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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 21 January 2007
WOW. Pure genious at work again... as with the review below I have also heard a few tracks but with what I have heard; I will be definately getting this album and I recommend you do too otherwise you'll be missing a classic album.

Damon Albarn on top form *once again*
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on 8 January 2007
This album was previewed live on BBC2 electric proms last night, and it sounds like it will be amazing.

The argument over who is better between albarn and oasis is a silly one, they are not really comparable. Even when Blur where in existence the two should not have been compared. Both were brilliant bands. Oasis are one of Britain's best ever bands, and you only need to look at the tracklisting of their best of to realise this. They do what they do brilliantly.

Albarn is an experimentor and an innovator. Ever since he left blur he has been trying different things, and that is equally impressive. This new album will be no different.
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on 11 February 2016
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on 6 September 2015
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on 16 April 2015
Love it
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on 25 January 2007
All I have to say to you is Damon Albarn. An absolute genius as far as songwriting goes, and once again he's turned out another stunner. I've no doubt this'll be No.1 at the weekend due it's quirky style that Albarn is now famous for.
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on 1 March 2016
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As if it were nothing more than another management-tasked, business-speak product designed to extract money from citizens?

So say hello to The Good The Bad & The Queen, Damon's fourth release in four years, and his fourth different artist title in a row. You had Blur in 2003, Damon Albarn in 2004, Gorillaz in 2005, and now The Good, The Bad & The Queen in 2007. Can't he just be.. himself? Why hide behind all the aliases? The different titles and the alternate nomdeplumes? Does Damon not know who he is anymore?

And is it any good?

Well, it thinks it's better than it is. As an album, "The Good, The Bad And The Queen" continues the trend Albarn has followed since the turn of the decade, musically and lyrically simplistic, efficient, clipped, minimal. Whatever phrase you want to use, but it lacks, as all the recent work has, the shot-in-the-heart honesty of "13". In many respects, it's as if Albarn took a step back from creating anything personal, hiding behind an artifice of abstract concepts.

It's still a vast improvement upon the constructed artifice of "Demon Days", but it's still the work of a man in an artistic vacuum. In some ways, "The Good The Bad & The Queen" is a great commuting record - designed to somehow soothe exhausted office workers on a crowded train journey home after yet another long day chained to a desk. The half-committed, lazy melodies, the fragmentary vocals, and the broken rhythms that barely catch pace or travel faster than a heartbeat are empty lullabies. Lyrically the album is, as indicated, shallow and simplistic, but also evocative of London. Estuaries fade into the language of a suburban, old city.

In "Herculean", Albarn may have written his best song of the decade, but it's hard to tell : the delivery is non-commital, the music oddly passionless. By the albums end, the overall feeling is one of a detached, unexcited, even bored journey home. Outside a featureless plain passes, the commuter sits in a seat and tries to capture sleep in the dead time., and language falls apart in meaningless couplets (in the title track) such as "the kids are never going to tired, coz everything has ever so slightly come". What does it mean?

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Nothing. For Albarn words are merely verbalised sounds, and he has jettisoned the power of language to communicate. For all the sense this album makes he could be singing in Hopelandic. At least he isn't pretending to be four 16 year old Japanese Schoolchildren called Noodles, and affording his collaborators a long overdue equal billing. Whilst a vast improvement upon the packaged and pointless artifice of the Gorillaz 'project', "The Good, The Bad and The Queen" isn't a bad album by any interpretation : just an interesting, shallow and imperfect shrug of a record.
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on 18 December 2006
Well Damon has done it again. I have only heard 4 tracks from this album but on the weight of them alone there is no doubt that it will be one of the best of 2007. The music is not an instant fix but is the type of music that creeps up on you in the way that only truly great music does. And as much as I love Oasis it just yet again reinforces that Damon Albarn has more talent in the gap in his mouth than either of the Gallaghers have in their feather cuts. And yet they still try to 'pick fights' with other artists and still ramble on about the britpop 'war' of 11 years ago.

I wonder what Damon will do next?
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on 9 February 2007
it would be a lie to say that I had been awaiting the release of this album, it would also not be true to say that I was a big fan of damon albarn in all his guises. the positive point of this is that my own personal opinion is not formed from being fed loads of hype about this latest venture and ending up dissapointed, instead it is just a reaction to listening to it a few times. In short its a bit boring, well produced but boring, not one track stands out as being above the rest or being memorable. I am sure that lots of people will really like it, though I am not one of them.
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