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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 1 September 2013
Remember this game coming out but never got round to playing it. Abit repeative but a nice play, interesting storyline and complacated enough so its challenging :-D
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on 17 May 2008
i bought this game on a complete whim, and glad i did, sure its not as good as your normal 3rd person shooter, but it has a certain flare that is undeniable strong. the storyline is almost a side salad at burger king and does feel like its been pinned on just to fix the game together, and the enemies arent particulary hard, nor are the puzzles, so you may be seeing yourself cranking up the difficulty setting before too long.

it hasnt got the same professional finish to it that games like halo3 have and you do sense this game has almost been made on a budget, but it just proves that if you have a good concept good gameplay and good graphics then it'll probably work out ok in the end! but like i said, you may not like the appeal of switching between magic and guns, and the gameplay being as simple as breathing.... and the enemies tending to be a bit on the easy side, that said your health rengenerates making the game even easier. maybe a little too easy

so if your after a fun easy game to waste the odd hour here or there then consider this!
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on 17 April 2007
I have to start by saying forget anything you've heard about this game looking like a PS2 game. I have no idea what hallucinogenic drugs these people are taking, but they are bad, bad people who hold the PS2 in much higher regard than it deserves to be held, viewed through the mist of fanboyism.


Bullet Witch made me happy. The 360 is dominated by tactical shooters like Graw, Gears of War, Rainbow Six, and to an extent Halo, so it nearly made me cry tears of nostalgic joy to be given a big gun and told, quite simply, to execute everything that moves with no regard for reason or realism.

Along the lines of Crackdown, this is not a game grounded in creating a realistic world, it just wants to be cool. It fails and succeeds alternately for its 7-ish hours of gameplay, but for the most part this game is great.

The biggest downside is that the levels are set out in an infuriating half-way point between the standard restrictive third person on-rails design and some kind of almost-GTA level of freedom. Because of this, the game gives you maybe 3 or 4 paths through a level, only one of which will actually get you anywhere. This is bad. This is so bad I nearly gave up playing on the second level.

However, I couldn't switch my 360 off. The sheer scale of the buildings fascinated me, and the first fight with a Giga (a giant, quite like the Resident Evil 4 ones, only of a much more terrifying scale, and with godawful AI, another pitfall of Bullet Witch) was great. It was impossible for me to disengage with the game, I needed to go on, driven by an unknown force... The witchcraft deserves mention for being especially over the top, graphically and gameplay wise.

Graphically, I love this game. I see partially where the PS2 comparison comes from, there's an odd squareness to all the level design that makes it feel antiquated, but the draw distance, the horizon, and the scale of everything really sucked me in. And Alicia (the witch in question) has a delightful bum.

Which is largely what this game is about. A pretty lady with a big gun jumping around and killing huge - HUGE - enemies, and engaging in the destruction of buildings willy-nilly. It's utterly brainless, though it has excellent (comparatively with most Japanese conversions) voice acting, and a semi-decent story with gorgeous cutscenes.

You should at least rent this game, if for nothing else because it's almost unique on the 360, and because this sort of thing should be encouraged.
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on 29 April 2007
i bought this game without knowing anything about it and never having read any reviews. its an old stlye shoot em up in the third person ( mainly because the player charector is female and as with a certain miss croft you spend most of the game with her bum in front of you )

the grapics go from ok, to glitchy, and sometimes just plain bad. the gameplay goes from intense to "where is everyone"! sound is good but as usual with these japenese shooters voice over is awful. the gun is ok, but has been done before, and better too. the magic powers are ok but have been done before too and again better. the problem with both is that some of the spells and gun modes are almost useless and there isnt that many !!

all in all it is playable though and quite addictive as old style straight forward shooters were. nothing new but worth a go if you have a few hours to kill. not the best of the xbox bunch.
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on 27 March 2010
If you are feeling down and want to do some thing stupid try this game, i bet you wont be diappointed. At times it is funny but I really enjoyed it. Normally I play tactical shooters like Rainbow six but this game reminded me the old arcade style gaming but with a 3D twist.
Alicia looks are amazing, some time she is even better then Lara croft. This is the game with some genuinely new concepts like witch magic.
To summarise

Game Concept 9/10
Graphics 6/10
Lead Character 10/10
Game play 8/10
Fun 9/10
Enemies Difficulty 7/10

I really wish there is a sequel on its way with next gen graphics and a bit more organised enemies.
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on 4 August 2014
This game is the only game on any console thus far invented with high scale level destruction, it is quite a rare game in development standards. It was released in Japan on July 27, 2006 by AQ Interactive, followed by a release in North America on February 27, 2007. Atari Europe handled translations and other localization efforts. Downloadable content includes new costumes and new missions.

The player takes control of a witch named Alicia Claus in the near future of 2013. Mankind is on the brink of destruction, having suffered major natural disasters and an invasion of demons. The protagonist Alicia utilizes a gun rod that has transformations such as shotgun, machine gun, and Gatling gun. This weapon can also be used to cast spells.

The only flaw in the game for its time was there were these snipers scattered throughout the whole game, and when you see one a red line scans you if it catches you its instant kill and you have to load up where you left off, which is usually really far back. If I designed a game I would never have had that be instant kill, this frustrated players all across the globe who have played the game.

Despite the graphic shadow texture grainy issues, storyline flaws and game mechanics it was funny enough extremely satisfying when you killed an enemy or used an epic spell to decimate your foes, because of this itself I give it full 5 stars for making me want to play it over and over. Then years later I went back to the game because it has a distinctive addiction to want to level up skills and just kill more enemies, and use those epic spells. I also played because the main character Alicia has a cool voice that fits perfectly with her beautiful yet sexy character designing, epic camera angles which added to atmosphere of huge explosions.

A Game that's completely underestimated in its time, if only they gave it another chance for a sequel they could fix all the problems it has and add more depth in storyline and characters, larger levels, more save points, and things to do and collect) they could have had a real winner of a sequel.

The game has been out a long time now about 7-8 years, its about time the price drops to £10-12
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on 9 January 2016
Ok, I've been buying up tons of xbox360 games from amazon new & used.
I'd read a lot of reviews that trashed this game, and a few that said "give it a chance". So I did.

First thoughts were about how dated it looks. The graphic rendering is not the best I've ever seen on the Xbox, but not the worst either. It's passable.

The controller movements are a tad erratic at times, and could do with being smoother and more fluid.
Gameplay is ok, and actually kind of fun, once you suss out the spell casting etc and get used to the controller actions.
It's been fairly entertaining without being too taxing either, but will keep you thinking.

I see now, why people were saying give it a go... It's not bad, can be purchased for pennies in the new and used section of amazon, will pass a good few hrs gaming, and is a cheap yet fun addition to any xbox 360 library..
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on 13 January 2011
I loved this game,

Sure the graphics were awful, the ai basic and to combat system extremely simple.

But i enjoyed it! Going around a level, shooting at loads of things and seeing massive explosions!

The use of magic was quite fun too, it's as if the game sacrficed its graphics to have a chaotic physics engine.

The game has alot to do and completing Hell Mode is NO EASY FEAT.

Its a good game if your interested in Gamerscore too.

Overall i loved it,
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on 9 November 2012
If you like third person shooter games then you'll like this. Its about a witch who has a magical broom which can transform into different types of guns, you can also use magic in this game as well.
Its not like all other third person shooting games and it is a great game for the price.
The graphics are not the best but it is a fun game to play with a fairly decent lenght to it.
I recommend this game if you like third person shooter and a bit of magic.
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on 23 November 2011
I really enjoy this game. Sure is not a top notch with jaw dropping graphics, but loved the character (love heroines :D), it has nice music and atmosphire. I think games have reached a point in the graphics that they don't matter as they used too. Worth the money and it has nice extras via x-box live. Something tells me it will make a nice anime, movie or series.
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