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Customer reviews

2.6 out of 5 stars
2.6 out of 5 stars
The Wicker Man - Director's Cut [DVD]
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on 13 September 2017
This is not as bad as some say, although it is rather slow; would recommend as a cure for insomnia. It is that perfect film to try to watch at any time and never fails to send you to sleep, perhaps this is its charm, before the real nasty stuff comes along you are away in never land. A scenic film and with some good and bad acting. Its not scary, but does have an element of sinister goings on, which are perhaps too subtle to appreciate or indeed recognise for that matter. It does try, and some appear to try, and the film again is nice to look at, but it just fails to achieve what some may expect it to do, which is to emulate the creepy undertones of the original in a different way, yet at same time paying homage and adding something different. It must be hard to make a remake given this double edged sword, and if the director and some involved are fans of the original perhaps things can get a little too serious which marrs precedings. Anyway its average at best, but if a fan of Cage, then it is a must see for he does give a good go at it.
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on 21 February 2013
Many have tried to remake and create sequals to the infamous British classic The Wicker Man and all have failed. This film is no exception. This is another example of what happens when American's get their hands on another countries finer pieces of work they did it with The Ring, The Eye, The Uninvited (a blatent rip off of Korean movie Tale of Two Sisters)and now The Wicker Man. As a pagan The Wicker Man (original)is fairly accurate in that we worship nature and it's duality. The American version dipicts a society that considers women superior and as much as I love female empowerment that's not what paganism is about. It's filled with stupid gimicks such as all the women refering to each other as 'Sister' and torture by bees....seriously? Bees? On the plus side they did pay homage to the original film and it's pretty well acted with a few disturbing dream scenes. It may not be brilliant but if your looking for a something to watch with a few friends on a friday night with a few bottles of wine it's not too dismal....just as long as you're not expecting too much.
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on 1 August 2014
I ordered this film to watch with my friend, it's so hilariously bad it's good. If you're looking for a movie to laugh at and make fun if then go ahead and but this!
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on 23 July 2015
I dont know why this is so badly written about,as a remake,i find it better than the original,its very well made and on a big budget,i was hoping theyd change the ending as it is basically a remake of the Brit classic,but with a woman in charge of the islanders where Cage is lured to investigate a ritual murder,plenty to see here,i dont know,again,why its so badly criticised by other reviewers,i think its great and spooky...
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on 26 October 2015
Enjoyed this creepy little film
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on 2 February 2011
I appreciate the ironic 5 star reviews and indeed this woeful remake has loads of unintentionally funny elements, the funniest (IMO) when he launches into unprovoked attacks on some women, laying them out with upper cuts to the jaw. Side-splittingly funny I have to admit. Other 'gems' if you will are him wandering around in the woods with Rowan in his bear costume, the 'bee suits' ..hold on I might have to watch it again. Nicholas Cage has been in some fine films (Wild at Heart) and some stinkers (Face Off) but none that have 'classic turkey' written all over them as much as this. It will go down in cinema folklore as one of the all-time duffers. I note that the genuine positive reviews are from people who've never seen the 1973 film. This effort lacks all the sense of menace, chills, creepiness of the original. While the final scene in the original is genuinly disturbing, here I was glad to see the annoyingly shouty Cage getting his come-uppance.
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on 18 October 2012
It's hard to find the words simultaenously polite yet vile enough to describe this film. I can only assume that it entered production by mistake, like some Hollywood-esque real life amalgam of Brazil,Dark City and Cube, or the Twilight Zone ep A World Of Difference, in which a man goes into work one day, finds his phone not working, goes to talk to his secretary and the director shouts 'CUT!'. In order to deconstruct what went so abominably wrong with this vacous waste of talent there are some things that must be understood about the original. The Wicker Man 1973 was a labour of love for those involved, a vision shared by cast and crew alike. If you can find them ,i'd recommend tracking down the novel by Robin Hardy and Anthony Shaffer, especially the 2000 Pan reprint, and Allan Brown's 1998 work 'Inside The Wicker Man- The Morbid Ingenuities' [ISBN 0 283 06355, also Pan]. It emerged from a very particular cultural epoch The Age Of Aquarius, the dawn of a New Age, and a very troubling time for the country in which it was made. It is in many ways a Very Anglo-Saxon Morality Play, the conflicts of sexual repression vs freedom, cultural conformity vs alienation, as depicted in the dilemma of Serg.Howie/Det. Woodward. In the original a deeply devout Christian police officer is sent to a remote,isolated & alien community to investigate a report of a missing child but is met with denial,obfuscation & outright ridicule by the locals he seeks to help. At every turn he finds not only his reasons, but his entire worldview undermined, toyed with and dissected by a culture that is the exact opposite of everything he has ever beleived in, even perhaps his very reason for becoming a police officer in the first place. I personally take an opposite view to most fans about Howie in the original film. He comes across as a bible-thumping, intolerant, reactionary bigot and IMO is well-deserving of his fate. But Edward Woodward is so electrifying that it's Impossible to imagine the film being anything but a total disaster without him, even if it still had Christopher Lee in it [ come on,admit it, he's made some dreadful films in his time, To The Devil A Daughter & I Monster, anyone?]
THIS on the other hand, has Nicholas Cage [not that i'm a fan of his,but i'm straying from the point] BEATING UP WOMEN WHISLT ROAMING AROUND DRESSED AS A BEAR!!. The entire island populace consist of a bunch of mysoginist charactures, who seem to have stepped directly from a Monty Python/On The Buses take on Hammer Horror ,one old man in a bed & Lots of bees. Like the remake of The Prisoner it comes across as a parody of the original by people who either didn't get the point in the first place, or realize that they themslves are so bereft of talent, they must destroy the very works they are trying to emulate, if not in Body, then in Spirit.
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on 31 January 2011
Nicolas Cage plays a cop who travels to a remote island to investigate a girl's disappearance. When he gets there he's confronted by something truly frightening: the script. Shortly afterwards the island's inhabitants are subjected to something even more terrifying: his performance. The distributors should've marketed this remake as a comedy- it's freakin' hilarious!!
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on 21 May 2014
In the wicker man, Nicholas cage is sent to a Island inhabited by an all female Pagan Cult who are up to some unusual activities while he investigates a missing child case. The plot, like everything else in this film is really irrelevant though, as it soon loses importance to Cage's stellar performance. We get to see him at his best, which is completely hysterical, and be it the simple activity of asking why a doll is burned, or the more gruesome activity of begging someone not to drop bees on his head, he performs each scene with outrageous gusto, making scenes which may have once been intended to be horrific extremely funny. (I can't believe that they expected anything else when they hired him). This is made even better by his ex fiancé, who can't act to save her life (or maybe she was acting not being able to act, as her character doesn't seem very bright), who can do nothing but desperately try to stop him going over the top, and only serves to set him off further. We are also treated to delightful scenes of cage stealing a bike at gunpoint, chasing children and Punching women in the head for no reason. And then there is the bear scene, in which a lolloping Nicholas Cage in a bear costume runs out of the forest and punches a woman while the female equivalent of Braveheart watches. Utterly unbelievable. The atmosphere is made even better by the soundtrack, featuring whispers and boo noises which try even harder to make it scary, and again make what transpires all the funnier. There are also a host of other weird moments, such as a naked woman covered in bees grinning creepily. Whilst I have never seen the original, this film is extremely funny, and the fact that it's not intentionally funny makes it all the funnier. Definitely worth a watch, preferably with a few friends to make the laughs go further.
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on 14 June 2017
Unintentionally hilarious remake of the horror classic, it's so bad it's good type of movie,Nic Cage's performance is pure Saturday night at the movies gold, "No,Not The Bees!" Delivery was fast and reliable.
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