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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 16 May 2007
OK, as a long time DC Comics fan I was pretty excited when I heard this was coming out, although my excitement was tempered by the hit and miss nature of most superhero games.

However, working abroad I decided recently to take the plunge and buy a new PS2 to kill my time here, and after taking a faulty disk back to the store I saw this and snapped it up.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

I'd recently been playing X-Men Legends II on the PC, which was similar to this in many ways. However, JLH beats the former hands down. No sleight against Legends, it's a fine game, but graphically and gameplay wise this feels and looks a lot better.

You play through the early stages of the game with pre-set 'dynamic duos', Superman and Batman go first - setting the tone for those less familiar with the comics and they are followed by Martian Manhunter and Zatanna, characters that newcomers are least likely to be familiar with. Next comes Green Lantern and Flash and finally Wonder Woman joins the fray alongside Zatanna.

The plot is OK and the game is heavy on the action, rather than facing too much problem solving. This was one game I thought my Wife wouldn;t even be in the same room as, however she sat down and played through a couple of levels with me using the 'drop in' two player option and thoroughly enjoyed it (and believe me, my wife is no big video gamer).

The graphics are nice, both in-game and in the cut scenes (Although Wonder Woman doesn't look quite right somehow) and the range of powers is nice, but not overwhelming allowing for ease of play. The range of villains is quite nice too, probably largely familiar to viewers of the JLU animated series, but more so to comics fans. It is nice that they largely steered away from using too-familiar characters as villains.

The game rewards progress not only by advancement through the plot, but also with caharacter upgrades and unlockable content. The character advancement is what you'd expect from an action/RPG, points are spent to make skills and powers more effective. You also collect tokens (in the form of Justice League Shield logos) which you can trade in for alternate costumes or unlockable characters (Including Green Lantern: Hal Jordan, Aquaman and the Green Lantern).

Sure, it's not an especially deep game, nor is it 'too' challenging, but it's fun, fast, rewarding and good looking and well worth playing. Let;s put it this way, after only a couple of days of playing I'm already hoping for a JLH II.
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on 4 December 2006
Absolutely enjoyed it, much better than Marvel Ultimate Alliance, excellent storyline and Cinematics. Its much enjoyable when you play with a mate as opposed to just the computer. The only real downside is its a bit easy to complete I clocked it in just 10 days after i bought it!! but this can easily be rectified by changing the difficulty settings.Some of the missions are slightly unclear at first but quickly become easy to clock on to.

If you are a fan of the cartoons and comics you will love this, if youre not a fan you may not like this. If you are just a casual gamer this may also appeal to you as its a good way to kill time with a mate or on your own. Overall a solid effort here's hoping they make a JLH 2!!
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on 16 January 2013
Completely loved this game, exactly what I wanted.

It does have some flaws, the levels are very repetitive and the graphics are not going to win any awards, but me and my sister had a great time playing it, a very good two player game.
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on 29 July 2010
I'm a big fan of anything superhero and I remember seeing adverts for both this and the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. I must admit I was more excited about the Marvel game as in general, I prefer the Marvel characters but on actually playing the games, my view reversed! Don't get me wrong, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a great game but it can feel like a bit of a chore at times.

The great thing about Justice League Heroes is that it is a very straight forward and good looking game, you can just pick it up and play it. The gameplay is nothing original i.e. walk around, beat up bad guys, face a boss etc but the way this is done is brilliant. I always like to split my reviews into pros and cons:


1. Each character is able to use light or strong attacks built together into combos or use their super powers mixed in. This actually gives you quite a range of attack methods, allowing for ranged attacks or getting up close and personal. If you are playing with the computer, you can also choose their strategy i.e. defensive, aggressive etc adding another level of choice. You can switch between having your teammate pile in with you or you can get up close and have your teammate cover you with ranged attacks.

2. Each character has different attributes, not only in different superpowers but in general ability. For instance, Superman hits harder with his normal melee attacks than Zatanna but Zatanna has better defensive abilities than Superman. This leads to differing strategies depending on which two characters you are playing as. It's nice to see that the characters are not just clones of eachother with different outfits and powers.

3. The powerup system is nice and simple, taking out the sometimes annoying complexity that can sometimes be present in RPGs.

4. The different powers are great fun to use, the Flash and Batman are my favourites. Nothing more fun than using batman to stun the enemy with a stun grenade then using flash to zip behind them and pummle them into submission!

5. The range of levels and enemies is very diverse, introducing the first time DC player to lots of different bad guys and locales so that no level is ever the same.

6. The graphics are outstanding, especially for a PS2 game. They are done in a very cartoony style but not so much as to make it look too kiddy. The graphics hold up in both the game play and the cutscenes (something I spotted in Ultimate Alliance, the cut scenes were fantastic but the game graphics were rubbish)

7. You can unlock various costumes as well as extra characters like aquaman, the green arrow etc. Aquaman in particular is a nice addition.

8. The difficulty level is about right, if you get surrounded by enemies, you can't just mash the attack button, you will need to use some form of multi-target superpower or you will be overwhelmed. This stops the fighting from being too easy.


1. You are forced to play as certain characters in the opening levels which can be a bit annoying if you don't really like those characters. I'm not a fan of Zatanna, she is just too weak so the level where you have to play as her and The Martian Manhunter was a bit of a chore. I just ended up playing as the Manhunter for the whole level! This does have a good point though, it forces you to level up all of the characters rather than just focusing on your favourites.

2. When you get to the point in the game where you can choose which characters you want to play as, all of the original characters have been leveled up in the first few levels but unlockable characters like aquaman etc are all at level 0. This is annoying because as you are later in the game, the bad guys are harder and you end up getting slaughtered when using the new characters. A baseline level for the new characters would have been good to keep them on par with the originals

3. The range of unlockable characters if fairly poor. Apart from Aquaman, The Green Arrow and Hawkgirl (or whatever her name is), all the rest of the new ones are different versions of the Green Lantern. All the same powers and abilities but just different people under the mask. This is a bit of a copout with around 60% of the unlockable characters being rehashes of original ones.

4. It is too short, it doesn't take long to complete the entire game.

You may ask, "if there are so many cons, why put 4 stars?". Well, there may be a few bad points to the game but they really don't detract too much from the enjoyability of the game.

If you're a fan of DC, or even if you're not and just like good fun action games with superpowers, give this one a go. I assure you, you will be returning to it time and time again.
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on 26 April 2012
Fantastic quality,case,disc fine & came with manual.Awesome game,a must for any superhero fan who likes a good beat em up with a story & has all the characters for game play.Great price & quick delivery :)
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on 1 December 2006
I've played X-Men Legends 1&2 but I thought JL was by far the superior game. Great graphics, really cool movies and fairly easy to learn and get into. If you're like me and only play PS2 occasionally with your pals then this is the game for you. Not much thinking, perfect for JL fans and an ideal way to kill a few hours. It's been a while since I enjoyed a game this much - not greatly challenging but great fun and a must for all JL fans.
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2006
This is a bit of a hidden gem in the catalogue of the playstation 2 games i think.It is probably the best superhero game on the ps2, and is much, much better than the Marvel Alliance game.

Graphically it is spot on - simple, effective, but sharp and precise.It also has a decent controllable camera which is always a plus in any game.

The sound is great too.Plenty of atmosphere, and great voice acting.All the voices are spot on.Batman and the Flash stand out in this department.

The playability is great too.It is a game that can be picked up and played for half an hour, or can be played to death in a bid to get all the unlockables.It is a bit easy to play through the first time but once completed, there are 2 hard difficulty settings to play on, and the hardest one is a bit of a challenge.You also get to improve your powers and gain new ones in a simple and effective way, that adds something to the game without being overly-involving which gets you back into the action in no time at all!

Also in terms of playability this is great for it's co-op mode.To play with a friend is great fun as you can use each other to be tactical in fights i.e. playing to the team's strengths, and covering up their weaknesses.

The characters are all pretty well known - Superman,Batman,WonderWoman,the Flash,Green Lantern,Zatanna and the Martian Manhunter........and there are some hidden ones too to unlock, along with some different costumes.

Some of the powers are really fun to play with.Flash is great - his whirlwind and pinball attacks are cool, and amusing too.

Faults?Well there are a few minor niggles.One - it could be longer.Two - the puzzles are a bit easy.Three - there could have been more hidden characters and costumes.

But these are minor gripes and the developers really should be praised for the feel of the game - it is a faithful comic book presentation and i loved playing this.The co-op adds so much to the game too.In many ways this is an old-style type of game.There is plenty of fun and enjoyment in this game, and i would recommend this for most age groups.

Do you like the DC comic universe?

Do you like a co-op game?

Do you want your games to be fun once in a while?

Do you like good graphics?

Do you enjoy atmospheric effects?

Do you want a good plot?

Do you like lots of different characters to play with?

If the answers are YES - then what are you waiting for? GO AND BUY IT NOW
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on 29 July 2015
I have recently purchased this game from zoverstocks and the game does not work what so ever, their seems to be no problems with the physical condition of the disc itself (other than minor scratches) but it seems as if the game wasn't tested and was just based on wether it worked or not by the look of the disc. Never again.
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on 29 April 2008
bought this game brand new from the shops and i thought that i could CHOOSE who to play as (i'm a guy and i wanted to play as wonder woman!) but your starting characters are superman and batman and you can't choose who to play as because there is no character select screen at the start. i know i'm nit-picking but i would've preferred to have been able to SELECT my character(s), it would've made the game a whole lot more addictive. buy this game if you're into fighting combat fantasy games but please note that you can't choose your characters. still giving it 3 stars if only for diplomatic senstivity reasons though
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on 20 January 2010
If your a fan of the DCU you'll absolutely love this game.
The characters are true to their comic book counter parts.
The story line is not entirely fresh but it's an innovative way of implementing the heavy weight villains of the DC Universe.
Great graphics and challenging games.
If your not too familiar with the characters this might not be as much fun but it is still easy to get into.
Overall, it was worth it!
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