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Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 November 2006
There are a few good things about this dvd. First of all, it has beatiful sound and it's a pleasure to really be able to feel that you are at the concert when listening to it.

Another positive thing is, that it's the first time songs such as I'll follow the sun, For no one, I will, and a few others are recorded on a live dvd with Macca. These songs sounds great, and it's nice to hear them performed by the man himself!

However, and that's a MAJOR however, there are a lot of negatives about this dvd.

First of all, the whole music thing is shadowed by the fact that this is called a documentary!! But what is the documentary? Well, all there is, are people talking inbetween(an most annoying during) songs about how great Macca is, and how much he means to them. I love this mans music and I do agree that he is a genius, but I want his music, not a dvd with people telling me stuff I know(that he is a genius).

For instance, Hey Jude is ruined by the fact, that in order to see it(or that is the last minute of it) you have to see a portrait of an American McCartney-possesed family. Why???

Oh yeah, and with the songs!! I know McCartney send out a dvd only 3 years ago with a lot of the major songs, but now with a lot better sound, and knowing that he did in fact play them on this tour, songs such as Jet, Long & Winding road, Blackbird, Band on the run, Back in the U.S.S.R., Let it be(apart form about 30 seconds) and Live & let die is sadly missing from this dvd.
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on 15 November 2006
If you've already got the last two Paul McCartney "concert films" (Back In The US and Red Square) then there is really nothing different here. Obviously Paul is a great performer, great songwriter and his fans all adore him...we all know this by now. I just wish that Paul would let the music do the talking these days and present a more straight ahead representation of the gigs. Instead the songs are again broken up by excessive crowd reaction shots and interviews. It is quite disorientating to watch with the many cutaways and not in a good way. I would have thought that having released 3 concert DVDs in the past 3 years that he would try a different approach this time. There is enough capacity on DVDs to present a straight concert and have the documentary aspects as extras. You could also have alternate camera angles, commentaries etc. But again we get the same kind of deal as before. I would sooner watch a bootleg DVD shot from the crowd as it has more of a raw live feel than what is on 'The Space Between Us'. I'm sure the 5.1 sound mix will sound great, but I have no means to play that yet.

I'm a big fan of Paul and hate to moan but I really think that an opportunity to change things up was missed here.

Instead of this it would have been nice to have an official DVD collection of Paul's promo videos in time for Christmas
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on 12 December 2006
Firstly i LOVE Macca...but this is appalling. It looks like it was edited by Barney the dinosaur.Its full of Fat middle aged americans..Goofy teens with braces..three generation families creating artwork!! cmon. I wanna see Macca preform his songs not Bill clinton waffling about how amazing a person Paul is. I mean Pauls kinda blowing his Trumpet Big Time..(sorry Paul). The yanks will love this...we wont.
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on 11 June 2007
As the other reviewers have said there are some great renditions of songs here like I Will and Follow the Sun but unforunately songs like Hey Jude and Let It Be (which appear on the menu) are pretty much cut to pieces with talking, interviews on his genius (which we all know he is) and some footage of an american family. This could have been an excellent DVD, but Paul's eagerness to please took over. He seems to want to come across as the really nice guy without the rock star ego - which he is and we all know that - Just let the music do the talking Paul! The concert footage that appears does look and sound spectacular though so it is worthy of 3 1/2 stars. bottom line - cutting chucks off hey jude means i cant give it a 4 or 5 as i was really looking forward to it.
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on 26 October 2007
I bought this and paid quite a bit for it at the time, it was an impulse buy but boy did I waste my money, I am a big fan of Macca, I have alot of his dvds and Cds, but I advise you to save your money on this one there is little concert footage most of it has people talking about Macca and random people peasing him etc etc, I mean fair enough the man is a legend but we who already respect him do not want to see ourselves up there making comments and spoiling the music, we want to see the perfomances, so in other words save your money, buy 'Paul is live-in new world tour' that is far superior, it is all the perfomances no speaking, commenting half bits of songs thensome dude speaking about him. Just save your money and wait till Macca releases some better concerts like 'Wings-Rockshow'.
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on 12 September 2008
Bought this dvd last week in the hope that this would be finally a dvd with the concert I saw and without any intervieuws or non-concert filming...yeah right. This dvd will next week be in the garbage-area.
Total crap, again people uplifting Paul as a god,intervieuws, images for which I don't care fore. In general -have I said this before - crap,crap crap. Oh ...ok...the sound is 1 star for that effort.
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on 7 January 2016
This should be renamed The Bumlicking Between Us, because it's basically just a massive ego binge for Macca. It's a shame, because the music is exceptional. And ultimately when you buy a McCartney concert DVD that's what you're shelling your money out for. Instead we get a concert that is constantly broken up by soundbites from fans, some obscure and some famous like Bill Clinton. The songs and flow of the concert are also broken up by meaningless clips of the crew, travel shots, backstage banter etc... all of which completely take you out of the moment and ruin the flow.

The concert shots themselves are also ruined by the Director's moronic decision to include as many shots of the audience as possible. They appear on average every 3 seconds throughout, which is utterly ridiculous. No offence but I have no interest in seeing close ups of the great unwashed littering classics like Eleanor Rigby or Get Back. They're mostly embarrassing or hugely annoying, and after you've watched the 12th cute kid in a row grooving to Beatles classics it stops being cute. Not to mention the ammount of blubbing going on and fat, bald middle aged men rocking out when they should know better. Dad Dancing is never going to be hip. The most nauseating clip of all is scenes of an American family in their home gushing about their Macca obsession while they do the washing up and stand around looking American. I mean seriously, outside of their family who gives a flying fek? I certainly don't. Get off my tv screen, I want to see McCartney.

The 3 stars are reserved for the excellent music and some classics we rarely see live, Please Please Me, Til There Was You and I'll Get You the pick of the bunch. Avoid unless you're a completist.
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on 17 April 2007
I'm a huge fan of Paul and I've got the last two Paul's concert films (Back in the US and Red Square) which are great. Now I've got "The Space Within Us". It's different because there are some songs that never appeared on DVD before. Like "Till there was you", "I'll follow the sun", "I will", "I'll get you" and "Please please me", just to name a few. Besides,it is interesting to see Paul performing these Beatles songs on stage. Paul is a great man, a great performer and a great songwriter that no one can deny. He is truely a legend.
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on 29 September 2007
we only want to see Paul playing music live in concert, this is not the case, you only find people talking, image of fans, trucks, etc. all in a mess of zooms, zooms and more zooms of the images... in the end you only get a big stress in your eyes, believe me

if you want to see Paul playing beautifull music forget this dvd, and go for the Madrid concert film by mpl for tv
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on 23 November 2009
This was my favouite Macca setlist and tour to date,the songs he performed were rare gems like, I will,Jenny wren,I'll follow the sun,Please please me ,and many more.If only they'd have let the music do the talking it would have gotten an easy 5 stars from me.But as with previous releases from the ex beatle its completely ruined by pointless chat and interviews in between the actual show.I find myself constantly skipping over all the rubbish that should have been in the bonus features to get back to the concert.Hopefully one day someone will take this release back into the studio and release it again as a propper uninterupted concert dvd,the music deserves it because its great.
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