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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2006
Lamb of God have continued the upward trajectory plotted by their previous two albums and unleashed a possible genre classic. Ashes of the Wake has been highly acclaimed and rightly so, but this is better. Trust Me.
There are several areas of improvement, the most obvious being Randy Blythe's vocals. Still somewhere in between a traditional death grunt and the more currently popular higher pitched metalcore scream, there is now an element of melody in places that really suits the music. Aggression is still very much the order of the day however, this is a dark and powerful album and nothing reflects this more than the excellent vocal performance.
Musically, Sacrament is a lot faster than the last two records, and definitely more atmospheric. The fact they've managed to combine a sledgehammer heaviness with such layers of atmospheric darkness really makes the music standout. I was hooked after a couple of listens but there's so much going on that parts you haven't noticed will still be making appearances after 20 or even 30 listens.
The main reason for this of course is the guitar partnership of Mark Morton and Willie Adler. Not only do they seem to be limitless riff machines but their level of technical prowess is awesome. There is some truly mouth watering shredding on offer but it never becomes a self indulgent vanity session, LOG are far too astute for that. Instead, everything is kept within the boundaries of the songs and it's a winning formula because while it challenges you, it never confuses you.
Governing the whole package is the incomparable Chris Adler who for me, now sits atop the throne vacated by Dave Lombardo. He'll keep it simple when necessary, then hit you with an avalanche of superhuman skills that set him far apart from almost all his peers. John Campbell does a great job on Bass aping the blueprints left him by Morton and Adler. Overall these five work exceptionally well together and more often than not its like listening to a darker version of Pantera when they were at their absolute peak.
Track wise, they really are all good. If I'm pushed to name a favourite it would probably be the terrifyingly haunting 'Descending' but the standard throughout is so high, I'm sure everyone will have a different opinion. The band seem to like playing first half of the album tracks live but i think the 2nd half is much better.
The DVD is also of high quality and is great to watch. It's fascinating to watch musicians of this standard writing, rehearsing and generally hanging out. A real eye opener for musically challenged fans such as myself to see how ideas become reality.
All in all, I believe this to be the album of the year so far and I find it hard to imagine it'll be beaten. I also believe a few years down the line it will be hailed as one of the best metal / thrash albums of all time. This is classic stuff!
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on 29 August 2006
If you like 'Ashes of the Wake' or 'As the Palaces Burn' you'll love this... There are bound to be some people claiming that Lamb of God have sold out etc blah blah blah... but this is definately not the case. They have taken their unique sound a step further by adding some extra dynamics to the vocals which works excellently. LOG have also managed to experiment with their riffs. They've added a slighty more soulful sound to this album but have by no means compromised on their brutality, tightness or unique approach to song structure, they have even added a few solos in there to.

I've owned this album for litle over 1 week and I just can't stop listening to it. This is definatley the best album I have heard this year, buy this album. Listening to this album just makes me excited about seeing them on the Unholy Alliance tour later this year... (and also very thankful that nu-metal has died it's long overdue death!!!)
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on 4 September 2006
Sacrament is by far lamb of gods best album, they take their whole sound and style further then ever before. The guitar playing on this album is as expected excellent, Mark Morton and Willie Adler have to be two of metals best guitarists at the moment, always writing challenging riffs without going over the top into technical soulessness, they have also added a lot more guitar leads which is very welcome. Not to be outdone Chris Adler's drumming is even better than on previous albums and thats saying something. Lastly Randy Blythe has outdone himself on the vocals, without drastically changing the style he's gone from just death growl's to adding phil anselemo type growling, it's almost a sung note, but not quite. also the songs are far more catchy than before with a few more sing-a-long parts than on ashes of the wake.

If you like your Metal heavy buy this album
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on 13 August 2007
Lamb of god have already had a lot of Pantera comparisons, I feel more for there punishing guitar and genuine inventiveness rather than an exact musical similarity, but the two things they do have in common (so far) is that they don't disappoint and they always let you know its them. I love this album it has everything I like about LoG; the insane guitar with one riff piled on top of another the growled lyrics with the unique standout moments the high clarity, intensely condensed drumming, its all great stuff. In short if you are a fan of any modern metal band (but especially the hardcore variety) its impossible to see how you can not like this album.

However I still prefer Ashes of the Wake and have to say this album doesn't sound as catchy or as memorable (inventive maybe but not catchy) I feel this is proven by the way that the first half of the album is loaded with what I would say are the better tracks, possibly it comes from having to produce lots of tracks specifically for the album as opposed to bringing tracks to the album.

In any case its fantastic stuff and some of the best metal you could buy this year. The DVD with the special edition is amongst the best I have seen, more often than not these are a `mad fan' only affair and rarely worth it but this is top quality, giving you a great insight into a great metal band, so well worth the extra money.
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on 17 September 2006
First of all let me say that Lamb of God have been one of my favourite bands for a long time now for a couple of reasons 1)The drumming is absolutely incredible 2) The Riffs oh lord the riffs!!, and this album is no exception. Yes thay have changed slightly in that the guitar lines are more melodic in places (just listen to the intro)but they have retained that brutal element that so many bands lose when they attempt this.

They have also added some more absolutely terrific lead work which was hinted at(in places) on "As the palaces burn" but now comes to the foreground. Many poeple will claim as another reviewer has that this band has sold out? and all I can say is that if you like good "Metal" and not "Hardcore" then this is definitely for you. It is certainly not commercial in any sense of the word (just listen to the lyrics in Redneck!) and it beats the Hell out of other so-called "Metal" acts like BFMV and Trivium.

In summation an album for all Good Metal Fans out there and by the way they are one of THE best live acts I have ever seen
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on 26 September 2006
This album didnt strike me at first i must admit. But then again so many other albums dont hit u straight off, they grow on you. And Jesus did this album grow on me. Its brutal and melodic with a religious atmosphere. Red Neck is the new Now Youve Got Something To Die For, ive listened to it so many times now its worn off a little because its a very straight to the point having it !!" kind of song. All the rest have so many layers and different complex riffs and grooves that take this pi*s out of other "metal" bands, what can i say, this album is unreal. If you are a drummer or guitar player this is a wet dream of an album.

Best tracks are:
Walk with me in hell
Blacken the cursed sun
Again we rise

If your going to do a album that shows progression but still keep the sound that is the heart of the band this is it.

I cant wait for the next LOG album.
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on 8 October 2006
This disc is a masterpiece, forget all of those run of the mill metal bands claiming to be the next big thing, this band kick serious ***[...]! I got the censored version, but to be fair its not too noticable. The songs are crafted with precision and great technical ability. You know how it usually takes a while to digest an album? I was hooked on this on the 2nd spin. Again We Rise features an awsome vocal harmony among the crushing guitar and pounding drums....i can't be bothered to talk about each track as each one is brilliant. Highly recommend (i prefer this to Mastodons Blood Mountain)
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on 14 September 2006
However if you end up with a censored version its the most annoying thing on the planet!! I bought it on Amazon and so I recommend buying it where its not censored.

Do not let this put you off just try find an uncensored version! As the songs themselves are great.
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on 24 November 2006
If a metalhead from the 80's or 90's had been frozen back then and been unfrozen into nowadays and then asked how metal sounded had changed since their time this is the alubm you would use to show them. From start to finish this album is just jaw dropping! The riffs are just relentless and the guitar solos are just astonishing - but what makes this albumb really stand out is Randy Blythe's vocals. His growl has to be heard to be believed, and is a serious change and improvement on the current popular low pitched metalcore scream.

This album does not miss a beat and it's fair to say that Lamb Of God are destined to be the future of metal.

It's albums like this that make you realise that bands such as Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine just aren't as good as they're made out to be.

The timeline of metal: Black Sabbath - Iron Maiden - Metallica - Pantera - and now LAMB OF GOD!!!!
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on 19 January 2007
lamb of gods fourth album under that name is easily their best,fast,groove ridden,vicious,jam packed with melody and intent,this has it all.Of course their previous efforts would tick all of those boxes as well but somehow the songwriting has improved and the sharpness of the unit is now untouchable.

Album opener 'walk with me in hell' is truly immaculate,fierce and catchy,randys spits his words with a rage you cant hide from,when he says 'take hold of my hand,for you are no longer alone,walk with me in hell' you know he means it,' again we rise' follows and is fast and infectious,the stomping 'redneck' follows and you will be headbanging and having a wee sing song with that classic.Throughout the album it starts to dawn on you that there is no filler here,none whatsoever,songs like the brilliant'descending' and 'blacken the cursed sun' are flawless,this is the sound of a band in top form and they know it,the drumming is excellent and the guitars are right up there with the best.

The road has been long for these guys but the rewards are near,this is metal,simple as that and while trivium underachieved with the crusade this is the stuff of your happiest dreams.
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