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on 27 November 2006
The biggest problem with trying to create an interactive buzzers game for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is that there is very few options to vary the concept. When there is already a very strong market leader like Buzz - The Big Quiz to compete with the Millionaire game falls a bit short.

The game has around 4 different game play options all of which are fairly similar with the rounds all being very similar as well. When you compare this to Buzz which is equally limited in the number of different game options there is a big difference when it comes to individual levels which have a much greater variety making each individual round a lot of fun.

The questions on the game are in a very small print at the bottom of the screen which makes it difficult to read even if you've got good eyesight. With the questions being in a small font, there only being ten seconds to read and answer the questions as they are not read out loud. This makes the whole process a bit taxing. In comparison Buzz has a larger font and the questions are also read which makes the game a little more enjoyable especially when you get 20 - 30 seconds to answer each question. This doesn't mean the questions are much different in terms of difficulty it just gives you a bit more of a sporting chance.

I'm not someone who finds Chris Tarrant particularly irritating I still quite enjoy the live show. But once again his voice over for the Millionaire in comparison to the larger than life `Buzz' once again leaves the new game behind it's older counterpart. The sarcastic wit provided from Jason Donovan and entertaining computer animated antics of Buzz make this presenter in a league of his own.

The final comparison between the two games comes with the characters in the game. After a couple of games the fat football fan, female athlete and co become very limited and a bit irritating. When you compare this to the entertainment from the Liam Gallagher, Fat Elvis and Marylyn Monroe-a-like's on Buzz you find yourself wishing you were playing Buzz.

I think that fans of Millionaire may want to try it for themselves as I did myself. But personally I don't feel it made the most use of the Buzzers that you play the game with and wasn't as exciting or fun as Buzz - The Big Quiz.
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on 3 January 2009
I bought this game to play over my xmas break from uni as my dad loves millionaire and he can just about master using the buzz controllers (thats as technical as he gets).

When we first put the game on and chose multiplayer we had no idea what each game was and found a lot of them to not be very good at all and most of them have a time limit that is far too quick for my dad, he takes quite a while to read the question and know what button to press so 15 seconds is far too quick - which can even be a bit of a struggle for myself!

I recommend Millionaire party for multiplayer or play the tv show option and take it in turns at playing.

I will say one thing that is good about this game though - it isn't necessary to have the buzz controllers, they give you the options for playing on a normal controller which makes it more versatile.

Overall it does pretty much what it is supposed to but it just gets tiresome quickly - if you expect the same rush as the other buzz games you will be disappointed but if it is basic millionaire game play you are after, you should find it here!
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on 14 January 2007
I think there's something you have got to bear in mind when buying this game. This game isn't a Buzz game with a Millionaire style, it's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire where instead of using controllers, you can use Buzz buzzers too.

The game is very good for millionaire standards, good graphics, finally a full score of music in the game, and some nice multiplayer modes. Set up is quick and there isn't too long a wait between questions in normal mode.

It's also nice to be able to set the difficulty - this either gives you the standard 3 lifelines (medium), no lifelines (flippin hard), and 3 lifelines and 3 chances (easy).

For a Millionaire game, I thoroughly recommend this, and if you enjoyed any of the others in the series then you will definitely enjoy this. If you're looking at this game because it's in relation to Buzz, then this game may not be for you. It's not like the other buzz games and isn't as good - but it IS compatible with the buzzers.

Hope that helps!
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on 19 October 2009
Good family entetainment, although it does ask some pretty tough questions as the stakes get higher, so perhaps not suitable for young kids.
It lends itself well to the BUZZ multi-player format and is based closely on the TV show. If that's what you're a fan of and you want to simply try your hand at the TV based quiz then there's an option for that, but it also has a number of other formats including a few that will test your loyalties as you remove lives and lifelines from your fellow players.
So far the best I've done is get to £64,000 but I'm still gunning for the elusive million.
All in all much better than I'd expected.
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on 28 November 2006
I have to agree with the previous review - this is a very disappointing game. I have played and really enjoyed previous games (The music quiz and the big quiz), but this game just does not measure up.

It seems as though the millionaire show has been shoe-horned into the Buzz format, and as such lacks any of the enjoyable gameplay of the other buzz titles. The graphics also just do not measure up - the characters are very poorly executed, and the set seems to be non-existent.

If you want to buy a buzz game, I suggest one of the other buzz titles - both a lot more fun than this!
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on 24 June 2007
At first we thought it was going to be funny when we chose the characters, but thats about twhen the fun stopped. You take turns in answering questions yet you can steal the other persons questions and do all sorts of bizarre things which are pointless. Youll be give a question to answer yet someone else can buzz in, making the whole game pointless. Lucky I got it in a bundle...lucky theres ebay
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on 11 February 2008
I was hoping this game would be a fun addition to the Buzz range. Really awful. Once you start a game, there seems no way of stopping it. It doesn't work at all how you'd expect. Very disappointing, do avoid. I shall be selling this game shortly on Amazon Marketplace, so if you don't want to heed my warning, feel free to buy my Used Once title ;)
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on 14 January 2010
Not a lot of thought has gone into this game. You hope it will be as the tv show, but it is not quite. The option that could be the most fun gives you 10 seconds of time to read & answer the question, this makes it almost impossible when some the questions are quite long as you cant read it in the time, yet alone find the correct button in order to answer the question! Glad I did not pay too much for this as we wont be playing it again! A great shame as with a little more thought this could have been good!
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on 11 August 2009
Have enjoyed playing the game, contrary to some of the listed reviews if only for the knowledge testing fun!
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on 4 February 2010
This isn't one of the best Buzz Games.
I know its an adults quiz game.. but some of the questions are pretty damn impossible unless you are a genius lol..
so the game ends pretty fast sometimes.
Good to play with a few a few friends round and get competitive :-)
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