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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 22 November 2015
The cusp of the Attitude Era... These shows were good and a glimpse of what was about to begin in the world of wrestling.
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on 20 May 2017
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on 14 August 2012
Due to WWF losing a court case they were forced to change thier logo to WWE which resulted in some of thier past dvds having the WWF logo blurred out which is a pain when watching.For some reason this does not apply to thier dvds purchased from England.As far as i know this only applies to USA & Australia :( Great product.
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on 13 March 2014
The DVD got here quickly & in good condition. Both WWF Summer Slam PPVs are brilliant. Summer Slam 1997 is my Fav tho. Would recommend for any WWE fan.
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VINE VOICEon 12 September 2010
SummerSlam 1996 was one of the better shows of it's era. Yes, the undercard leaves a lot to be desired on many counts, but it does end with two of the best matches the WWF would put on in that year. The Boiler Room Brawl between Mankind & The Undertaker may not be your traditional "catch as catch can" style wrestling bout but it is undeniably entertaining brawl which features superb efforts from both men. The main event World Title match which follows it is also a cracker, even if the result was telegraphed from the moment that Shawn Michaels popped up from Vader's attack at the preceeding In Your House event. Still it's nearly half an hour of intense and exciting action and probably marks the high spot of Vader's WWF career (unless, like me, you found his attack on Savio Vega and Gorilla Monsoon the night after his debut utterly hilarious).

There's little else to enjoy on this show though. Owen Hart and Savio Vega assemble a decent opener but despite the names on show Sid/Davey Boy Smith, Jerry Lawler/Jake Roberts and Marc Mero/Goldust never really fully engage you. Still when the two great main matches last as long as the other five undercard matches put together, there is still more good than bad on this show, at least in terms of match length.

SummerSlam 1997 was one of my favourite cards of the time. Today it is more remembered for the tragic accident that befell Steve Austin here as he suffers a broken neck after taking a Piledriver from Owen Hart but there is much more to the show than that.

Mankind and Hunter-Hearst Helmsley give us a thrilling Steel Cage opener and the feel-good ending, where Mick Foley unleashes his Dude Love character again, still brings a smile to my face today. Goldust's clash with Brian Pillman and Davey Boy Smith's battle with Ken Shamrock aren't brilliant matches but the stipualations that surround them (and the sheer heat the Hart Foundation had at this time) makes both encounters entertaining ones and are matches the crowd are well and truly in to. Of course The Legion Of Doom's match with the Godwinns is on a loser from the start given that LOD are years past their prime here and the Godwinns never really had anything approaching a prime, but the eight man tag match between Los Boricuas and the Disciples of the Apocalypse is fairly entertaining and shows how even the WWF's mid-card storylines were beginning to get over again at this time.

Of course it's still shocking to see Steve Austin sustain his injury here (even though we have the knowledge he returned to the ring and became one of the biggest superstars ever) but his match with Owen Hart is exciting until it all falls apart at the end. The main even though is a forgotten classic. Bret Hart might moan that Shawn Michaels' turn as the guest referee somewhat cancels out Bret's heel heat (and he may have a point) but the match itself is great and the ending is certainly a nice twist.

1997's event would be worth the purchase alone for my money, but add that to the 1996 event, with it's two great main events, and this becomes a very attractive "Tagged Classics" purchase indeed.
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on 3 May 2007
i have to congratulate silvervision on their tagged classic range, 2 complete events with no editing on the wwf at a reasonable price. summerslam 96/97 i really good because i think after the terrible opening there is one of the funniest matches i have ever seen is on this dvd, it is also exclusive to this set is the steve austin vs yokozuna match lol times a million. summerslam 97 is good even though there is the tragic match between owen hart and austin.its painful to watch but it happens i guess sooner or later. funny dvd set with some classic matches A++++
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on 17 November 2006
Whoa, what a Tagged Classics this is! Two of the better Summerslams ever put togethor, for a princely sum of money. Summerslam 97 being my favourite one out of the two, but both are very good PPVs (especially considering the era) and are watchable a couple of times (which is a pain in with Tagged Classics, well with me anyway. I find very little replay value).

Anyway, top moments from both DVDs are the Boiler Room Brawl from Summerslam 96 which is just, well, brutal to sum it up with a nice twist at the end, and on Summerslam 97, there's an awesome cage match between Mankind and Hunter Hearst Helmsley and a much-hyped main event between Taker and Bret Hart - and also THE match between Owen Hart and Austin, which is an OK match, but obviously remembered from the piledriver).

Of course there are a lot of low points, and I mean a lot - you wouldn't see filler matches like these anymore - who honestly wants to see Skip vs Barry Horowitz? The main event from 96 was OK but with the ending it just made it really disapointing.

Overall, a good TC though. If you watched the old stuff (like me), it's good value, but all these new wrestlign fans would find them boring, so if you've joined in the WWE years, stay well away.
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on 8 August 2007
my favourite summerslam of all time is featured it is summerslam 97, the summerslam that will be remembered for austin breaking his neck and winning the ic title and bret hart start his final run and wwe champ, recommend for any long time wrestling fan !!!!
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