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on 25 March 2013
This was very disappointing. I have a massive collection of music from this era including a lot of MOS collections but this however, was one of there worst. The compilation is full of re-mixes that do it no justice and it is definately one of those albums that you would probably only listen to once. Depending on your personal preferences, it not for the old school enthusiast who loves that classic tune, despite the title.
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on 9 January 2016
Very good album.
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on 25 July 2016
I was really surprised by how good this CD wa
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on 1 February 2009
Anyone who's read some of my previous reviews on MoS will have noticed I'm not overly enamored with the label's offerings over the past couple of years. However, this is something different - something special. What seems odd to me is that it's slipped under most people's radar but if more dance fans knew about it, I have no doubt it would be a big seller.
This is a very high quality collection of the finest club tracks from Ministry of Sound's nightclub from the past 15 years. Mixed by 3 of the most infamous DJ's from Ministry's past: CJ Mackintosh, Jazzy M & Mark Hughes.
An album mixed by real DJ's represents such an immediate difference in quality over computer-mixed efforts like all the Annual series from the past 6 or 7 years. Despite the statement of another reviewer, this is not nearly as commercial as what MoS is now. These are tracks that were actually played in MoS' own club, rather than the chart-toppers which are hashed on to a cheaply made album these days.
The mixing throughout all 3 cd's really is a revelation. Characterful, masterful and above all Real. You will not find a better Ministry of Sound compilation album than until you go back as far as the first 3 Annual's.
Couldn't recommend it more highly.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 24 January 2008
I'm going to be brief with this review - I think i've ranted too much over the past few months with MoS albums!

Basically, I bought this album after listening to it at my friends house. I had completely forgotten about it being released, as I had previously dismissed it for being just 'another' album. However, after seeing it was mixed by the old legends themselves, I decided to give it a go.

I can say now that this is probably the best MoS album in years, which is saying alot listening to the other rubbish they release - all with 'new' material. As a DJ myself, it was great to see that The Annual 2008 is a much better effort, but what's missing? The quality of mixing, present on this album.

CJ Mac, Jazzy M and Marc Hughes all combine to put together this lovely album. For those who don't know, Ministry was first opened in 1991, and 3 of its most famous DJ's, listed above, mixed this album. The song selection perfectly reflects a move through time that was, fun house music! From a nice mix of Moving On Up to the consistent piano and hard percussion sounds of It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day, the first CD will be enough on first hearing to render this money well spent. The mixing is well structured and reflects how difficult it was in the early 90's, when songs had more variety in sounds, so top marks to CJ the great beat-matching! Some songs are cuts, some are full edits, but all are fantastic party anthems.

The second and third CD follow in the exact same vein, unsurprisingly! You'll also notice by now the running theme of each CD having an era - whereas CD1 housed 1991-1995, CD2 has 1996-1999, and CD3 having more recent floorfillers. What should also be noted, I forgot to mention, is that the album has clearly been mixed on either vinyl or CDJ's - as you'll hear, CJ's opening mix is quite of the mark in terms of beat-matching, so he must have pulled his socks up for the rest of the CD!

Presented in a lovely DigiPack with plenty of design and text, you wouldn't think this was a Ministry album, judging by the work that's gone into it. In some respect, it reminds me of when the original leather Annuals came out, the speciality and buzz around it.

If you're young and only follow the modern market of dance music, then this is the ONLY album I recommend if you want a true insight into Ministry history. Forget the other hundred 'Classics' albums out there, and forget Ministry's Annuals between 2001 and 2006 - this is the only album you need to take you back to the 90's. You may not appreciate it, or may call it boring, but for us that do appreciate it and know what real dance music was, and is, I can't fault this album anyway.
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on 31 October 2006
This is not your usual Ministry rubbish. This is proper house music at it's best. I haven't heard a compilation this good in a couple of years. Puts recent Hedkandi releases to shame.

At the age 33 this brings back memories of fantastic days gone by for me, but Marc Hughes's CD is a fantastic example of how good Dance music can be now.

Only Dimitri in Paris (Defected) CD has come close to this in the last few years.

Good Work Ministry !
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on 13 November 2006
This is the ultimate Ministry album. If you're not already a fan - you'll become one.

Three CDs packed with the best house music from the last 15 years - cherry picked and mixed by three of the most famous DJs ever to grace the Ministry of Sound turn-tables: CJ Macintosh, Jazzy M. and Marc Hughes. Dance music has come a long way in 15 years and these guys have been there every step of the way.

All three CDs are expertly put together - seamlessly mixed, each with their own twist. Try picking a favourite!

There is so much on one album - you're spoilt for choice. These are the tunes that packed the dance floor of `the most famous nightclub in the world' - listen to this and you'll see why.

Perfect soundtrack to any party -

Happy fifteenth MOS!
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on 16 April 2009
I could well be the wrong person to review this album, as I'm just not getting why these tracks are special enough to warrant a place on a 15-year "best of" compilation.

Now, I grew up with the house sound, and I've always loved it, but the majority of the tracks gathered together on this set might just be a little too "underground" for me. There is a light sprinkling of hits (Ultra Nate, Stardust, Ce Ce Peniston), and a great many records some of us might not be so familiar with. It is these tracks, or most of them, with which I have a problem.

It is all so "minimalist" - Very sparse arrangements, with plenty of beats but little else, make up the bulk of the set list on each of the three discs. The repetitiveness might have the desired hypnotic effect for those who like the darker side of house, but having never been to the venues which play that sort of thing, I've never appreciated it in the way it was meant to be heard (or perhaps it just isn't for me). Music such as this might sound great on a club system, but I certainly wouldn't recommend this set for home listening, unless dubs are your thing. I do appreciate a little melody in my dance music, but you don't get much of that here.

If you like vocal house, catchy tunes and hands-in-the-air anthems, this is not for you. I don't mind a little "darkness" in my dance music, but when the tracks are so boringly repetitive without vocals or instrumentation or anything to lighten the mood a little, I just switch off (I mean mentally AND the CD player!).
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on 17 October 2006
i was really looking forward to this collection as the Ministry CDs are always so good, and for a 15-year celebration pack i thought everyone would be in for a treat!

But actually this is a really average collection. Most of the tracks are good choices and i'm really happy that they're here, but there are some really poor tracks that have managed to get in here somehow which kindof spoils it a little.

Also the tracks are far too long, in some cases they last 7-8mins each, which is a bit too much for a compilation where the tracks are mixed into each other.

This brings me onto my final complaint; the mixing is absolutely awful! I don't know which DJ (if any) actually produced these mixes, but they are very poor or average at best and it all sounds a little 'amateur-ish'.

For a collection of such a big name, this is not that great at all. But if you don't own a lot of the classics on here, then maybe you will enjoy this.
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on 27 June 2009
Thought it was a really good album to have playing in the background or just to chill out to
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