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on 3 August 2007
This is my first photo printer. After reading many reviews I finally decided on this one.I'ave only had this printer for a few months and have not used all of the functions but I'm impressed with it so far. I bought it just to do a few select photos and text.I have only used Canon paper and canon inks.I like the fact that the paper feed trays can be folded in and close the holes where dust could get in. The downside to this printer is the fact that Canon paper is quite difficult(and expensive) to find(compared to Epson)and so are the extra photo magenta/cyan cartridges.Cost wise therefore it can be expensive to run if you are printing loads of photos. I have also read a review questioning the colour fastness of the prints when left in sunlight(in comparison to other brands). I would add that all brands inkjet prints will fade when exposed to sunlight but you can always print them again.
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on 6 December 2006
Excellent buy, fantastic quality photographs,

But, please be aware, replacement ink tanks are hard to come by and are very expensive. Hopefully Canon will rectify this soon as it is a brand new model - hopefully.

Fantastic delivery by Amazon.
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VINE VOICEon 12 August 2007
Knew nothing about photo printers - looked at Epsons etc, then bought this purely on the strength of the twelve 5-star user reviews!

Usual trouble-free and prompt delivery from Amazon. I got the printer up and running this afternoon (okay, so husband helped, but it wasn't that difficult) and started printing straight away. I used Epson Premium Quality Glossy Photo Paper (bought over the internet), and couldn't believe the quality of the photos. Far better than I'd ever hoped - the colours are superb, and the finished article looks so professional. I was gobsmacked.

Just for interest: I ordered 3 packs of photo paper in different sizes. Friends at work tried to dissuade me, saying that it was such a hassle on their photo printers to change the paper size that it was easier for them just to use A4 all the time and guillotine the photos to size. Thank heavens I ignored them. It is such a doddle to change paper size - just the touch of a button. In fact changing any setting (red eye reduction etc) is a doddle. The lcd display is excellent, as is the slide show and - oh, I could go on for ever. The things this printer will do are amazing.

If I could give this printer 6 stars I would. Even my husband, who is a tightwad at the best of times, thought the price was unbelievable for such a high quality item. Both my digital cameras, and my soon-to-be-purchased camcorder, are Canon. They seem to be right up there at the top of the market. Don't bypass this printer, as it's just too good to miss.
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on 11 September 2007
The Canon is one hell of a printer.

Where it scores highly for me is its ease of use and high print quality. I was after something that would give really great photo prints and also was simple enough for my dad to use as a stand-alone unit without the hassle of him needing a degree in IT to work a computer.

The Canon takes all common memory cards through its multi function slots on the front. The screen is a very generous 8.9cm - a bit bigger than most. The quality of the screen is easily good enough to view and edit prints and is easy to see.

The menu system is intuitive and easy to operate when the printer is on its own with no PC connection. Print quality and paper sizes are easily selected and all the main photo enhancement tools are easy to get to through the menu. There's built in red eye reduction, a photo optimizer (looks like it smoothes jaggy edges), a 'vivid photo' option (adds punch to shots), brightness, contrast and cropping options to name a few. It's kind of like the photo systems used in places like Asda and has a similar functionality and is more than adequate for quick prints. More in depth tinkering can be achieved via a PC.

On setting the machine running the first thing I noticed was how quiet it was - and that's without turning on the so-called silent mode. But it's not the quickest and an A4 high quality print takes around 2-3 minutes to produce (par for the course for this price range) but boy are they worth waiting for! 6 x 4 prints are fired out in under a minute.

Assuming you had a good image in the first place the Canon does a really excellent job of reproducing it. The colours are great and really punchy and the print head is capable of such a high resolution that the images are incredibly detailed.

Changing paper sizes is a matter of adjusting the tray or feed guides and setting the options in the menu system - it's very easy. What's also easy is the ink system. There are 6 individual tanks - 5 colours and black. This is very impressive and expands the colour gamut of the printer over 4 colour systems. The other huge benefit being you only need replace the colour that has run out NOT the whole 4 colour cartridge which may have ink left in it like some of the older printers forced you to do!

Now down to my only niggle. Some of the first test prints I did had banding on them when the paper was fed through the top document feeder. I thought it was a fault of the printer but on reading up on the old www I found out that particularly thick photo paper can cause feeder issues. The paper I used was Fuji 270gsm photo paper, a very high quality paper that I had used to great effect on other printers but for some reason this printer doesn't like it going in through the top feeder and leaves banding on it every time. It's fine if it goes in through the cassette underneath, no banding, but the rollers that turn the paper over are too hard and leave marks across the paper that can be seen in certain light. The best paper I've found so far is Kodak Ultima satin 270gsm - no banding and no marks, just beautifully crisp images - phenomenal.

However, now I've found a good paper to use I can forgive the Canon for this...almost!!!! It should work fine from all paper tray inputs but the print quality is so good from the other input tray I will overlook this and keep mine. Anyone else buying the machine should be aware of the problems I had. Who knows, they may be unique to me.

So all in all it does print some exceptionally clear and detailed and colourful pictures and is very easy to use. It's also good value at under a ton.

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on 11 December 2006
Superb piece of kit. Been using the Epson Photo R800 for the last 2 1/2 years, to print photos, high quality documents, and also print onto CDs. It was superb, the only disappointment was that you had to manually turn the paper over to print double sided.

The Canon iP6700D does all of this, and more. It offers the auto duplexing, sucking the paper back in and turning it over itself. Superb quality colour and greyscale, photos and document printing. Printing onto CDs also looks very good. Not quite as quick as the Epson, but I dont have to wait and turn the pages over. Very quiet operation too, much quieter than the Epson. Much cheaper too!

Not tried out the direct printing from USB or memory card - no need at the moment, but a good extra feature. So far, and absolute bargain at the price, bearing in mind the Epson is still about &80-100 more expensive.
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on 19 July 2007
Having been a fan of Canon printers for a while and needing a photo printer I decided to go for the iP6700D. I'm glad I did, easy to set up, use and although magazine reviews have quoted it as being expensive with regard to print cost I can't say that I would agree. It's a tremendous printer and worth every penny.
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on 6 November 2006
Just got my new Canon last week and im gob smacked at the quality of the prints.

I take pictures for small companies and retailers so they can produce leaflets and door to door advertisment, so ive been printing pictures for a while now.

My trusty old HP 8450 was replaced by the Canon and theres no going back now.

Its simple to use and the six ink system is perfect because you only replace what you use.

Amittedly ive only had the printer for a few days so im not really sure of its weak points yet but im confident that it will serve me well.

The pictures are also double the resolution of my old HPs and the prints shine like they`re on glass.

Just check out the price!!...go for it before the rest of the world discovers the greatest secret known to man.
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on 17 March 2007
Bought the iP6700d, after reading reviews on Amazon, to replace a failed Epson All in One. My only reservation being reviews that wrote of difficulty in setting up the printer for use.

Initial assembly was very straightforward even though i had never had to fit a print head to a printer before.

Following the instructions loading of the software gave no problems, pc using windows Pro, and subsequent connection of the printer and powering on had it ready to go.

Loaded some non brand photo paper and used the supplied "Canon easy print tool box" utility to locate my existing pictures and print off some sample prints. Results were everything that Canons own review writes about the printer and the speed and noise level were better than my old Epson.

Printing directly from a memory card is very straightforward, have yet to try the Pict Bridge option but do not envisage any problems.

Very pleased with the ability to have A4 paper loaded in the lower cassette feeder for standard printing and then being able to insert photo paper in the upper Auto sheet feeder when i have photos to print, no more swapping paper around. It is also a bonus with the design of the printer that you can close the top paper feed when the printer is not in use to help keep dust and foreign objects out of it.

All of this was achieved in the time it took me to drink a hot coffee at about six in the morning, not my best time for this sort of thing but just had to get the printer up and running !!.

All in all a resounding success and highly recommended if your in the market for a new photo printer.
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on 16 March 2007
I've only had the ip6700d for a little while, to replace a canon i950 where the head had possibly gone: £[...] to replace the head! ....I don't like society throw-away attitudes but I also think canon replacement parts, i.e. heads, are a con. But since this would be an upgrade on the i950 (which used to print very well) at about a third of the price I originally bought it 4 years ago, I decided to go for it.

So far I am very impressed: photos on canon photo plus glossy and fujifilm glossy paper have been excellent (comparable to a good photo lab). A4 colour graphics are great looking too, and I had to stop getting carried away printing images onto my backup photo DVDs!

I'm not sure I will print directly rather than via the PC, but the printer memory card reader is also seen as a removable disk in Windows explorer which is useful for downloading photos.

The software installation was smooth and even when my virus checker restarted and screwed it up half way through, the canon installation recovered well. Being familiar with the canon apps, I still like the Easy-PhotoPrint application and the DVD printing one is very good too. Highly recommeded.
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on 17 July 2007
This unit has replaced my HP Photosmart that cost over twice the price 6 years ago. WOW what a difference, the colours jump out at you, but most of all is the detail in the black areas, not just an inky "black hole" but black - black, with detail in it. I have been holding back photo printing untill I received this unit. WOW again, stack up the papers, and you can start printing in a queue, they seem to just roll out of the printer in no time.


Minor downside, took ages to install, would not find a driver, downloaded drivers from Canon's website etc. then just as I was about to give up, I uninstalled everything, put the disc back in and everything went smoothly.

Also you will need to buy a USB cable as it is not included.

My advice - BUY ONE
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