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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 March 2016
but still good though

the 3 singles from this, Hole in the Earth, Mein and Beware were excellent.
When Chino tried singing hardcore on this album e.g. Rapture and Combat it sounded terrible.

Diamond Eyes was much better than this, as Chino moved more towards 80s melody and the songs didn't suffer from terrible 'hardcore edge' he laughably tried to inject into Saturday Night Wrist.
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on 7 November 2006
I suppose most fans either want a return to Adrenaline (the old-schoolers) or to White Pony (all the others), but after the raw 'deftones' and brilliantly varied 'b-sides', 'SNW' is the logical next step for a band incapable of treading familiar territory. Like 'White Pony', it doesn't sink in on first listen, so be prepared to give it some time. Chino Moreno finally stretches his larynx again, not just screaming but hitting those high notes like only he can, and the music flits nicely between heavy and heavenly. A solid return to a form they never really lost... just wandered away from for a while.
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on 27 January 2007
Excellent album from one of my favourite bands and one of the most unique alternative metal bands on the planet. While the self-titled album is my favourite, it is closely followed by this one and then 'White Pony'. They have gotten a great sound going since WP, combining crushing heaviness with melodic vocals and atmospheric samples and keyboards from Frank Delgado, who became a full member during the 'White Pony' era.

1: Hole In The Earth - One of my favourite Deftones songs ever. Beautiful melodies, great riffs, powerful keyboards, and a superb heavy ending. 5/5

2: Rapture - Odd song, not easy to get into, but a good song after a while, some good riffs, high energy. 3.5/5

3: Beware - Another one of my favourite Deftones songs, with a powerful, slow groove, good keyboards, great vocals, a huge chorus and a super heavy ending. 5/5

4: Cherry Waves - Fairly keyboard driven song, with a good bassline in the verse, and a gorgeous chorus. 4/5

5: Mein - Weird song, very dissonant, but with a good beat and some good melodies. Serj is a bit wasted on this song to be honest. 3.5/5

6: U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B,Select,Start - Hope I got the title right! Great instrumental, very unlike Deftones, with some great playing from all concerned, great synths and guitar most notably. Great atmosphere. 5/5

7: Xerces - Great song, nice keyboards from Delgado, great chorus and great vocals from Chino. Again, very atmospheric and majestic. 5/5

8: Rats! Rats! Rats! - Crazy song, not really to my taste, but worth it for the insanely brutal guitar riffage from Stephen Carpenter at the end, which is brilliant. 3/5

9: Pink Cellphone - Cool electronic song, showcasing Delgado's genius. Great beat and melodies, disregarding Annie Hardy's frankly stupid rant at the end. 4.5/5

10: Combat - Great heavy slow song, with some good guitar riffs and good melody in the chorus. Powerful. 4/5

11: Kimdracula - Another heavy melodic song, good vocals, good guitar riffs, lowtuned guitar playing, good bassline from Chi and drumming from Abe. 5/5

12: Riviere - Odd song in its dynamics, fairly mediocre, but decent nonetheless. 3/5

These guys are really making some of their best music since their slight change of direction on 'White Pony', but I would like to see some of the brutal heaviness of the previous album (like 'Bloody Cape' or 'When Girls Telephone Boys') on the next album, but this one is brilliant for what it is.
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on 1 August 2014
Underrated as far as the Deftones albums go. I'd actually rate this as my joint second favourite album. With both soft and head banging tracks, this album pleases both sides of the Deftones table. Stand out tracks for me are: Beware, Combat, Kimdracula and Rivere. If you like any Deftones albums, this one is a must own for the collection.
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on 1 January 2007
This is an brilliant record. Not a bad track on the whole CD which is quite a feat. The riffs are spectacular and the vocals and lyrics are as heartfelt as ever. I think the albums strong point comes from the mixture of accessible singable songs (hole in the earth, beware, xerces) and the less accessible ones (Rapture, Mein, Rats!Rats!Rats!). On repeated listens it is the less obvious tracks that really stand out. I don't agree with the previous reviewers opinion of 'Rats!Rats!Rats!' and 'Rapture'. They are great songs and are reminders that Deftones can do sheer fury just as well as they do melody.

This is my album of the year and is in my opinion better that Tool's latest effort 10,000 days which held that title until I heard this. Tool's album is still brilliant but Deftones's is much more consistant. The final part of 'Pink Cellphone' is messed up tho.
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on 17 April 2012
I loved this album I felt it was a bold step forward for Deftones introducing some new and exciting ideas to they're already stunning style. I would rate this album as one of the band's finest along with White Pony.
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on 11 November 2006
I have to stay that this album is simply brilliant.. You press play in the first track and you can't press any other button 'till the end of the album. This album has everything, heavy, melodic, electronic..

From the raging tracks 'Rapture', 'Rats! Rats! Rats!' 'Mein' to the sweetness of 'Cherry Waves', 'Xerces' and 'Beware', i have to say that to me Saturday Night Wrist is the best album of the year.

You won't regret to buy it.
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on 16 January 2007
At first listen I was no blown away by the new album. I was worried the Deftones were on a downward slope, I thought Deftones wasn't a patch on White Pony and was concerned a trend was emerging. However I gave it a proper listen and loved it, not at all sure why I wasn't hit by the quality first time. I love the vocals on this, Chino is the star for me.

I'm very happy to be reminded there are still lots of bands making good music that isn't just recorded to line peoples pockets.

Now, just got to acquire tickets for the upcoming tour!
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on 30 October 2006
After being a deftones fan since the begninning i can say this album is just brilliant, i respect the fact they've always done what they want and not cared about what people will think with their music. I wouldn't want one of my favourite bands to produce the same album over and over again. This album is full of great moments - abe's tight grooves and downbeats, chino's soaring vocals to steph's trademark downtuned dark chords that hit you right in the chest. The one thing that spoils it for me is 'pink cellphone', i like the style of the track but when the women starts talking about, well you know, its just not something i want to hear to be honest. But you know what, i'm not bothered anymore because it's very rare that a bands 5th album is as good as they're previous. This is a truly wonderful album and a must have for all deftones fans.
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on 27 October 2006
This is a solid album with good contrasts between mid-intensity metal and hardcore flailing (Rats! Rats! Rats!, Rapture) but i've knocked off one star for the juvenile and cheap skit Pink Cellphone, it's an inconsiderate cliched generalisation about British people, and i won't be surprised when they don't play it on any tours over here.
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