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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Gears of War: Limited Edition (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Special Edition|Change
Price:£7.99 - £13.45

on 2 March 2007
It is very rare when one day you think halo 2 is the best game in the world then this happens.... Gears of War comes out.

Now the most online played game of this year, it has become one of the best games ever played.

The story line you follow is great where you fight Sera, a planet much similar to that of Earth, until emergence day, a day where the creatures that haunt you in your sleep rise from the ground.... the locust, who are hell bent on making human kind extinct.

I recommend the purchase of the limited editon box set as it comes with the extras of how the game was created and it gives a lot of background info.

After you complete the intense 5 acts of non stop shooting, blood, guts and chainsaws, you will surely become addicted to the online matchmaking. Do you have the skill to chainsaw 100 opponents? hard as it sounds but fun to do. If your not online for achievements then its still a generally amazing game to play with friends and people all over the world.

enjoy its not a game that gets boring easily.
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on 15 December 2006
I only bought my 360 a couple of weeks ago and Gears Of War looked like the 'must by' game so I duly purchased a copy.

First impressions, well funnily enough average, the first 5-10 minutes not to much happens, then BANG! LETS KILL ALIENS!!

The control system is fantastic, so easy to aim, hide and jump for cover, graphics the type you might get on a £2000 pc, stunning visuals and sound, hook this up to your HD TV, as I have, and the clarity is awesome.

I also bought four other games for my 360, put it this way, G.O.W hasn't been ejected from the machine for nigh on a fortnight.Also a quick mention for Xbox live, easy to get online for a game, great fun, though if you're as mediocre as me then you'll spend most of the time getting a chainsaw up your jacksy!
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on 13 December 2006
When I first saw the trailer for Gears of War, I can't say I was really anticipating it's release. I thought the selling point for this game would be the graphics and from experience I can honestly say that graphics alone do not sell a game (the Wii has established that gameplay is EVERYTHING). That's not to say the graphics are not impressive enough to sell the game. Far from it as this is probably the best looking game I have played, possibly better than Call of Duty 3.

The character designs are so beautifully crafted and well detailed, this gamer can't help but stare in awe at every close-up. Every single little hint of detail does not go to waste.

The environments are very impressive and very well themed. There isn't one area that doesn't make you think "wow!". Even when walking through an old wrecked house, got through to what used to be a kitchen and noticed the amount of detail put into just an old, wrecked stove. There are a large number of destrucable objects on the battlefield though my only complaint is it would have been nice to blast chunks out of the walls and such (for those who have played FEAR will know how great this touch is).

The music score during play is very cinematic and is reminiscent of the score from Aliens, giving it a great man vs monster sense of the action. There some brilliant atmospheric parts to the game too, keeping the mood tense throughout the game.

Now, as I was saying; games are all about gameplay and Gears certainly has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. As you start the game for the first time, you will want to know the basics. Training stages are usually a chore but Gears does it in a way that puts you straight into the action without making it feel daunting or like a training stage. Once you have grown accustomed to the controls the real fun will begin.

The cover system works very fluently without much trouble, though I found it difficult to unstick to walls but this may be due to previous habits. You can dart from one bit of cover to the next as you work yourself up the battlefield to get different vantage points. Most of the time this is done using an unexhaustive amount of optional cover and pressing a button to make Marcus jump from one cover to the next. The other method is to run out from cover to one in front, sprinting so you try not to get shot in the process. The camera angles give a great feeling of intense action, particularly when sprinting.

The Locust and your fellow Gears all have terrific AI. This is one of few games where your allies actually do some damage to the opposing force so you don't feel like you're doing all the work by yourself.

Enemies will lay down covering fire whilst trying to flank you and they will use effective cover and try to make their way closer to your position. You will in turn be forced to use the same strategies to make your's and your squad's lives easier.

If you have read other reviews and heard hype about this game then you must have heard about this game's weapons, one of which is of particular interest had by all is the assualt rifle with it's very. . . effective chainsaw bayonet. This rifle you will find to be dependant on through most of the game. To put it one way, it is your best friend as it has decent range and good stopping power, also when your enemies have flanked you at close range, it's the best weapon to dispatch them quickly (and brutally) before they get you. This is not to say that it is the only weapon you will want to use as there are an array of very cool, very effective weapons for different situations. You have of course your standard shotgun, sub-machine gun, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, grenades (which are thrown very easilly as you can see the trajectory in which they will be thrown), a pistol and a very powerful revolver. A nice weapon to add to the list is the Hammer of Dawn; a satelite operated laser used by painting a target with a laser gun that casts down a very powerful beam of light upon your enemy. The use of this weapon is essential during some parts of the game.

Unfortunately I have not played the multiplayer yet but it looks very promising. I'll wrap up here, I'm sure I've missed things but there is so much to tell about this groundbreaking, addictive game. I recommend to all action game fans!

Go buy it!
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on 19 April 2007
Put simply I loved this game.


--->great for first time console shooters (i.e. people who were solely PC gamers before)

---> graphics and gameplay are amazing

---> AI is a bit dumb

---> not enough weapons

4 things i want to say:

---> it is great if you are a first time console user. this was my first console from the hundreds of PC games I have (have played) and its quite a lot harder to aim and such (the mouse enables precise and fast aiming) however with this game it does give you the option to take cover and get used to aiming with the stick, so now i am fairly proficient (mouse is still better tho)

---> the graphics and gameplay are top notch, def a next gen game, cant wait for GOW 2, gotta love the blood splatters

---> the AI is a bit dumb, they are rather predictable. e.g. they duck behind cover to avoid your bullets, all you have to do is point the crosshair above their heads and wait. they come up, you shoot, grub dead. i would like to see them trying to flank me as apposed to the usual gung ho that is usually displayed (tho this doesnt detract too much from the game to be honest)

---> there arent really enough weapons or weapon choices. u can get rid of the lancer (the machine gun with the chainsaw) but there is no real alternative for it (except the locust gun that isnt nearly as good) and then you make do with the shot gun (instant kill if you are close) so u dont get rid of that. the sniper takes too long to reload and you only get one shot. the bow is ok but too late in the game and you cant carry enough ammo.

but still overall bloody great.!
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on 22 December 2006
Ok, you've already seen how cool the game graphics is and how those running and taking cover gonna be during the online play. I have to say that again that this is the killer xbox360 game for this Christmas as Epic Games promised and probably carrying the rumor of overtaking any upcoming PS3 game within 1-2 years.

YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS GAME...and for me Gears is the reason for my box finally... Sorry Billy, 360 is cool but not so cool until Gears came up and showed us what this white box is capable of rendering those pixels :p

If you want this special edition I'll advise you to view the dvd after you've walked through the CASUAL level and got all the 30 cog tags. You then will have a nice cup of tea or coffee and enjoy yourself with all the behind scene stuff including additional trailers and game concepts underlaying every single piece of the game play both single & multi


After finishing the game in all the 3 level and with the 30 tags with no briliant DOM act as co-op on my side, please allow me to share some game glitches here...

1.wretches are idiots...(might not be a glitch...)

2.the mighty RAAM becomes really a nice gentle "pale" horse after you managed to stuck him around the first row of barriers on the train.

3.some enemies could be eliminated before triggering the fighting scene just because they are preloaded there... and some could be killed in 100% safe way using the "corner of the window" and that just not the way the fight is designed for.

And, 1 complain about the online play:

Still feels like some twisted version of CS...maps are a little bit dull after playing for a while.

In a word, this is THE xbox360 game, very well worth the money, make sure you don't miss it. Have fun and enjoy your way of beating the insane level :)

Best wishes to all the viewers of this review.

Merry Christmas & Have a good new year~
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on 20 June 2016
Microsoft knew should have a game that defined the image of the Xbox and should boost sales to compete with the competition, GOW as here to stay and better than anyone else did and does its role that work.

In the first few minutes you realize that this is an epic masterpiece, is a legend of the game videos with special focus on multiplayer.

A unique and worthy cinematic experience of a great movie with epic characters and fierce enemies both have a diabolical arsenal created many splashes of blood and hours of fun.

A graphic astounding with the unreal engine at its best, a masterpiece mandatory in this fabulous world of video games.
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on 19 December 2006
I thought it might be worthwhile to supply a review based more around the Special Edition of 'Gears Of War' for those unsure about shelling out the extra cash. Mostly because everyone knows how great the game is already; the tense atmosphere, the thrilling gun fights, the unapologetic levels of gore, all this has been well documented. It's a killer app, make no mistake.

Secondly, whether or not you should spend the extra cash is important because, well, money's always tight, especially with the strong range of games available on the 360.

What you get is, first up, a pretty if not unfortunately throwaway little hardback artbook, with conceptual artwork and hi-res models that had been knocking around games mags a few months before release date.

The tin itself is pretty nice, though mine came scuffed straight out of the shrink-wrap somehow, but it'd make a pretty nice box for tobacco, rolling papers and...er...lighters. Ahem.

But the DVD is where you'll decide whether the expense was worth it. This is, perhaps surprisingly, really good, and served as a great accompaniment to the game both before and after I palyed it. While "A Look Inside Epic Games" (a short film about the company filmed and starring the team's kids) is a twee oddity, overly saccarine and ill-placed, the "The Road to E3" is a real eye-opener into the workings of the studio, the title, and Microsoft's role and reliance on it.

Interviews with the game's programmers, producers, concept artists and specifically the Lead Designer give a great insight into how the finished product became just that. It's a tense ride, made so by the passion and lustre the team have for 'Gears', and the honesty with which Microsoft's position was shown. While the guys at Epic seem fatigued, they're still relatively relaxed. The Microsoft guys look like their jobs are really on the line; they're at war with PS3, make no mistake. And without titles like 'Gears Of War', come March (if that really is Sony's release date) it's exclusive titles like 'Lost Planet', 'Mass Effect' and 'Halo 3' that will turn the tide...and 'Gears Of War' sits comfortably in such company. This short film is an effective snapshot of the modern games industry, and is almost worth the price of the Collector's Edition alone.

Other extras include some really well presented and unseen concept artwork (with a great mural from E3), some cool trailers and a series of passionate talking heads that sum up why the game works; despite it's serious undertones, this hulking warmonger is built for fun.

Of course, playing the game pretty much tells you all that in itself. So, to summise, it's a great bit of product. Worth another £5? Undeniably. Worth another £10? Depends if you read 'Edge' or not. Worth another £15? Splash it on 'Rockstar Table Tennis' instead. And sorry it took a long time to get round to that. Epic must've spurred my 'Gears of Inspiration'. Arf.
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on 16 July 2007
The wife and I got this game on Thursday (along with the 360 console itself & a couple of other games). We completed it on Sunday. Not because it was too easy, far from it, we were addicted. As soon as we finished the game on the `casual' setting we began again on`hardcore'.

The graphics are superb, with hardly any drop in quality between the documentary style cut scenes and game play, very atmospheric, especially when played in the dark.

Ok, so it's basically a shooter, but the game play is excellent. You play the Cogs in these gears of war, fighting against the relentless forces of the Locust. I love running from cover to cover with bullets whistling passed my characters head trying to find the best vantage point to take down the Locusts. The team work aspect is also well realised, with both the players and NPC's laying down covering fire, flanking manoeuvres and rescuing fallen comrades. I imagine this got quite close to capturing the essence of ground warfare (well, as close as it can be for warfare on an alien planet). The tension feels real during the quieter moments, such as when the players are exploring a run down mansion, thanks again to those moody graphics and sound effects. You just don't know what is around that next corner- a squad of Locusts or one of those damn Beserkers.

There is also a very good `versus' mode where there are numerous scenarios to try out. So far though we have only tried going head to head in all out gun play. I found this a good place to practise using the chainsaw mounted on the front of the Lancer, much to my wife's annoyance.

All in all, a damn fine game. One of the best co-op game experiences I have had. A good introduction to the world of 360.
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on 22 January 2007
Gears of War is definitely one of my favourite games ever, and is certainly the best for the 360.

The basic formula is a third-person-shooter, with the camera anchored behind the character's right shoulder, making a sort of hybrid first/third person experience; you look where he's looking, but you can still see him. Action involves very realistic shooting, ducking in and out of cover, flanking and rescuing downed squad-mates. I've heard some people say that it's repetitive, but so is Space Invaders. Fun comes not from variety, but from the excitement of combat, and the sheer satisfaction of having to be skillful in your kills. On the harder difficulties, the old FPS tactic of running and gunning simply doesn't work. There are occasional diversions from the regular gameplay; sometimes you need to be stealthy to avoid the bigger enemies, once you are tasked with driving a vehicle. Some enemies require completely different tactics: retches are fast but easy to kill, so you won't bother with cover or aiming; boomers are slow and deadly, you'll want to deal with them before they get too close.

It doesn't hurt that this is one of the best looking games ever made, and playing on an HDTV is really something. The sound design is good too, the guns having a nice meaty quality, and the chainsaw...well, you'll deliberately put your character in danger just to use it.

The only major shortfall of Gears of War is that it is too short. Having said that, the repetitive nature of the gameplay means that playing it again on the harder difficulties doesn't feel like cheap recycling: you just want to kill some more locust. Plus, there's the fact that as the game gets harder, your tactics must get better.

As a side note, this special collector's pack isn't really worth the money. The book is okay, but the Extras DVD just has a stupid documentary hosted by annoying American children. Given the choice again, I'd go for the regular version.
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on 17 November 2006
I was a bit sceptical about this game, when the advertisements started showing up everywhere. The first thing i thought was that microsoft wanted to market a game the would be 'a PS3 beater' around the relese date of the PS3 (in america that is) and with halo not being ready, it seemed like they backed this game as the only alternative.

This game however, is not only a PS3 beater, its a Halo beater in its own right.

This Single player is Short, and can be completed on easy mode within a day the first time you play it, and the story, so far seems to be in line with most first person shooters (you need to collect this from here, but first you have to go here, and your gonna have to kill some monsters on the way) but these are my only critisisms of the game. From the design, to the graphics, and most importantly the way the game plays, it is flawless, and you can forgive the lack of story for the sheer fun you will be having from start to finish.

After playing the single player for a few hours, me and some friends tried out the multiplayer, and the biggest praise i could give it is that it is better and more fun than the single player mode (nothing is more satifying than chainsawing your best friend in two.) The multiplayer modes are all team based, and its a 4 vs4 small area and you play it out in rounds. You only have one life, but your team mates can revive you if the oppontent doesn't finish you off first.

This is an excellent game, and truly worth the money.... possibly the only 'next-Gen' game i can say that about to date.
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