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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 September 2006
recently bands in the post hardcore, screamo, emo genre's have released cd's that have been very disapointing. they feel the need to change and evolve but end up completely messing it up. however, saosin's full lenght is definately one of the exceptions to the rule. this album still holds the great sounds of saosin that early fans have fallen in love with.

fast paced guitar riffs over clever drumming and amazing vocals merge together ready to please anybody who dares listen. this album is sure to launch saosin into ipods everywhere as they become one of the biggest names of their genre in 2006/2007.

in a word... amazing

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on 28 September 2006
Say-Oh-Sin. Say it with me now: Say-Oh-Sin, because you're going to be hearing a lot more from these guys over in the next few months. Of course, if you've been on the scene at anytime in the past year or so, you have already heard a lot. The hype coming into their debut on major label, Capitol, was ridiculous to say the least. To me, it seemed undeserved. I was not getting that "next big thing" vibe from the EPs. In fact, I was bored with them. I was not buying into the hype, and was a little wary when I got this assignment because I was not expecting to like this record very much, but the boys of Saosin surprised me.

Instead of the mid-tempo, depressive post-hardcore I had written them off as playing, I was assaulted with quick pulsating songs playing to their singer's strength of being able to ascend above the music, and the technical proficiency of the band. The song "Sleepers," which probably my favorite track on the album, rushes right in with a pounding intro, complimented with a jittery, fast first verse that is complimented with a soaring, catchy chorus. The guitars work in tandem with Cove's voice to make the song compelling and edgy It continues on with the brilliantly paced "It's So Simple," "Voices," and "Finding Home." Everything that Saosin does right is contained within the first five tracks of the disc. They are catchy, dark, melodic, well-produced, and well paced. The beginning of the cd does well to set a melancholy tone that doesn't end until you hit the stop button. While listening you don't feel like you're listening to any other band, you feel like you're listening to Saosin.

However, the band was unable to keep up the momentum for the last five tracks. The end of the album is a clutter of mid-tempo, overly emotive songs that don't fit in with the aggressive and exciting first half. They aren't bad songs, but they do little to elevate the album. It leaves you coming out of it wishing that you could hear the first half again, but not wanting to hear the album as a whole anymore. When Saosin try to slow things down, the things that make them a solid band get lost along the way. You don't hear the bite of Cove's voice as it reaches its top pitch, or the rip and tear as the guitars play off of each other. The slower stuff seems to just mash all of the sounds together into a bland paste, where you aren't completely dissatisfied but you kind of want to skip to the next song.

So, does the album live up to the hype? No. The cd doesn't change the face of post-hardcore, it just does it really well. Saosin are definitely a band to watch because they are very talented, but on the debut there just isn't enough there to warrant calling them the heroes of the genre yet. Should you go listen to this cd? Absolutely. The first six tracks justify giving the disc a listen, because while it isn't groundbreaking it is a very good debut album
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on 26 April 2012
This album is amazing, the vocalist (Cove Reber) brings Saosin to new heights, the band members all play an amazing part, the guitarists and the drummer are all fantastic, and you can feel the passion they have for the music just by listening to it.

There are not a lot of bands like Saosin, such a refreshing album apart from all these 'screamo' bands, just because you don't have a vocalist who screams, doesn't make it any less of a rock album.

Of course, this album isn't everyones cup of tea, It's quite heavy in terms of the melodies, but for those who like bands such as Pendulum, Five finger death punch, circa survive etc you are in for a treat.

Amazing album, for me personally, Cove Reber's vocals are outstanding, its a dying shame that he was forced to leave the band.
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on 23 November 2006
I'd previously dismissed these as a crummy emo-by-numbers type band...

...Man, was i shocked when i listened to this! I was hooked as soon as the opener "It's far Better To Learn" kicked in with its powerful sounding guitar tones and gorgeous vocal harmonies...These guys seriously know what they're doing.

Even guitarists will be impressed, they don't half know how to come up with a decent riff!

They manage to keep it up for the whole album aswell, proving themselves to be a league above the rest of the young bands out there at the moment. They demonstrate that they're awesome at writing fast catchy "fists in the air" type songs aswell as soft, hearfelt emotional rock songs that are a little more mellow.

If you have previously ignored this band, I thouroughly recommend that you give them another chance with this, it should appeal to fans of music in the same vein as Thrice and other such bands :)
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on 5 January 2007
when i bought this album, i really didnt know what to expect (seeing as I only bought it after hearing one song!) but i am pleased to say that this is genuinley one of the best albums i have ever heard, and its their debut!i can only imagine how great saosin are going to be in years to come as this album is truly inspirational.This has now been added to my list of around 7 albums that i can listen to every song on without getting bored or skipping.

Best Songs:Youre not alone,its far better to learn,sleepers,its so simple,voices.(all of them infact!)

If anyone is a fan of taking back sunday, senses fail or any decent post hardcore bands then youre sure to effing love this album.its well worth shelling out a fiver for something that will never be out of your cd player.

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on 23 October 2006
pop this in your cd player and say the word "wow" very loudly.

after two good EPs, the full length is here.

from the opening drum-rolls of first track "it's far better to learn" to the final piano (yes, piano) chord of final track "some sense of security", saosin don't hold back in producing a superb album of melodic post-hardcore.

every track has something to love.

make sure this is part of your collection.
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on 2 April 2007
Hearing the single voices and reading several comparisons from reviewers to the likes of thrice and alexisonfire I was interested to say the least, however the cd has left me disappointed. For me the vocals just don't do it, they sound far too poppy and this detracts from the songs. I constantly feel like I'm listening to thursday or taking back sunday, with a few riffs thrown into the mix.

The songs are nothing new, the cd has its moments but there is absolutely nothing that differentiates this from others.

I wouldn't have wrote this review, but seeing these comparisons just amazes me as I'm a fan of both thrice and alexisonfire. Theres no doubt that this band will make it onto mtv as they already have the big producers backing them and the whiny pop sucky vocals to back it up with, but they'll most likely fade away as with the other pop/rock bands. Overall this cd lacks emotion, everything feels as if it were manufactured for rebellious 14 year olds, A below average effort.

Onto ebay this one goes...

However Emo fans will love it and those who are just hard of hearing.
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on 6 August 2007
Dont be put off by the fool who gave this a 2/5 review ( why oh why is that review at the top currently ?)

This album is in 2 words, completely amazing. For a band who were hyped so much after their EP's... then lose their singer and go into a bit of a blank spree, they've unleashed something near perfection for their genre.

Alot of people argue over, Anthony Green being better than Cover Reber. They're not right or wrong, but Cove is very... VERY worthy and capable. His tone throughout the album almost replicates Greens' but at times excels it as it has far more maturity and diversity.

Theres no real bad song on the album, even the re-done version of Bury Your Head is great. If there is one flaw it's that theres just a bit too much of the same throughout.. but that is quite unavoidable to some extents in this genre, but even then the slow and moving "Youre Not Alone" is fantastic.

Buy this CD, forget the doubters, forget the mainstream people, this band WILL BE HUGE. Whether they like it or not.
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on 28 December 2006
Saosin's first EP blew me away, and was solely responsible for opening my ears to 'Emo' as a genre. Their second set of songs, minus I think the brilliant vocalist from the first, in contrast left me a bit cold. And now we (finally!) have a full length album. On first listen I was reminded pretty strongly of Funeral for a Friend, which is a good thing, but something also keeps saying 'Angels and Airwaves', who are a great band in their own right but... the phrase "watered down" springs to mind.

Overall, a great album, and a must have for any fans of Alexisonfire, FFaF et al, or even My Chemical Romance. But I'm still waiting for the next Translating the Name, and this isn't it.
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on 15 May 2014
Love this band and have seen them live (great energy!) Was delighted to pick the CD up ridiculously cheaply and it arrived quickly and in good condition.
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