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on 7 April 2011
Having 'lived' this game through completely 3 or 4 times, and partially 4 or 5 times I can say, in my opinion, this is the most immersive, enjoyable RPG ever. It is also the first of many for me. Whenever I play a new game, I invariably go back for a stint at Morrowind...... move along ...SCUM (in joke)... play it, you'll see.
I actually (sadly) daydream of being in Morrowind.
There's a bit of this and that.... swordplay and magic.. bit of sneaky sneaky, who's is this?.. mine now!!!
know what I mean? You'll get some lip from people you'd love to smack, but you'll have to wait till you're a bit wiser and stronger.
Please - try this game. It's really cheap now. Get the GOTY, get to Balmora, make yourself a home in a corner of the mages guild, and enjoy.
I envy anyone who has not yet entered Morrowind. The world is your lobster. I wish I had it all to discover anew.
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on 1 February 2009
This is an expansive game, lots to do, lots of places to go to.

I prefer Oblivion, but not by a huge amount, and Oblivion is ridiculously great.

I spent quite a bit of time on this game (10 hours? 20 hours? more? I couldn't say for sure), but I don't feel I got very far.

It may be that as the game goes on your character gets stronger, but while I was playing I never got beyond the situation of my character running for a bit, having to walk, and then after walking for a while being able to run again. Since having to walk also means its more difficult to fight, you have to be careful how much running you do. The walking is subjectively very slow.

If you have done with Oblivion, and you want something similar to play, this could be it, the graphics are more alien that Oblivion, the trees particularly look very Sci-Fi.
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on 16 May 2011
this game is now a fair few years old, so if graphics are your thing like myself you will be sorely disappointed. as a player who has played oblivion into the ground the sheer size of morrowind is astounding. compared with oblivion it takes far longer to explore the map, i think I've been playing for around ten hours and i'm only level 2 and have discovered three settlements!!!

leveling up effectively is hard, your minor skills will often have to be trained with coin instead of on your own. fighting is hard as the combat system is ancient (you cant even block on the PC version) so its very much a question of how much health you have vs your advisory. money is difficult to come by and will quickly dissapear if your going to level up efficiently too.

The journal and map are also pretty useless. minor locations are not displayed on the map and there are no quest markers, so many location will only be explored once as you will forget where you found them after a few hours of play. the journal although realistic, is hard to manage, once completed quests do not go to their own section but remain with the ones that are on going. also place names and people are hard to remember as a new quest plot will go directly after the previous entry of another quest, so multiple quest managing is almost impossible. in oblivion it was easy to manage multiple quests as they would all be under sub headings with quest tiles and factions.

the huge amount of things to do in morrowind can be confusing too, there are endless factions to choose for and i'm just not bothering trying to get to grips with the various houses and their histories or interests, just the different guilds, i haven't even thought about the expansions included yet.

to sum up:
Good points:
huge gaming world
massive selection of armors and weapons
masses of quests and characters

Bad points;
dated graphics (can be improved with the morrowind overhaul mods - PC only)
rubbish combat system
badly planned map and journal system
no voice acting for all characters except in passing.

i am starting to get taken into this game and can forgive the bad points considering the games age. i can also understand why there was no voice acting for characters, can you imagine the hard drive space required for all of them!!-it took long enough to install all the mass effect1/2 mp3's-plus running them all with the PC's of the time?
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on 20 December 2007
Morrowind is one of the finest RPGs I have ever played. The biggest draw is the sheer size of it - the world is absolutely huge and you have the freedom to go wherever you please. There are so many side quests that often the main plot becomes only a minor consideration. The level of detail that has gone into every little aspect makes it simply addictive. While the game is now a fair few years old, the graphics still hold up well and the game runs smoothly without anywhere near the level of hardware that Oblivion requires.

The levelling up process is generally well done and intuitive. The main quest is suitably epic, when you finally get around to it. The learning curve is such that even a complete novice at RPGs would soon be able to get the hang of things.

It would be easy to talk endlessly about the good points of the game...but it isn't quite perfect. Sometimes travelling can become particularly annoying, especially when you're running through the harsher, dust-filled landscapes. Some quests are plagued with poor path finding - I often messed up quests by losing track of somebody who was meant to be following me. In certain places, the number of identical wandering monsters who attack you is tedious. I also found that the single-player system in Morrowind means that you lose out in the joys of having a party. This is something that D&D based RPGs have done well over the years, but in Morrowind it just feels like you against the endless wilderness. It also means that your character has to master several different disciplines if you like to rise through some of the different guilds and make use of everything on offer.

Still, for anyone who likes RPGs at all and wants a new way to spend their hours, then you can't go wrong with this game. While in many respects it has now been outclassed by its successor, Oblivion, it is still a great game in its own right and in my opinion is still superior in some ways. The GOTY edition has eliminated most of the bugs and includes the two expansion packs - both of which are good and add yet more hours of entertainment.
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on 7 October 2011
Considering even how old this game is now I dont feel like Im playing an outdated game, in fact after playing the 'sequel' Oblivion (4th in the Elder Scrolls series), I feel the 3rd game is actually much deeper, more full of story, character, intrigue and naughtiness! And bigger on the map and 'dungeon' areas you can explore, as well as more open; with cities and towns not cut off into seperate loading cells, and the dynamic fun of levitation for one.

One of the few flaws that irritated me is the 'miss-miss-miss-miss-miss-HIT!-miss-miss-miss-miss...' physical combat, but even that is irrelevant once you gain a few levels and build yourself up. This version has the add-ons of the Tribunal and Bloodmoon which I missed out on the first time around, and for the price of my copy its worth it for these alone, to find out the rest of the story.

After playing again from the beginning for a while I discovered I had an old save file, and to compare what you get as a reward for building your strength through questing and leveling (and not to forget kleptomania and tomb pillaging), I found my long forgotten super-Nord, complete with every armour piece glowing and entire houses full of well displayed booty. She could leap house to house and laugh at deadra, while my newly made character was fit as an invalid and gets killed by anything that blinks.

Ah Morrowind...
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on 4 April 2011
I have already played Oblivion and was totally absorbed in the world of Cyrodiil. I decided to purchase Morrowind because I had heard so much about how good it was. It is very different from Oblivion in many ways and purchasers should be prepared for that. It is also about 8 years old so you need to recognise that it won't be quite up to the same standard. The graphics are poor by todays standards however with websites such as Morrowind Expanded you can download a number of graphics mods which have been developed over the years which really enhance the appearance of the gameworld as well as the quality of the NPC's (non-playable characters) in the game so that their faces and outfits are of a sharp and clear quality. The modding community has also enhanced water and foliage effects and there is even a mod which adds flying birds and bird sounds. It changes the games appearance dramatically and you don't need a high end PC to run it. The story and the game itself is pure enchantment and I cannot put it down. I highly recommend it.
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on 25 September 2011
Now before i recomend this game i must say you have to be patient, as in all honesty until your character reaches level 5 or 6 this game is terrible due to horrible combat (which thankfully can be fixed via mods) however as the title of this review has stated once you get past that barrier and combat stops being a pain this game becomes one of the best things humanity has made!
The world of Morrowind is very interesting, detailed and has alot of depth. I cannot tell you how absorbing the game is as it makes you feel your an adventurer in this world and due to no level scaling enemies wont level up with you and you feel truly powerful by the end.

So if your patient and have any remote interest in RPGs simple get this game.
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on 2 March 2010
Played on Windows XP SP3/Windows 7 SP1. Recommended mod: Morrowind overhaul 3.0 (requirements: Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon + 1.6 patch) add's patches to fix bugs, new gameplay mechanics, beautifies the game. Takes about 1 hour to download & 20-30 minutes to install. The installation gives you many choices on which mod options you'd like to use. The time it takes is worth it, trust me, the game looks amazing, albeit MW is still a bit glitchy, so save often & use multiple save files. I found WinRar the best tool to unzip the mod, it's free from downloadCnet.

There is allot to discuss, and i will cut it down as much as i can.Apologies now for the Morrowind/Oblivion comparisons, but most people have played that one, here goes.

Morrowind passed me by sadly, and it wasn't until i took a punt on something called, Oblivion, that my eyes were opened to the world of Role Playing Games. Oblivion was stunning, and as i know now, a very simple introduction into RPG's. By that, i mean it wasn't overly difficult nor was it overly easy. I enjoyed it so much, i decided to go to the previous game in the series, Morrowind.

Morrowind is more or less the same concept as Oblivion, set in a different location (Morrowind)you play a prisoner released by the Emperor for as yet, unknown reasons. The races are still the same, and for the most part, so are the pros and cons for each race/birth sign. But this is where Oblivion & Morrowind start to differ.

Graphics/gameplay: With the advance of graphics, Oblivion was stunning and on a larger scale(buildings scale etc), but Morrowind has a more niche look to it, like say, Deus Ex, has. The gameplay in MW is allot more difficult too, in that for example there is no map arrow telling you where to go like in OB. You have to use your journal info & map to figure out where locations are. Enemies aren't leveled with you either, so you could come across a cave with level 20 creatures while your only level 1. Further more, the combat in MW is on a rock, paper , scissors system. Where your skill level & how full your fatigue bar is, determines the outcome of suceeding/failing in casting a spell or landing a hit with a sword for example. Where as in OB, you always hit, and its outcome is determined purely on your strength/skill with the weapon or the strength/skill of the spell, obviously the better the weapon/spell the higher the damage too.

Interaction: The characters in OB talk to you in/out of conversation selection with lots of verbal dialogue. But in MW character interaction is done through a text dialog where they don't talk to you in conversation interaction like they in OB, but they do talk/comment when you are near them in open play, as in OB.

Voice acting/sound: Both games have the same actors (mainly) doing the voices, so the quality is top notch all round & you get that welcoming feeling of listening to familiar voices no matter which order you play the series in. Audio wise, OB has the latest tech and sounds great, but MW is still very good, and has its better sides IMO. like some aspects of the weather effects are better in MW IMHO.

Weapons/skills etc: Morrowind has a larger selection, variation, of weapons and armor, compared to Oblivion's simpler/compressed version. For example, MW has long/short blade, spear, axe, blunt, crossbow etc.. OB meanwhile has just blade, axe or bow. Similar thing for the armor, MW has many pieces of armor, left/right gauntlet, pauldron etc... OB just has Gauntlets and the main body of armor.

In conclusion, although i have enjoyed both games equally for their different approaches, i kinda lean towards Morrowind as the better game in a RPG sense, with its depth and unique look. Obviously MW will appeal more to the pure RPG appreciative players, where as Oblivion was aimed at the mix of RPGers & casual gamers too(that was me). GOTY edition has two add-ons, Bloodmoon & Tribunal, i would recommend NOT installing them if you are new to MW. Explore enjoy and complete the open ended main quest, where the game continues, then play the add-ons, IMHO(you will need the add-on's to play most mod's). last note if in doubt, Check out Morrowind on Youtube, and get a better look at it, that will probably be a deciding factor after all my guff ;-) Highly recommended.
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on 4 October 2009
When I first started playing this game, I admit I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. After going back a second time, something inside of me just clicked with it and I haven't been able to stop playing it since. I recently completed the game (with the strategy guide as I can't see how there would be a way of knowing where everything is without is) and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

All 3 parts of the game (Morrowind and then its two expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon) each had something better in it then the others did. For Morrowind I found it had the most depth to the story / world with Tribunal having the best layout to explore and finally with Bloodmoon having the best main quest.


Plot: I can't really explain the plot in Morrowind. It's so deep with lore, you really have to play it to get an understanding for it. You can basically do whatever you want in the game. Upgrade your gear, explore the surrounding areas, invent your own little missions, side quests, main quests, the list is just endless. What you decide to do shapes your game. Kill a member of the thieves guild and they won't let you in. Steal a sword from a shop and they will turn on you and attack but yet if you go upstairs where nobody is there to watch you, you may just get away with it. Endless possibilities.

Graphics: Maybe not great anymore compared to some games but still amazing what they managed to achieve then with the water rippling as an example

Sound: A bit repetitive and annoying with the constant greeting from anyone you bump into but if your like me and want to turn the sound off, you won't be missing much apart from the sword slashes and shield blocks.

Controls: A bit fiddly but wont take too long to get used to and if you don't get on with the default you can always set your own keys to match your style of play like I did.

Lifespan: Now here's a game that will keep you playing for a long time. Really it can be as short or long as you like. You can either use the strategy guide to get everything you can out of it or just try and make your own way round yourself.

Plus when you add in the mods that have been made for this game it could honestly be the only game you would ever have to buy.

It may be too deep for some but if you enjoy a deep RPG this is the game to get. It's a game that reminds me of marmite - you either love it or you hate it. It may take a while to click but once it does you will have to be prised off the computer.
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on 27 August 2011
I purchased this game to try to understand the hype when people told me that this was better than Oblivion (the latter elder scrolls game). To begin with the unfamiliar combat system and dated graphics struck me but as you pursue with the game you will find a rich vibrant fantasy world with a buffet of loot, NPC's and quests. This game is certainly a challenge worth the time put into it and as it runs on nearly any system with a patch or two I would certainly recommend this to anybody wanting to escape to a seriously large adventure.
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