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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 August 2012
Im a massive Deftones fan and felt that they would never top the skull crushing 'Around The Fur' or the brilliant experimentalism of 'White Pony'. Well i was wrong. 'Saturday Night Wrist' fuses the heaviness with experimental and is something special. The album carries a very strong Shoegaze/dreamy sound, the guitars creating a heavy wall of noise whilst the vocals float over the top and drums hammer away beneath. Each member is excellent.

'Hole In The Earth' starts things off with a bang and is very catchy. 'Rapture' convinced me to buy the album, its so heavy and Chino's shrieks are fantastic and 'Rats!Rats!Rats!' follows this style yet has a wonderful shoegaze style chorus. 'Kimdracula' is another cool straight up rocker. While 'Beware' floats along meanicingly, exploding in too life every now and then, the eerie 'Combat' does this too with both being excellent songs. We also have 'U,U,D....' which is an interesting instrumental

'Cherry Waves' is one of their most mellow songs and sounds so fragile yet powerful with its dreamy feel, 'Xerces' drifts along on the dreamy vibe too, both songs excellently show casing the softer side to Deftones. 'Mein' is similar, yet theres more guitars and Serj from SOAD makes a great apperance. 'Pink Cellphone' is a new step, featuring the excellent Annie Hardy and is very minimal yet dancey whilst keeping its distorted ambience. 'Riviere' closes the album brilliantly.

All i can say is Saturday Night Wrist is a very unique piece of work and another classic from a superb band.
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on 10 November 2006
I always wait a week to review the Deftones. As I am a shameless hardcore fan, I always think every new release is the greatest record ever. After seven days or so I generally calm down a little.

With the previous record I was a little disappointed. It lacked melody for me and there were too many songs that just drifted along. There were also not enough stand out tracks.

However, with the new album, this has all changed. Aggression and melody are fused perfectly. I have not had to press the track forward button once. Every song is brilliant. I can't pick out favourites as every song is great

Chino has one the most original vocals in modern music.

I am also a big fan of the Abe Cunningham as well, his drumming is immense.

Buy it now. No excuses.
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on 7 November 2006
Many people were disappointed with the boys' previous offering and thought Deftones couldn't again equal their finest moments which, in my opinion, were found on White Pony. Well, they have. This album is what we all love about that Deftones sound and style but this time they seem to have taken it to a new level. If you want atmosphere then you've got in abundance. Every track oozes class and there seems to be a new diversity shining through which you may not have heard on the previous albums. Deftones have always been a kind of "aquired taste" but even my once R&B/Soul listening partner and my 10 yr old daughter both sat in revered silence when I played Saturday Night Wrist to them and duly converted them to the cause. The bottom line is if you like Deftones, buy this now. If you don't like them, buy it anyway and give it a listen. And even though I'm British, I didn't take offence to the insinuation that we all have bad teeth!!! "Pink Cellphone" will reveal the answer to that but that's one track that definately was not played to my daughter!
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on 5 January 2007
I got this for Christmas (my wife is ace!) and I have listened to bits of it or the whole thing everyday since!!!

This album is (in my opinion) leaps and bounds ahead of any of their other albums, that's not to say I don't like the other albums cos I do, I really do, but Saturday night wrist is so much more mature and exciting!!!

It's like they have taken the best ideas from the B-sides record (the acousticy bits mostly), listened to some Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Mew and then written an album.

My only criticism is the use of The System of a Down bloke on 'Mein', in my opinion his vocal is nowhere near as good as Chino's and maybe someone like Mike Patton would have been better...But hey, what do I know!!!

This is the first CD in a long time to make my spine tingle, nuff said!
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VINE VOICEon 12 November 2006
Having emerged during the earliest days of nu-metal, Deftones are one of the few bands that managed to maintain a hugely loyal fan base where others have fallen by the wayside. They side-stepped any genre pigeon-holing and secured their place in many a CD collection in the late nineties and early noughties by blending bludgeoning beats and towering, crunchy riffs with the ethereal, transcendent vocal stylings of singer Chino Moreno, injecting it all with a bold dose of experimentalism.

Since 2003's self-titled album, Moreno has busied himself with the spacey, occasionally sublime, Team Sleep project - much to the chagrin of his other band mates by all accounts. So, what of this then, their long-awaited come-back LP? Well, as lazy as a description as it may sound, Saturday Night Wrist is a cross between that eponymous fourth album and the aforementioned Team Sleep record, in the sense that it combines the calculated heaviness of the former and the unobtrusive 'floatiness' of the latter. But then Deftones have always provided a more subtle, less immediate hit than most, and this is definitely a 'grower'...

There are riffs capable of wrecking your speakers (see: `Rapture', `Rats!Rats!Rats!', `Kimdracula') and Moreno's raging scream-to-soothing croon still reaches parts that other, lesser, singers barely aim for. And while the guest spots from Serj Tankian and Giant Drag's Annie Hardy are diverting enough, it's tracks like the immense lead single `Hole In The Earth' (absolutely classic 'tones), the slow-burning `Beware' and `Cherry Waves' that will really get under your skin and have you coming back to Saturday Night Wrist as often as anything from their impressive back catalogue.

Matt Pucci
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on 31 October 2006
After only one listen, I know this will grow on me and Ill be listening to this for another 10 years, just like Adrenaline or ATF. First time I heard White pony, I didnt get into it, party because of Chino seemingly random melodies. But once you know what to expect when listening, it all makes sense! There are dark parts, heavy parts, but always with the deep waves of melody and feeling that Deftones have developed.

I do think this album is completely tainted by the pointless section at the end of Pink Cellphone, and what was an interesting track might become a 'Skipped' track. Oh well, I forgive you Deftones.
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on 22 August 2008
I heard somewhere that Josh Homme has spent his whole life trying to make metal music beautiful, and I think that's exactly what Saturday Night Wrist has here. It excels where it mixes heavy, chunky guitar with beautiful and emotive harmony. Chinos voice across this album is flawless and seems to hit every right note immediately where it should in relation to the rest of the song as a whole.

Personally this is my favourite Deftones album and I have them all and have been a fan right from the beginning. I did not think much of it in the beginning, but like all things in life, the things that grow on you are the ones you feel the deepest. It is a polished and refined sound and shows the appropriate maturity of the band.

Buy this album if you are considering it.
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on 5 August 2008
I'm not usually a fan of rock music, and generally think of most bands as pumping out the generic bland American style which lacks any real depth, but Deftones are one of the exceptions. This is rock music, but far more deep and intelligent than other bands produce. Tracks like the excellent U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B,Select,Start and Riviere really show off the bands mix of styles, Riviere being almost beautiful in nature and is one of the high points of the album. Then you get tracks which are totally different like Pink Cellphone, which I have to say is totally different to everything else I've heard by Deftones and love it

Can't recommend it highly enough
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on 10 September 2007
I bought this album on the strength of being utterly hypnotized by 'Cherry Waves' - a dreamy, moving and gorgeously tragic song - having lost my 'Around the Fur' and 'White Pony' albums during a house move a year or so before. It was an absolute pleasure to be seduced by the Deftones all over again, and though this offering is a far cry from much of their earlier material it is still fantastic. 'Hole in the Earth' is a fantastic opener - upbeat and energetic, with it's chorus just begging to be bellowed across any alternative venue worth its salt. 'Rapture' and 'Mein' bring a darker, heavier flavour, with 'Mein' also featuring the instantly recognisable vocals of SOAD's Serge Tankian (though it is a shame his voice is not allowed to warble, growl and spiral up and down the scales in the manner in which he is accustomed). 'Beware' and the aformentioned 'Cherry Waves' are moving, crushing ballads that I defy anyone not to be moved by, while 'Xerces' and 'U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,Select, Start' allow some introspective, mellow moments. 'Pink Cellphone' starts off great with it's bleepy melody overlaid by Annie's deliciously sexy voice-over, but this is wrecked at the end when she starts a plain ridiculous riff about circumcision and other things I frankly can't discuss here! Apart from this blip this is a deep, involved and complex offering that hard core fans should relish getting in to.
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on 9 August 2009
Skip the first track.
I'm serious. Skip it.
You are not going to understand it the first time around as it doesn't sound like Deftones.
Now listen to the rest of the album and come back to it.

If the previous album was the band's decision to go heavier (and it was a hell of an album), this is their's to go softer (with a few exceptions).

I do not know how to classify their music, but possibly "progressive" is adequate. Unlike others, they still have the guts to change direction with each album and experiment with sounds when most others prefer to pull out the old recipe book.
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