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on 26 November 2015
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on 5 June 2017
great dvd
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on 4 July 2017
A fun B movie about this drug which makes people into these killer vampire things. Its interesting, but that plot doesn't really go anywhere new. Its mostly a trashy schlock fest, with some action scenes. Its all fun, just B movie fun.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 100 REVIEWERon 19 December 2009
Look, I'm a fan of Steven Seagal's idiosyncratic action flicks, and even I thought this one was pants. It's pants in so many ways that I can barely bring myself to recount them, but here goes with just a few:-

--Terrible dubbing. Seagal's voice is replaced by Some Other Geezer for about 20% of the film. I suppose it's a bit better than the films where his body double takes over for any shot where his face ain't crucial, but this guy didn't even mumble in anything like the right accent
--Terrible editing. There may have been a coherant plot, but who would know after it's been cut-and-shut with the blunt end of a ship?
--Terrible action. It could all have been worthwhile if there were some decent fight scenes but all we get is one finale of prowling through Eastern European ruins and a bit of Mad March Hare handwork.

So... shoddy, shabby, and a complete discrace to the B-movie genre. Don't even rent it.
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on 29 June 2007
This film was meant to be a seagal V aliens treat instead the prod team got bored and decided it more current to use the footage and make a seagal v romanian terrorists movie - bad, bad choice. They dubbed the voices because at points Seagal refers to the aliens as aliens the rest of the time they give up covering their tracks and the "terrorists" are left unexplicably with sideways blinking eyes and super human strength as left over traits from the films alien past. This film is a total joke and Segal who is shot from the waist up and badly body doubled is clearly very overweight and has lost the will to act, fight, perform or live.
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on 19 February 2007
I'm an avid Seagal fan, but this film was utter garbage. For some obscure reason, Seagal's voice is (badly) dubbed at times, with the voice not being Seagals.

The plot had good potential, but was extremely basic in the end. Even the end of the baddies was poor. We see a certain female fighting and killing a good guy. Yet we never see her killed (I just hope they haven't kept her alive for a sequel).

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on 21 July 2007
If there was a storyline in this film I couldn't follow it. The acting was awful, the plot mad and the scenery rubbish (the ancient stone walls flexed when someone was knocked into them). Why would a drug make your eyelids close sideways like an alien? How could it allow you to move faster than the speed of light? Why did anyone agree to be in this film?? The film ended abruptly without explaining what was going to happen to all the people affected by the drug in the water supply but at least it was a relief for it to stop. Don't watch this!
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on 22 November 2007
Here we have Seagal as 'Marshall Lawson' in some pretty incoherent fodder concerning a secret government drug and the resultant 'Super Soldiers' it creates...

In probably his darkest (as in light) film I've ever seen, Seagal whispers his way though proceedings with not much gusto and it's left to the support cast to try and inject some energy.

The plot and dialogue gets really confusing towards the end, so you're best off just focussing on the 'good buys v bad guys' higher level of the story, but overall it's at least better than the depths of 'Out of Reach' and 'Mercenary for Justice'...

For fans only....
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on 20 March 2007
Having watched most of Steve Seagal's movies of the years I bought this with high hopes of watching another typical but good action movie. This straight to DVD film should have put straight to the bin. Quite simply the worst Steve Seagal movie yet made. As already stated half the time his voice is as badly dubbed as one of those flicks from Hong Kong. The story is imposible to follow and leaves one wandering what it is all about. The fighting at the end is very poor and leaves one breathing a sigh of relief when the credits suddenly appear indicating the end of the film.

total waste of time and money.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 October 2016
Not even the word 'abysmal, is strong enough.
Seagal hasn't just lost the will or ability to make a good action film, he's clearly also lost the will and ability to do anything except sleepwalk through the entire enterprise. His speech is often so mumbled that he's voice-synced so that you can actually pick up the dialogue. His martial arts moves mostly consist of arm waving at the camera and relying on the editor to make it look like fighting. His entire acting method consists of the classic Seagal Scowl and as for the storyline .... I'm not even sure what it was about? Aliens (sideways flicking eyelids and superhuman strength)? Evil druglords in the miliary working on a new drug to create killer soldiers (mocked up installations and the aforementioned superhuman strength). I can only assume that Seagal is low on cash and unable to see how pathetic he now looks on screen. Such a shame. Old actors don't fade away - they just keep going until they dig their own graves and fall headlong into them --- presumably waving arms and scowling as they fall.
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