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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 November 2011
Michael Newman is overworked and under appreciated by his boss, worse still, he doesn't have enough hours in the day to devote time to his loving family. But then he happens upon eccentric salesman Morty, who puts a universal remote control Michael's way, a control that perfectly controls his life.......at first.

Films that deal with second chances via gods, angels and devils are not in short supply, everything from the mighty It's A Wonderful Life, to the amiable Mr Destiny have covered this fantastical field. Enter Click, starring Adam Sandler {Newman}, another spin on the genre with the added kick of encompassing modern day technology into the equation. Split very much into two vastly different halves, Click finds Sandler reining in his usual shouty goof ball persona. Naturally for the first part we get the comedy set ups, at times hilarious and at others a little crass, but it's never sledgehammer comedy of the like that Sandler has previously served up in spades. The reason for the restraint becomes evident when the films second half arrives, full of emotional fortitude it's something of a shock at first to grasp the switch in tone, but it works real well, and it's testament to Sandler's straight acting ability that he manages to sway the viewer into this fantastical realm.

Click is no genius piece of work, and for the genre it tackles it's probably some way short of being up with the best. It does however punch the right buttons. From Sandler and a highly accomplished supporting cast {Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, Sean Astin and Henry Winkler}, to its delightful and rewarding finale, this most definitely is one that is worth punching play on your remote control for. Whilst the credit sequences and soundtrack hit the spot as well, give it a go if you get the chance. 7/10
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on 11 June 2017
Excellent film, arrived in one piece! (Well, two actually, if you want to count the case and disc separately!). Prompt dispatch and delivery, great packaging, nothing to complain about!
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on 26 April 2017
its ok
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on 19 July 2017
Awesome film. The helicopter to the head bit is hilarious.
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on 21 May 2017
Funny in places
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on 17 October 2008
Having this sort of remote would be great fun but this film does show the down side of this sort of power comes with the film is funny but get a bit to perdicable after a while and it a really hard keep watching if you like Adam Sandler & David Hasslehoff of Knight Rider fame it may help you get through the film but even though these famous people appear the idea isn't enough to make a whole film about maybe enough a episode of a TV series

This film is more a rentable title than a buyable one
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on 21 February 2016
Not his best film but worth watching
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on 3 August 2011
This is one of the few films that Adam does, where you see the full spectrum of his acting abilities at work. He can act the fool, but he can also act seriously, which is why you will be finding yourself almost in tears, in one of the scenes near the end, i did.

Basically the film follows Michael Newman (Adam Sandler -Happy Gilmore) as a guy who wants a universal remote that does everything. And one day he stumbles across mad scientist Morty (Christopher Walken -The Deer Hunter) who offers him his wish, a universal remote control. But, not only does it control his T.V, but it also controls real time. As Micheal uses the device more & more, he starts fast forwarding events like arguments etc.. until finally his controller learns the pattern itself of when to fast forward, and so out of his control, it is fast forwarding vast chunks of his life & he misses out on a lot of the important events in his life, which culminates in a heart breaking scenes towards the end of the film.

Overall, although the idea is crazy it works well and gets its underlying meaning across, live for today. The support cast is great, as you'd expect with the likes of Henry Winkler(Happy Days), David Hasselhoff(Knight Rider), Kate Beckinsale (Underworld), Sean Astin (The Goonies) & Julie Kavner (Marge SimpsonThe Simpsons Movie). A really nice heartfelt comedy, Recommended.
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on 28 July 2007
I very much agree with Empire, 'You do not know what to expect with an Adam Sandler movie!'

After watching this film, I stayed happy for days, and started to realise just how precious life is. I bought this DVD, along with another, 'Hot Fuzz' (only 3 quid each: BARGIN!!) hoping to have a good 'Movie night' in. I watched this one first; during Hot Fuzz, I began to get very figity, like I was waisting my time and had to live my life to the max! So, I ended up drivivng 20 minutes to my friends house to spend time with him, and not flitter my life away like Adam.

Basically, 'Click' tells the story of a newly-wed couple, Sandler and Beckinsale with two kids. The huspand spends all his time at work or doing work when he gets home. The wife spends all her time dressing up as Pocohontus, trying to entertain their little critters. One day, huspand finds that his life is just too much for him, and in a mad moment, he decides to go out to the local hardware store and buy a universal remote, to make life easier. He ends up going 'Beyond' and selecting a very 'universal' remote, which seemes like great fun at first, but eventually starts to spiral out of controll...

A very uplifting film for people of all ages and genders (and even some animals?) Including some genuinely hillarious gags, successfully touching scenes, an important envinronmental message (which I think worked very well) and even at times it reaches into si-fi thriller territory.

Perfect for anyone who's feeling a bit fed up with life. 9 out of 10.

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on 6 July 2017
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