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on 9 April 2007
SWG has seen many changes over the years. First came the CU(Combat Upgrade) Which rewrote the entire combat system along with armour and weapon stats. Then in November 2005, came the NGE(New Game Enhancments) This reduced the proffesions from a massive 34 to 9. Under the old system you could master 2.5 proffesions, under the NGE you master 1, which has the skills and remnents of the old proffesions. It is a very different game, but in many ways, far more accesable. Yes there are some things that need fixed, but for all the complaints they recieve, the Dev team are starting to do a good job of fixing the bugs and problems that the NGE brought. That is not to say that Pre-NGE and Pre-CU was not buggy, any new players will be told by most vets that "Pre-CU owned this NGE sucks big with all the bugs and noob jedi"(With the NGE came the possibility to become a Jedi as a starting proffesion, whereas previously it took many months of effort and grinding to achieve the status of jedi.

In conclusion, yes the game is different, but don't be taken in by all the pre-CU boasters. With the next patch another old feature is being introduced, the ability to extract the DNA of an animal out in the wild, and use an incubator to grow a pet of that creature type. Throughout the growing stage the pet may undergo mutations which result in very unique pets. This shows that the Devs are working on bringing new content, the spent a year fixing the problems that the NGE brought, now this year will be spent enhancing the experience, and i for one look forward to it.
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on 16 November 2006
Yes, Star Wars Galaxies used to be a very different game to what it is now. There were 32 different profession to choose, now there are 9. The New Game Experience (NGE) totally changed the game and for many long time veteran players it ruined the game and the virtual society they had spent 3 years building and enjoying.

Today, as a regular player of Star Wars Galaxies for over 18 months now, I can say that even though I do miss the original game I played when I first bought it, SWG is improving and has improved a lot since the NGE was first implemented. The 9 professions you can choose from are being diversified with Expertise so you can customise and fine tune your characters. The number of players is increasing, despite what you might read elsewhere. There are many quests to do, planets to explore, space battles to fight and a generally nice community that is growing again.

It's not the game it used to be, but it is having the damage repaired and it is shaping up to be a very enjoyable game again, and well worth having a try. The future development plans show that Sony's developer team is listening to the players now and some new features, as well as the return of some much loved old features, are going to be back in the game soon.

New content has been slow to appear during 2006 because the developers have been working on the Expertise combat system as well as implementing a Player versus Player zone and bases on several planets, but as a new player you can find plenty to do in the game. Don't fall into the trap of rushing through things to get your characters to the maximum Combat Level 90, take time to explore, meet people, and learn the game. It is certainly worth a visit.
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on 17 November 2006
This is an awesome game, and a fantastic package to start playing it.

Yes it's true that has been completely revamped and even dumbed down a bit.

And alot of players felt as if they were screwed over.

But when you sit down and play the new game from scratch, you'll be up to 5am running missions for the emperors, killing rancors, working for jabba, flying with a fleet of x-wings against a star destroyer, crafting and supplying guns to the rebellion,helping boba fett with bounties and just about anything else you can think of in the star wars galaxy.

The people who write the bad reviews tend to be the ones who spat the dummy out at the changes, but if you are a star wars geek, then you simply must give it a try.

This package contains all 3 expansions (which i paid about £15 each, on top of £40 for the game!) and contains one months free play, which normally costs a tenner, so what have you got to lose?

Grab a copy, chose you path, and may the force be with you!
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on 30 December 2009
Started playing this game when it was still good which justified its monthly fee eventually the game got to the point where it was so unplayable who groups of players were quitting and even the most devoted players were struggling to find reason to still play. in short what was once a great game was ruined by developer interferance.
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on 16 November 2006
the game Star Wars Galaxies has gone through many changes in teh 3 years since it went live. Some good, some incredibly poor. But to be honest this incarnation of the game is the best yet, and with the commitment that appears to be happening from teh devs and gms, things can only get better.

Yes people will gripe and moan that this game is not the same as it was when released, and to be honest you will always get people like that.
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on 18 November 2006
This game isnt as good as it used to be! But it sure is less complicated for newer players.

People moaned about things when it came out,

After combat-upgrade they moaned more

And after NGE they did nothing but moan.

Dont let people put you off this game as it is STAR WARS and is still a lot of fun to play.

What other online game can you have your own house to decorate, Haveyour own city and has a space sim built in?

This game is for anyone that wants a fun online game where RP is just as fun as doing the quests.

I say try it yourself rather than listen to other peoples bad reviews of what they dont like :)
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All things considered it's best to play this game on a trial basis to see if it is something that you are going to get on with. The game does have several good features, many of which have been detailed in previous reviews, and the Jump to Lightspeed expansion is truly excellent, with enough material to keep you amused for hours, assumming you can find a vendor that is selling a ship's chassis that you need and that you can afford it. And therein lies one of the niggles of the game. Ship chassies, by and large, can only be produced by non-combat specialist Player Characters (PC's) and if the server you are on just happens to be light on Structure Traders (the character class required to build ships) then you are out of luck, for all intent and purposes the Jump to Lightspeed expansion might as well not be available to your character on that server.

Even worse, the quest structured system of game-play for combat characters is very good, taking you to various worlds and leveling you up in a consistent fashion, until about level 45, at which point the game designers just seem to dump you and leave you to your own devices. That would be okay if there were a plethora of quests for midlevel characters but there aren't. All too often, when your character is at these levels, you will find that the quests available are either to low a level and worth next to no XP or far to high a level and therefore uncompletable by your character. At that point your character feels bogged down, and all too often it feels like you aren't achieving anything (as an example my first combat character took 10 days to reach level 45, 4 weeks to reach level 60 and the past fortnight has been spent inching towards level 61).
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on 15 January 2007
I started playing this game way back before the combat upgrade almost three years ago. It was fun and I really quite enjoyed the xp system. Then they brought out the CU and all my characters went from fun to useless. Unsurprisingly I left the game. I have recently returned and found that, although I prefer some of the games original system, it is fun to play. Dependant on the server you play on (mine is the infinity server) the population is low to medium. I have found a very good guild to join and have had hours of fun doing varying quests, earning rewards (like the clone ARC fighter) and pretty much enjoying both the company and the general feel. I am personally playing a Jedi, although I believe a better way of dealing with the issue would be to make a Jedi server where you can play them from first. But if they will make them a beginning class then pass me my lightsaber. In fact you are now able to respec your character if you find any class not to your liking or are tired with making stuff for other characters. Assuming you do not want a combat character Traders can be fun for making the star fighters and houses, and droids, and armor which characters use, Entertainers can sing and dance for you leaving you so inspired that your character earns an extra 10% experience points for up to 3 hours. I have decided I need two more character slots for infinity server and so have decided to buy a fresh copy. But don't take my word for it, download the free 14 day trial and decide for yourself, take no-ones word but your own. Above all, have fun.
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on 18 November 2006
I am relatively new to the game (bout a year) so I did not see the changes which alienated so many of the players previously (and boy did those guys get upset). That said I think the game is wonderful, the combat system is far more involving and skilful than the normal stand and hack present in other games. The game is atmospheric and the clincher for me is that it really feels starwarsy. The game has immense longevity, I have been playing for a year and am still considered a noob (though not in a bad way) by any. There is nothing like the thrill of going up in someone's YT-1300 (the `millennium falcon' ship) for the first time and basting Tie fighters out of the sky.

That said there is room for improvement, as there is with any game, many of the player versus engine quests need to be updated to make them relevant, and the crafting system (one of the strong points of the old game) is rubbish, we are still waiting for that to be updated.

Oo, did I say the player versus player combat is brilliant, (the best part of the game I believe). If you want a fast paced, action packed, and exiting MMO then SWG is your best bet. Oh, and if you buy this game, first do not sell the gift (the walker vehicle) you get with it (It's worth a fortune and people will try to buy it off you on the cheap) and also choose a character on the server 'Valcyn' and send an email to `tikrit' and 'Zarnage' saying something bout yourself and that you are interested in joint a guild and you can enter a group of friendly, mature helpful players who will make you feel the galaxy is not so daunting as it first seems.

Hope to see you online :-)
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on 15 November 2006
The game has undergone many changes over the last few years but is still fun. Even if you just become a pilot with the Empire or Rebellion you will have a blast. There is an incredible amount to do, some repetative yes, but a lot is great fun.

Try to find a helper with a sensible name (use the community menu to help) an they will help you. If you want to be a Jedi you can be an experienced Master's Padawan.

Yes, SOE upset a lot of people by changing the game a way from normal RPG mechanics to more of a FPS interface, but now you can choose the standard RPG mechanics if you want.

If you're undecided you can try this for 14 days free, as the trial has recently been expanded. Don't be afraid to ask questions and also visit the forums to get the most out of the experience.
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