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on 31 January 2014
Charges well but appears to only hold a small amount of charge.

My other rechargeables (ATC brand)seem to hold a little more. Maybe a bit anecdotal though.
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on 6 February 2011
Make sure you buy the latest version from about 2010 onwards.
The early versions of Eneloops have had some bad press, but the latest versions outperform anything I've tried.

I'm an electronics engineer and very anal about batteries. I've tried and tested at least fifty different brands and capacities of NiMH in the last ten years. I've tried thousands of other types since my parents bought me my first science kit. I've even got a collection of ex-military NiCds from the eighties which still work fine.

You may think that your fancy brand name 2800 mAh AA NiMH are good, but some of the modern cameras will not give them the time of day. Although they may deliver 2.8 A for an hour, their terminal voltage drops quickly and they can have quite a high internal resistance. I've found that in some cases, the amount of starting current can be inversely proportional to overall capacity in these batteries. So, the 1000 mAh cells from the pound shop can often deliver more initial current than the 2800 mAh top brand cells. Some new cameras demand a high initial starting current that even branded batteries lose after only a couple of on/off cycles. Also, I'm always dissapointed that even good quality NiMH batteries can lose charge within a couple of weeks.

NiCd batteries, despite being very environmentally unfriendly, were always much better at keeping charge, terminal voltage and delivering a high current on demand. However, these new Eneloop batteries have at last turned the tide. They work straight from the pack, take months to discharge, keep their terminal voltage and despite lower capacity figures (2000 mAh), I reckon they easily outperform my 2850 mAh traditional branded NiMH cells.

You'll save money and the environment with these cells, as you'll recharge them less and they'll effectively last longer as a result.
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on 14 August 2014
Work great, hold charge longer!
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on 3 June 2008
These are the answer for digital cameras - and in fact anywhere you want a long life, high capacity battery. They hold their charge, sustain their performance and recharge quickly - we use several sets in school cameras which were always running flat (on ordinary NiMh batteries) just when the students needed them, a real pain. The Eneloops last for weeks!!! Our only problem is, we have to check they are still there when the cameras are returned, they are very desirable batteries!!!!
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on 20 January 2008
I ordered these from amazon recently as they were on sale at half price and I have a few devices around the house that suffer from using normal nimh rechargeable batteries because of the self discharge issue. Anyhow, these came out the packet and were pre-charged and they did what they are supposed to. I've also noticed people saying getting other eneloops out of the packet was tricky due to the plastic, these are packaged just in a normal paper and plastic blister pack and are easy to get out the packet.
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on 22 January 2008
I am using these in my Nintendo Wii and my digital camera. They seem to last twice as long as others I have used. Execellent value for money.
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on 5 March 2009
Got myself some of these when they first come out having tried many rechargables before and always being disappointed. Often i would go out with my Fuji camera and have to change the batteries half way through a 2gb mem card. Not anymore, I have gone through 2 cards before without charging, weeks apart. Even still the battery indicator was showing full but i didnt trust my camera as I thought it would be impossible these could last so long. They also retain there charge unbelievably well so no longer do I have to charge up batteries before I can use the camera and last long enough that I dont need to carry a spare set (handy when on a night out somewhere). I also have tried Uniross Hybrio and Vapex Instant which are similar products, but eneloops are by far the best. Hybrio's in particular are too wide for some products and dont seem to hold there charge quite as well. If you are thinking of buying rechargeable batteries pay the extra and get these. They last far longer than any 2700mAh batteries I have tried (and these are only 2000mAh!).
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on 23 January 2012
I've been using this product for three years now, and it still works just like when it was brand new out of the box.

These batteries come pre-charged, so you can take them out of the packaging and stick inside your electronic device and use it, just like you would with a non-rechargeable alkaline battery from the supermarket.

When you're done using the charge, you can place them in a suitable battery charger that charges Ni-Mh batteries, and it will take as long as your charger requires to make them useable again.

The good thing that set these apart from other brands I've used is that they don't start losing capacity after recharging a few times. I felt that they held their capacity well over time, which is great, because then you don't have to throw what seems to be good batteries away and buy them again.

I use these models in a variety of things, such as a milk frother for making cappuccino, digital photo camera, voice recorder, Xbox 360 controller, Wii controller, digital clock, portable iPod speakers, portable beard trimmer, and other electronics I have. All the devices I used with these have worked just like they did with alkaline batteries that I buy from the grocery store.

I charge them in a super-fast 15-min charger that heats them up due to the quickness in which it charges the batteries, and the eneloops still work perfectly. It's not healthy to overheat batteries, but the eneloops cope well with my fast charger.

I never buy other brands anymore, I found that paying a little bit extra saved me money in a period of 12 months, whereas with other cheaper rechargeable batteries I always had issues about them losing capacity after three or four charges, these ones never do, and they also hold charge over time. I tested them for a long time and I can attest to their superior quality.

Please do yourself a favour if you're looking for good rechargeable batteries, and buy these, because you deserve not having to deal with dying cameras in the middle of a party because of shoddy batteries.
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on 5 November 2009
Having used these for almost a year now, I can testify that the hype isn't overstated. I haven't made any scientific tests or the like, but every use has convinced me.
I put the first set in my camera december 2008, and although I'm not running around taking pictures all the time, I'm using it frequently when I visit my young son. He is 2 yo and loves to play with the camera watching all the pictures on the lcd screen and trying to take pictures on his own. Still the first set lasted about half a year, and when they eventually faded out I put in the replacements, and they had not been charged in the meantime and they still run!! It's unbeliveable, but I do believe :-)
And at the moment you get a pack of 4 for just 6.45. That's a bargain, although I don't know how long that lasts, but I just increased my stock with 48 more and use them for everything.
It is not only Sanyo who makes these kind of low drain Nimh, but I have only used Eneloops so I cannot say how they fare compared to the real competition, but compared to standard Nimh, it's hardly a competition, regardless of their claimed capacity. I simply don't understand why standard Nimh are still being produced.
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on 8 June 2008
Wish I'd discovered these sooner. One day all rechargeables will be like this. They can be charged and left for months. No more problems with having to remember to put them on charge the night before etc. Great value too.
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