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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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With more records than most artists can count and the looks of Dorian Gray, Cliff Richard has finally put out a complete and concise duets album. Ranging from the rockin', "Move It" with Brian May to the sublime `Sinatra -like', "Let there Be Love" with Matt Monro. The choices are perfect. Barry Gibb have a nice gentle touch on, "Fields Of Gold" which compliments Sarah Brightman's signature song, "All I Ask Of You". Elton John weighs in boldly and sincerely with a great rendition of, "Slow Rivers" and the evergreen Olivia Newton-John shines with, "Suddenly". The whole piece is finished with a gutsy rendition of "Reunited" with tenured Lulu. It's a classic collection.
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on 4 April 2007
I love this album. It hasnt been out of my cd player since I got it.

Cliff's voice sounds beautiful on all the songs and artists like Barry Gibb, Dione Warwick, G4 and many others are great duet partners.

The new version of Move It with Brian May is brilliant - I love the original but love this just as much.

Anyone who had a heart with Dionne Warwick is beautifully sung as is Miss You Nights with G4 - their voices compliment Cliff's beautifully and the harmonies are lovely.

Another favourite of mine is Fields of Gold a stand out track on the album having a lovely arrangement and Cliff and Barry Gibbs voices are beautifully harmonious together.

The version of Danny Boy with Helmut Lotti is a real treat as is Up Where We belong with Anne Murray.

Yesterday Once More and She Means Nothing to Me are also fabulous.

The only duet I would have changed would be Had to Be (with Olivia) in place of Suddenly. But that's just a personal wish as Had to Be is my favourite Cliff duet ever.

Two's Company is a really beautiful album and I'd love to have another similarly done in the future.
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on 6 November 2006
Having been a Cliff fan for many years, when the details of this album were released I have to admit to not being too keen on the idea of a half and half album of new and old duets. Having listened to it, however, I have to say it is much, much better than expected. The new duets compliment the old perfectly. The first, and best track on the album is Move It with Brian May, Brian Bennett and Mo Foster. This song ROCKS and is perfect to play LOUD. A re-recording of Cliff's first hit, he hasn't been this "heavy" for years. Soon to be released as a single, this could quite easily give Cliff that elusive Number One in his sixth consecutive decade!
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on 9 November 2006
I received this cd today and have been enjoying it very much. I love "Move It", Brian May's guitar work is the BEST. It is great to hear Olivia Newton -John and Cliff together with "Suddenly" again. But, my favorite track is "Fields of Gold" with Barry Gibb. Cliff & Barry have voices that blend so well together and when you put them with this great song, who could ask for more.

Thanks, Cliff for a great collection of "Duets".
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It is clear from reading other reviews on Amazon and elsewhere that people have mixed feelings about this collection. Some would have an album of entirely new recordings (and maybe more original songs and fewer covers) while others would have preferred an album comprising entirely re-issues. Perhaps it was decided that this compromise would suit everybody. Certainly, I'd been expecting a compilation of Cliff's duet hits ever since the release of his 6-CD boxed set (Singles collection), which contained every British solo single that Cliff had recorded up to that point, but noticeably avoided all the duets. In my review of that collection, I pointed out that there were enough of those duets to occupy a seventh CD. I was therefore a little disappointed that this duets album, when it was finally released, omitted a lot of the minor hits. However, it contains all the hits that really matter except Cliff's duet with Van Morrison, Whenever God shines his light. Even that only just made the top 20 in the UK chart, so maybe the compiler felt it wasn't essential.

A lot of argument surrounds Throw down a line, which became a UK top ten hit in 1969. I don't think this is a duet but it was omitted from the boxed set so I expected to find it here. When originally released, it was officially listed as being by Cliff and Hank, rather than being credited as a Cliff Richard solo track. We should therefore blame whoever made that decision back in the sixties, if we are to blame anybody for classifying it as a duet. Another hit credited to Cliff and Hank, The joy of living, didn't make this compilation, nor did it make the UK top twenty. It was the theme to a similarly-titled TV series but I don't remember either the song or the TV series.

Of the other tracks here, She means nothing to me (with Phil Everly), All I ask of you (with Sarah Brightman) and Suddenly (with Olivia Newton-John) were all top ten hits in Britain. Slow rivers (with Elton John) is also included although it was a very modest hit in Britain. It originally appeared on Elton John's album, Leather jackets. Reunited (with Lulu) first appeared on Lulu's duets collection, Together. Miss you nights (with G4) originally appeared on G4's album, G4 and friends. The duet with Matt Monro must have been produced by technological wizardry, because Matt Monro had already been dead for twenty years by the time this recording was made.

The remaining recordings were newly recorded for the album although there are no original songs among them. I'm not entirely convinced by the new recording of Move it (and it's the only track on the album that I say that about). Perhaps Cliff wanted to prove that he could still rock, but his own original version is a hard act to follow nearly half a century later. Like Throw down a line, this is not a genuine duet as Cliff is the only singer on the track. I was amused at one reviewer's puzzlement regarding Cliff's duet with Dionne Warwick. As Dionne was the original singer of Anyone who had a heart (and she was very disappointed that Cilla had the big British hit with the song) it is perfectly reasonable that Cliff should record this song with Dionne, although nobody would have been surprised if he'd chosen to record it with Cilla instead. Cliff's duets with Daniel O'Donnell (Yesterday once more), Barry Gibb (Fields of gold), Anne Murray (Up where we belong) and Helmut Lotti (Danny boy) all work well and complete a mainly excellent album.

If EMI had released an album exclusively compiled from previously released material, they could have included Cliff's remaining duet hits. Apart from the two I've mentioned (Whenever God shines his light, The joy of living), they include Drifting (with Sheila Walsh), his Comic Relief version of Living doll (with the Young Ones), All I have to do is dream (with Phil Everly), Had to be (with Olivia Newton-John) and The wedding (with Helen Hobson). They could also have included other duets that didn't chart and maybe weren't released as singles, featuring singers such as Tammy Wynette, Jackie Lee and Cilla Black. Some of these tracks can be found elsewhere but others may be very hard to find.

These days, Cliff has plenty of critics but his longevity shows that he still has plenty of fans who appreciate his music - and not just the old stuff. I suspect that most of Cliff's long-standing fans will love this album. Even despite my reservations about the new version of Move it, I am among Cliff's long-standing fans who love the album.
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on 6 November 2006
Got this CD today. Excellent mix of songs - all sung to perfection, as usual. Cliff's voice is terrific, as ever, and blends well with all the artists singing with him. Another one to be proud of!
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on 25 November 2006
This is the first Cliff Richard CD I buy and I must say I am very impressed. The vocals are great throughout. The arrangements, for the most part, are spot on. Bright spots include the lovely duet with Anne Murray "Up Where We Belong", the rocking "Move It" with both Brian May/Bennett, "She Means Nothing to Me" with Phil Everly and Elton John's "Slow Rivers". The graceful & heartfelt "Danny Boy" with Helmut Lotti also is a gem. On the weaker side of the album are two songs that are truly misfits: "Suddenly" with Olivia Newton-John sounds dated and her vocals pale in comparison to most other duet partners; the Sarah Brightman effort although vocally fantastic is over-orchestrated & would fit better in a Disney soundtrack. I am still undecided yet to the merits of G4 on "Miss You Nights". Overall though, Cliff brings in a very dynamic, vocally sound album that is a very good surprise indeed.
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'Cliff' teams up with some notable fellow artists to deliver a really
good album kicking off with his very first chart number 'Move it'
a easy-rock number with a new-version recorded with 'Queen'
Guitarist and super-star 'Brian May' along with 'Brian Bennett'
The next recording with the classic song 'Anyone Who Had A
Heart' which he sings with the artist that first recorded the song
'Dionne Warwick' A superb Version of a great Song.
'Cliff' links up with G4 to deliver a new version of his brilliant 76'
Smash-Hit 'Miss You Nights' (Perhaps my all-time favourite 'Cliff'
The next track a re-recording of the 'Carpenters' gem - 'Yesterday
Once More' which 'Cliff' performs with 'Daniel O' Donnell'
The following recording made with 'the late' 'Phil Everly' in the early
eighties 'She Means Nothing To Me' (Love that number)
With the next song he is joined by the fabulous talent 'Sarah Brightman'
with a great rendering of the song -'All I Ask of You'
For the next song he's joined by sixties crooner 'Matt Monro' to sing
the age-old classic - 'Let There Be Love'
'Cliff' is joined by 'Hank Marvin' to sing one of their old favourite tracks
'Throw Down A Line'
For the next song a 'George Michael' and also a 'Eva Cassidy' hit the
beautiful 'Fields Of Gold' -- joining 'Cliff' for that one 'Barry Gibb'
For the next number 'Cliff' is joined by 'Anne Murray' to sing 'Up Where
We Belong' another well known song.
The next song see's Super-Star- 'Elton John' joins 'Cliff' to sing 'Slow Rivers'
Another favourite perhaps remembered for her role in 'Grease' 'Olivia Newton
John' sings the number 'Suddenly' with 'Cliff' (Back in the sixties I saw 'Olivia'
on-stage among the all-star line up that included 'Cliff' and the 'Shadows')
To sing the 'Irish -Classic' song -'Danny Boy' 'Cliff' is joined by 'Helmut Lotti'
For the final track on the album the fabulous 'Lulu' sings the well known song
'Reunited' with 'Cliff'
This is truly an album filled with many beautiful songs that 'Cliff' performs with
a list of well known and much loved fellow 'Artists'
(Have owned this since it's release some eight years back)
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on 15 November 2006
This album is a blend of new and old recordings, with some of the oldies having been relatively unavailable on CD up to now. While I have a few quibbles with the selection --- I'd have excluded Miss You Nights and Throw Down a Line, substituting Had to Be and Only You instead --- the overall effect is still first class.

Of the brand new recordings, the recast Move It (with help from Brian May and Brian Bennett) surpasses the 1958 original and Anyone Who Had a Heart, Yesterday Once More and Let There Be Love are also standouts. And to cap it off, there's a terrific version of Danny Boy, done with Helmut Lotti.

Cliff is in excellent voice throughout. Long may he continue to record!
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on 14 May 2007
If a duet is taking turns with the lead, then this is an album of duets. It's disappointing to me that there isn't more strong harmony work. Perhaps it was necessary to let 'the guests' solo and so be showcased. I don't think the vocal blends are very good either (perhaps that's why there's not much actual duet work). And does Hank playing the guitar on a song really count as a duet with Hank? Dionne Warwick was a great singer and I enjoyed her work in the sixties. I also enjoyed Anne Murray's many excellent recordings, but the duets here simply don't work for me. The strongest track is the old "She Means Nothing to Me" which is great in large part because Cliff and Phil sing together for much of the song. I don't like the new version of "Move It." It's not a duet. Was the original labelled a duet? No, but it had alternating guitar and vocal work just like this one. So folks, I'm not too pleased I bought this. Here's hoping Cliff and the Shads put out something good for their 50th anniversary in 2008.
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