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on 8 October 2017
The Richard Donner cut of Superman I I is extraordinary and out of this world. The Richard Lester version originally released in the cinemas was good but on viewing both versions the Donner version just has that magic touch.
The footage of new scenes including Marlon Brando adds more clarity to the relationship portrayed between Superman and his father Jor-El.
Terence Stamp brilliantly steals the show as the evil, psychotic, megalomaniac General Zod excellently supported by Sarah Douglas as the sadistic Ursa and Jack O.'Halloran as deadly mute Non. The evil trio are eager to avenge Superman, the son of Jor-El who banished them from the planet Krypton into a life of exile in the Phantom Zone.
Christopher Reeve and Marget Kidder make an awesome couple teaming up once again as Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane their relationship deepening and developing further. Gene Hackman is superb as the scheming arch villain Lex Luther.
Superman II is one of my favourite films from the Christopher Reeve Superman films and an unforgettable classic. Hail Richard Donner for his visionary masterpiece of Superman I I.
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on 13 June 2014
Disc 1 is the film that was released to cinemas and home entertainment. It has been remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 The disc also contains commentaries by producers Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler along with deleted scene and theatrical trailer.

Disc 2 is packed with extras - the making of Superman 2 and Superman 50th anniversary; a featurette about the Fleischer Superman Series and eight episodes from the 1940s Superman cartoon series.

The third disc is the Richard Donner cut. Richard Donner was the original director of Superman 2 but he was replaced by Richard Lester and it is this version that was released to cinemas and home entertainment - until now. Warner Brothers have assembled most, if not all the scenes filmed by Richard Donner and released his version of the film. However, he shot only about seventy percent of the film before he was replaced and so the film in parts is a bit clunky and with key bits missing but all credit to WB for going the extra mile and giving the fans a chance to see a film that would otherwise remain langushing in a vault somewhere, or worse still, being lost forever. The disc also contains an introduction and commentary by Richard Donner along with a featurette about restoring the film and deleted scenes. I think that this is a worthy addition for any Superman fan.
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on 23 April 2009
If you love Superman II you'll love this!

The original version was directed by Richard Lester and a superb film it was too. BUT a little known fact; Is that the original director was replaced.

Richard Donner who directed Superman also started work on the sequel. But was replaced for a number of reasons, by Lester.
'Most' of the footage that Donner shot, was discarded by Lester and re-shot!

NOW Richard Donner's version is here.
All the footage that Donner shot was stored carefully as unedited film, is put together to present the film as originally concieved by Donner.

To tell a complete tale though, Donner cleverly uses different 'takes' of footage he originally shot for scenes that Lester later used.

This gives a feeling of familiarity, whilst re-telling a story of a slightly different Superman. At the same time, still delighting the afficionados of detailed movie making, who can tell the differences between the two versions.
Included though is the original Superman II from Lester, so you can really see the differences.

The Donner version is not for everyone though, It is a little rough in places, and some shots were lifted from the 1st Superman movie. But it is complete, coherant and a lot of fun to watch.

If you are a Richard Donner fan, or a massive Superman fan you will enjoy it the most!

NOW THE BEST PART...Christopher Reeve! Was, Is, and always WILL be the man of steel for us!
There is footage here, lots of it, of Reeve as Superman, that you have never seen before. An absolute delight. It's like Christopher Reeve lived again to do this version. A dream many fans may share. Keeping the memory of Reeve alive even brighter than before.

A real collectors item!
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on 5 April 2016
When I realised General Zod is Chancellor Vallorum from Star Wars Episode I, I was hooked. With its glitzy super-villain Kryptonians, a super-powered, super-eye-shadowed villain who likes collecting buttons, and a crimson disco party in the Fortress of Solitude, this is by far the campest of the Superman films, and for this reason I rate it better than the rest. Just ignore the part where Superman decides to become human for all of 12 minutes. Way to think things through, Clark.
Also, the power to remove someone’s memory with a kiss is rather disturbing.
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VINE VOICEon 1 June 2008
Okay here's how it works: Richard Donner and the producers of the Superman films fell out. As a result, Donner did not complete Superman 2 and in order for the producers to be able to claim that Donner was not the director, Richard Lester had to film a certain amount of scenes, which meant that some of Donner's footage was thrown out. Years later, people reassemble Donner's footage and based on his notes try to put together the film he would have made.

Now, I am a huge fan of Superman 2, the story of Superman's conflict with the Kryptonian criminals and Lois Lane's discovery of Superman's dual identity. The first film you get is the one that you've watched on Bank Holidays. It is a lot of fun, very knockabout and irreverent, but it has a couple of plot holes and it has the Kryptonians displaying powers that seem a little off. I still love it though. Then you get the Donner version. This is not quite the film Donner would have made because it wasn't finished but it gives you a good idea of it. And it is still highly enjoyable. It removes the plot holes (such as how Superman gets his powers back), makes Lois more intelligent and has the wonderful scene between Clark and Jor-El. That's a great scene. It's much the same story, but staged differently.

So which film is better? I dunno. I like them both. There are scenes in Lester's film, like the Eiffel Tower bit or the bit where Clark burns his hand, that I love. Similarly there are bits in Donner's film that I love too. However, there are also bits in both films that could be improved on. In fact, if there was a way to edit together your own version of the film, that would be perfect. Simply the fact that we get more of Chris Reeve playing the definitive Superman is enough for me.

But you get so much more with this set. There are some TV specials, one of which is Superman's 50th anniversary - a tongue in cheek show set in Metropolis presented by Dana Carvey (Garth of Wayne's World). It's silly but fun. Much better is the inclusion of Fleischer Studios' Superman cartoons. They're very 40s in their styling but the animation is fantastic. Such care is taken. And the writing! Such adventures!

You're getting a lot of stuff here, it's a fantastic collection.
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on 6 June 2018
My wife got this out of nostalgia and it was soooo bad it was almost good. But not quite. The camp bad guys, the snails pace flying scenes, the cheesy dialogue. And where did the baddies go at the end? Has superman got 3 corpses lying around in his ice house now?
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on 15 May 2017
I hadn't seen this in some years - brought back a few memories! It also inspired me to do a ten mile stint on my exercise bike whist viewing! Nothing like a bit of Superman to inspire some serious excersise!
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on 15 July 2015
Watched with my daughter 8 yrs, we both loved it for Reeve's buffoonary as Clark Kent- can't be beaten. Obviously the special effects are dated - but just use your imagination and go with it.
Zod-"Kneel before Zod"
President - "oh God"
Zod (rolls eyes)- "Zod!"
Still makes me laugh 35 yrs on!
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on 29 March 2016
A favorite of my youth . Stands up to modern films well, with all the CGI these days, seeing real cars flying around makes a change, and you can tell.
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on 22 May 2017
great follow up film
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