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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 August 2014
Police Constable Nicholas Angel is the pride of the London Service, trouble is is that he is making everybody else look bad, so much so his superiors promote him to Sergeant in the sleepy village of Sandford, Gloucestershire. Yet all is not right with Sandford as the locals start meeting grizzly deaths, thus thrusting Angel into his biggest case so far.

The biggest question on most film goers lips was could the pairing of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg triumphantly follow the monster cult success of Shaun Of The Dead? Well the plot premise for Hot Fuzz hardly leaps out as something to grab the attention span of many, but they have crafted a tremendously funny film that winks at the action genre with genuine love and admiration.

Simon Pegg and his trusty sidekick, Nick Frost, clearly have an earthbound appeal that many (even outside of Britain) can warm too, not pretty or over svelt, these guys are fans of movies making movies purely for the fans, and it shows. Neither Pegg or Frost try to steal scenes from each other, both men after over a decade of working together are clearly comfortable with their coupling and thus manage to fine tune their working chemistry.

Once Angel (Pegg) lands at Sandford Village we are introduced to a ream of British Village stereotypes (archetypes actually), all characters ripe for hilarious scenarios that our fish out water (big city cop) Sergeant struggles to comprehend. We observe as he is dumb struck at the ineptitude of the Village Police Force (erm service actually) and is then forced to work alongside dough eyed Constable Butterman (a film stealing Frost). Angel's exasperation at where he finds himself is mirthful joy to us the viewers. The dialogue is priceless, one liners and hat tipping nods to the action genre come thick and fast, in fact you can watch Hot Fuzz repeatedly and play spot the homage each time. I mean come on people, we got both James Bond (a delicious turn from Timothy Dalton) and Belloq in here strutting their stuff. The action set pieces are not found wanting either, director Wright having the time of his life with the crash bang wallop that flows in the final third.

The test of a great comedy is how it stands up to repeat viewings, to me Hot Fuzz delivers no matter how many times it is viewed. For even when you know what is coming up next, the smile on your face is already there before the event, wonderful, wonderful film made by guys who love movies as much as ourselves. 10/10
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on 9 March 2010
I saw it with sister, and it was very funny. I've been reading comments, "it wasn't their cup of tea" Why buy?

Nicholas Angel (Pegg), an extremely dedicated police officer in London's Metropolitan Police Service, performs his duties so well that he is accused of making his colleagues look bad. As a result, his superiors transfer him to crime-free Sandford, a village in rural Gloucestershire. Once there, he immediately arrests a large group of underage drinkers, and a drunk driver who turns out to be his eventual partner, Danny Butterman (Frost), the son of local police inspector Frank Butterman (Broadbent). Danny, a well-meaning but naive police constable, is in awe of his new partner. Angel struggles to adjust to the slow, uneventful pace of the village. Despite clearing up several otherwise unnoticed crimes in short order, including confiscating a naval mine and a large number of unlicensed firearms, Angel soon finds his most pressing concern to be an escaped swan. His strict attention to the letter of the law also makes him the focus of dislike by some of his co-workers.

This is funny, if you need a laugh, it be this film :D
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on 28 March 2007
Imagine the best Ealing comedy, put it on steroids, amphetamines and hallucinogenic drugs and drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Let it loose to take the mick out of OTT American cop/buddy movies. Even then you only get half an idea just how brilliantly funny as well as crash-bang-wallop exciting this movie is. Even Americans will like it.
A superb concept superbly executed, you guffaw, giggle and laugh out loud as Simon Pegg and Nick Frost act out pure wish-fulfillment ("Have you ever jumped through the air firing two guns?" "No." "One gun?" "NO!")
It starts out quiet, but don't let that fool you - the boys are bringing the noise, the lid's going to come off big style, and the buzz from Hot Fuzz is just fantastic.
THE all-out most enjoyable movie I've see in ages, this is A CLASSIC. Go see!
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on 20 February 2007
I went to see this movie and I laughed so much I almost fell out of my wheelchair.

One of the best films to come out the UK in a dog's age. It is hysterically funny, deliciously gruesome in parts, you flinch at the scene when the reporter gets part of a church steeple dropped on his head and as for the scene in the model village, well you have to see it to believe it.

The plot is simple and to the point, hot shot London police officer Nicholas Angel played by Simon Pegg gets sent to a sleepy little village in middle England because he is too good at his job and is making his colleagues look bad.

However this little village isn't quite what it seems, there are a lot of unexplained deaths that are being passed off as accidents, and Nicolas finds out that the police chief isn't all that keen to rock the boat for his own reasons.

With a lumbering side kick who just happens to be the police chief's son, Nicholas tries to find out what is going on but is thwarted at every turn, and we watch in hysterical amusement as he arrests naughty boys for underage drinking, tries to capture a run-a-way swan, and collects an armoury of weapons from a farmers barnyard, whilst trying to work out why so many people in the village are having such "terrible accidents."

Not popular with the rest of the police officers/staff who would rather eat cake and drink tea, he tries to instil in them some pride in their job, he finally gets them to believe that not all is what it seems in their sleepy little village and one of the best scenes in the film is when they have to attack the Somerfield supermarket and are met by enraged villagers lobbing supermarket trolleys, vegetables and other food stuffs at them, you've not seen anything like it before but it is worth seeing the film just for those ten minutes alone.

Taking the Mickey out of every American buddy-buddy cop movie ever made, from Bad Boys, to Point Break, to 24 Hours, we are treated to an outrageous tongue in cheek comedy that leaves you wiping your eyes from laugher and hysteria.

With a star studded cast that include Timothy Dalton, Jim Broadbent, Edward Woodward, and Steve Coogan to name but a few, we get quality acting in a comedy that should be nominated for an Oscar just based on laughs alone.

As squeamish in parts as Shaun of the Dead but well worth going to the cinema to see and I will be buying the DVD as soon as it comes out because I will have to watch it all over again, because I am sure I have missed a lot of the jokes and humour when I was laughing so much in the cinema.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 August 2017
Seriously funny Brit flick with a great script, well executed action scenes and a cast to die for. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost team up again for this second instalment in the Edgar Wright directed "Cornetto Trilogy". Timothy Dalton, Jim Broadbent, Edward Woodward and other greats of British acting appear in major supporting parts. There are also highly enjoyable cameo appearances by Bill Nighy (he is credited, but appears only for a very few brief moments on the screen), Cate Blanchett and Peter Jackson. Set in a quaint English town, the generic Sandford, and filmed in picturesque Wells, Hot Fuzz spoofs everything from the genteel Agatha Christie whodunnit to the horror slasher to the buddy film to the American action flick. It works a treat, it's all highly enjoyable and worth owning for repeat watching.

The 2 disc Special Edition is a great package with its amazing array of extra features:
Disc 1:
- 4 Audio Commentaries (director, writers, actors)
- Outtakes
- Theatrical Trailers & TV Spots
- The Man Who Would Be Fuzz
- Hot Funk
- Fuzz-o-meter
- Storyboards
- Flick Book: The Other Side
Disc 2:
- 22 Deleted Scenes with Filmmakers Commentary
- Making Of Documentary
- 13 Video Blogs
- Featurettes
- Photo & Poster Galleries
- Plot Holes & Comparisons
- Special Effects: Before & After
- Dead Right: Edgar Wright's First Cop Movie with Filmmaker Commentaries
- Am Blam: Making Dead Right
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on 18 August 2012
As strange as the plot summary sounds, this is a fantastic film. Simon Pegg does a wonderful job as Nicholas Angel, a very serious London cop. Once I knew that he was a bit serious and loved his job so much, I was slightly worried that this wasn't going to be as funny as I had expected it to be. However, Pegg is an amazing comedy actor and he was making me laugh so much from the very first minute. As the film carries on, Pegg only gets funnier and funnier as he is put into situations that he is so uncomfortable in. His seriousness is what made him so funny for me in the end.

The relationship between Pegg and co-star Nick Frost who plays his policing partner, Danny, was another of the amazing things about this film. While the pair of them together was great, Danny was a really funny character all on his own. He really doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to being a police office and bases everything off of American cop films. The references to other films came fast and thick but this was something I really enjoyed. I was able to picture certain scenes from Bad Boys 2 and imagining Nick and Danny doing this themselves.

Although this is a comedy film, there is so much violence and gore. I don't mind this but I think there will be plenty of others who won't like it at all, especially knowing that this is supposed to be a comedy. I thought that the violence gave this film more of an edge and I thought it made the film better overall. There aren't many films that can mix these kind of scenes with the hundreds of gags like this film does and that's one of the things which makes it stand out in comparison.

Films have to be completely hilarious to make me actually laugh out loud and this was one of those films. As I said earlier, the laughs begin right from the start and they don't stop until the credits roll at the end of the film. Some of the funniest scenes have to be when Nick is realising just how bad the policing team are in Sandford. The things that they get up to in the police station are crazy and terrible at the same time. The script along with the acting made this film as great as it was and is one everyone should see, even if you're late to the game like I was.
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on 17 July 2011
This film is always going to be compared to one film and one film only. Shaun of the Dead. Is is better? Is it funnier? At the end of the day, I don't believe for a second that the majority of SOTD lovers are going to favour the second Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost offering over the first, at least not initially. Shaun of the Dead is more instantly likeable I would say, since the basic premise of the first film was always going to work. However, an action movie spoof centring around the British police force? Not such an instant classic waiting to happen.

Simon Pegg plays Nicholas Angel, a big city super-cop sent to Coventry, or rather the fictional village of Sandford, since he was making everyone else look bad with his sterling efforts in police work. He then encounters Nick Frost, one of the village bobbies crying out for some real action such as 'firing your gun in the air and going 'Aaaaargh''.

However, this film is not all it appears to be. This film is more than just a mickey-take of the oft referenced films within, such as 'Bad Boys' and 'Dirty Harry'. This is a homage to the genre. Sure, all the action movie cliché boxes are definitely ticked throughout, particularly in the last hour. But they are executed with such flair that you can't help but smile. This film has been years in the making. So much attention to detail has been made, from lifting the appropriate pieces of music from `Point Break' and `Lethal Weapon' to the subtle references to countless dodgy American cop movies (and even Italian cop movies - 'Crimebusters' and 'Miami Supercops' to name but two) of the 70s and early 80s.

Admittedly, the film does start (and indeed go on in a similar fashion for the best part of the first hour of the movie) in a mild manner - with a few small chuckles here and there, with the best moments coming from Nick Frost (with the notable exception of the cream of British comedy of course, who are scattered throughout). However, the film then changes into something much greater. As the plot thickens and the genre changes from comedy to horror-comedy to action-comedy to action, this film becomes a masterpiece, pure and simple. Once the film does decide what genre it would like to be associated with, the action is thick and fast, and the laughs constant. However the best scene is not one of laughs, but of emotion - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, of Volkswagen tail light, with Simon giving his 'I can bring back the blue fury of the Metropolitan Police service with me' and Nick giving his 'Forget it Nicholas - It's Sandford', the most chilling and effective line of the entire film, bar none. This is a nod to the classic final line of the 1974 film 'Chinatown'. Feel free to look out for the visual nods to Scorsese and Tarantino here. The car boot POV shot has been used in all of Quentin's films, for example. Of course, Nick Frost does also manage to squeeze in the most ridiculous and at the same time, hilarious line in the film in this same scene - 'He's not Judge Judy and Executioner!'. Brilliant.

This film is more than just comedy. Shaun of the Dead was the better comedy. However, Hot Fuzz is the better film.
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on 26 October 2007
This movie had past my expectations!
It's even more funny and action packed than Shaun of the Dead !

Ever since seeing Shaun of the Dead and seeing spaced , I have been a huge Pegg/Frost/Wright fan !
I love their wonderful blend of straight faced yet absurd comedy and stylish small budget yet big results type action.
Their scripts also seem brilliantly crafted.

The delivery of dialog,timing choreography and pacing of plot are all very well executed. It's a joy to watch this movie flow from scene to scene.
And of course it is all very funny, while trying to keep a macho stiff upper lipped atmosphere. ( Not in an entirely serious way though )

These boys seem to continue to give us great innovation through their style of British action comedy and continue to impress.

I get oh so very excited when I see something new from them ..... and they don't do so many projects together, but when they do turn out something it usually is top notch stuff.

This movie is about an overachieving police officer of London who has been recently promoted to sergeant.
Unfortunately there are no sergeant positions in London ( Or so his jealous superiors tell him ), so he is unwillingly transfered to the countryside village of Sanford.

This gives our hero with not a lot to do considering the low crime rate of the countryside or so it seems.

Unlike Shaun of the Dead which I thought started off great, had a great middle and ended a bit anti-climatic .... Hot Fuzz seemed to be the opposite .... it didn't start off so great, built up great stuff during the middle and ended with a bang/ a huge payoff ..... which I suppose is a lot better.

Funnily enough there a few scenes that contain the kind of gore in their last big movie, which almost seem out of place/over the top for a cop movie , but does add an eerie chill to it all.

All in all another unique watch and it's good to see more action British movies.
A must for British comedy lovers and regulars of the cop buddy genre will appreciate it greatly too.

These guys are just such a unique kind of funny , it's hard to explain in words , so just watch and experience it for yourself.

i hope the boys continue to put new spins on old genres and continue to gently poke fun at time while still creating a great movie for us that genuinely great in it's own right.

Currently one of my top fav movies of all time. I can't wait to see what these boys get up to next on their next project together.
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VINE VOICEon 20 January 2008
This is an intelligent British spoof cop film. It is rather different from American spoof movies, the list of which is almost endless and which rely on rather cheap gags, all the way back to Airplane and Naked Gun. This film has a proper plot line which is at the same time quite clever and in the end too ridiculous for words. Having a proper plot line means that (unlike American films) it can't be "laugh-a-minute" all the way through but instead has to lay the seeds of its jokes subtly during the first half before starting to bring them out in spectacular bloom during the second half. This means that the first half is funny (there is a good scattering of cheap gags all the way through), but feels a little slow, whereas the second half (definitely the last half hour) will leave you in stitches - but of course only if you have paid careful attention to the "set ups" in the first half.

This film pushes the boundaries of spoof movies and brings them home to Britain in a way that Hollywood could never do and certainly with jokes that many people outside Britain just would not get. Watch out in particular for the hint of "forbidden love" between the two cops and a subtle joke on Timothy Dalton's chin right at the end...
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on 29 May 2017
Hot Fuzz is utter perfection. It's one of those films I watch annually just because I want a good time. This is by far my favourite comedy and my favourite British film. Acting is solid, Simon Pegg plays a serious policeman officer (see what I did there?) who is obsessed with his job. Nick Frost plays the foolish policeman who learns from Pegg's character. Both actors have an insatiable amount of chemistry! Their banter, the sheer timing of their lines...they are just so good together. The rest of the supporting cast are excellent as well, particularly Broadbent and Dalton. The script is the star of the film, I practically know it off by heart. Full of British wit, it consistently makes me laugh with every viewing. The laughs don't stop there, director Edgar Wright is the king of visual comedy and his flair here enhances the comedic moments even more. The action is intense with some use of gore. The plot itself is involving and plays out like a murder mystery. The setting of Gloucestershire's countryside is idyllic and contrasts with the chaos in London at the start. The characters themselves are memorable. The sound editing is solid...I could go on and on and on...and on! I love this film, adore it even. It does indeed get the rare perfect rating.
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