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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 21 February 2010
The 1993 series, remembered with affection and still enjoyable. Set in the (now near) future, seaQuest is the largest, best ever equipped submarine, patrolling the ocean, exploring its wonders and seeking to preserve them - as well as striving to keep peace in a volatile world. Its captain is Nathan Bridger (Roy Scheider, he who despatched that shark in "Jaws"), his crew seemingly selected for looks as well as expertise. Included are Darwin, a talking dolphin (note his answer to the question "Where is the centre of the universe?"), and Lucas, a sixteen year old computer genius - with attitude. (One watches with sadness that actor Jonathan Brandis' life was to prove so short.)

Adventures abound and they all entertain. At times cheesy, too keen to labour politically correct stances, to promote eco -friendly schemes? (It is to my shame I would have welcomed the worst villains receiving a fate similar to that of the "Jaws" shark, instead of being locked away - presumably to escape and create mayhem in further episodes.) Yes, such criticisms can perhaps be justified, but the series' heart is in the right place and we do need those constant reminders of the need to conserve the planet's assets. Here is family entertainment at a bargain price. If a birthday is imminent, what an ideal way to please!
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on 26 May 2015
Absolutely awesome would highly recommend
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on 20 June 2017
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on 17 April 2010
I remember this series when it first appeared in 1993. Watching now in 2010, eight years before the series is set is somewhat revelatory. I was hoping there might be a submarine like Seaquest in development! The series is essentially a undersea version of Star Trek, with an evironmental twist. It begins with an extended episode giving some background to the Seaquest and its captain, Nathan Bridger (played by the late Roy Schneider of Jaws fame). All the elements are here, including the teenage whizz-kid Lukas (played by the tragic Jonathan Brandis), a slighly cynical but brilliant executive officer (Don Franklin), an old sea-dog but very likable chief Crocker (the sadly late Royce Applegate. One must not forget Dr Westphalian, played by the elegant Stephanie Beecham, and of course Darwin, the dolphin that can talk! Those who like Clive Cussler will enjoy this, and anyone who enjoys a good adventure will also get something from Seaquest DSV.

In this series we have encounters ranging from a haunted sunken ship to a crashed alien spacecraft and lots in between. The program was criticised as being "preachy" but I feel this criticism is quite unfair. The critical importance of the oceans to the Earth was a major theme running though the series, and this is important. There is also a lot a fun to be had along the way! I liked the appearance of the famous oceanographer Bob Ballard at the end of each episode who would explain an aspect of science related to the episode.

Overall, I suggest you ignore the critics and watch this brilliant series! It brings back many memories.
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on 23 June 2006
It's so good to see SeaQuest finally on official DVD release. It's a shame that it's only a region 1 release, so you'll need a multi-region player, and it is clearly a low budget production as they have used double-sided DVDs to get 6 episodes on each disc (so you have to be very careful handling them). But I'm very glad to see deleted scenes included on the discs. More details can be found at the official site: http://www.seaquestdsvdvd.com

I'd have to agree with the general concencus that this first series had the best plots, and being set in the near future - it seems much less far fetched than most other sci-fi shows - which makes it all the more exciting to watch.

Please Universal!... please release the 2nd and 3rd series!
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on 3 July 2017
Only just watched pilot episode which I enjoyed except the underwater scenes the picture wasn't very good very grainy and found it hard to watch but the indoor scenes were good.
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on 25 November 2006
SeaQuest was great, taking up the challenge of painting a picture of life in the near future and taking us into the oceans instead of the easy-to-write-for far reaches of space.

The future-technology they had was on the borders of being believable, and with the teenage genius, the talking dolphin, comical supplies officer to add some laughs, and Roy Scheider as captain... fantastic! Plotlines range from preventing ecological disasters, hunting renegade subs, unraveling mysteries of ghost-ships, discovering treasures from the deep (from the Great Library of Alexandria to an alien craft buried in bedrock strata millions of years ago). This first series was the best of the three, second series started getting a bit far fetched (and they lost Stephanie Beecham who is great), the third was effectively taking a fresh start.

It's taken too long for Universal to release this series on DVD, but at least you can get the whole series at a great price. Buy it!
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VINE VOICEon 26 December 2007
Seaquest DSV is a fantastic science fiction adventure series based in the near future. Each episode follows a state of the art submarine (Seaquest) and her crew on various exciting adventures ranging from stopping pirate subs, preventing ecological disasters and maintaining peace in the world's oceans. The cast which among others comprise of Roy Scheider, and Don Franklin keep you entertained with sound realistic acting (not to forget my personal favourite cast member Darwin the talking dolphin.) This first season is more than likely the best out of the three produced and we've had to wait a long time for Seaquest to be released on DVD (hopefully we would have to wait quite as long for the remaining seasons.) I think that the best episodes in Season one were `To Be Or Not To Be,' and `Better Than Martians,' but to tell you the truth there's not much between them as all 21 episodes are just great and were a joy to watch. Every now and again an event happens in your life, an event that changes it for the better, Sea Quest DSV is such an event. When I was a child, I instantly fell in love with Seaquest. As did my father (who had been suffering from a long term illness.) The Saturday afternoon program became the highlight of his week and some for him to look forward to (I would even go as far to say that it aided his recovery.) Some deleted scenes are included as special features which were worth a worth, and considering the price we are getting a bargain.
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on 4 February 2011
This is a fun show, but this DVD release is let down by the terrible quality.
The whole thing looks blocky, dirty and as if someone has had a smoke machine over the cameras.
I would have given this a four otherwise.
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on 14 March 2007
I remember when i was young watching this show on saturday tea time as you know this was describe at the time as star trek underwater similar in some ways it has a great cast of characters some who would not return when season 2 started headed by Roy (Jaws) Scheider as Captain Nathan Bridger. The adventures would get better & better as time went on we would see storys based on stuff like the legend of atlantis & progressing military technology also Stephanie Beachem played the character of the doctor & Don Franklin who would go on to be in the time travel series seven days played executive officer Jonathan ford

All in all a great show & a must have for anyone who wants to remember those saturday tea time in the early 90's
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