan BUY IT NOW. It has some early footage of them performing the song 'Love Buzz' in which Kurt gets into a bit of a fight with the security Guard and Krist has to hold the guard off.It has clips from TV shows including the infamous TOTP Teen spirit. It has them do the wrong song and smash their instruments on the Jonathan Ross Show as well, + it has loads of amazing and humorous interviews and class performances. GO BUY IT ...
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on 1 January 2004
i am a very big nirvana fan, i love every one of their cd's and this video just topped it off. not only does this video show some of nivanas best live preformences it has alot of rare interviews fom kurt, krist and dave. the only thing that would make it better would be the stoner interview, probably the funniest thing i have ever seen and maybe some clips from the redding festival but still this is a great vid and and fan will love watching it over and over, enjoy.
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