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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 29 May 2017
Hilarious and witty, what more is needed when you have a monkey and its shaman with two simpleton adventures!
One of the best comedies I've watched in years
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on 26 April 2017
One of the funniest shows I've ever seen, I laugh till I cry every time I watch it.
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on 23 March 2008
Contrary to other's opinions I found this show to be extremely funny and well-planned. The theme of humour from the previous TV-series could be sensed in this show and each actor played their part with perfect timing.
I found their references to the TV-show, including a few catch-phrases, witty and a key part to some of the sketches. Although they used some of their previous jokes and ideas, they were used in such a way that they seemed new and refreshing.
This live show is a definate must-have for any Boosh or comedy fan. Even the extras had me laughing, especially the deleted scene. So if you enjoyed the TV and radio series, watching the live show is a good move!
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on 13 January 2007
I took a chance on this as I had never seen The Mighty Boosh tv show before. I had a little knowledge of what the humour was like (having seen them perform on other shows etc) but was still prepared to maybe not like it in large doses. But happily I loved it from start to finish.

From the long introduction, including the fabulous Pies sketch to the second half which has a more coherent structure, all of it is bizarre, insane humour that is rooted in something very universal. The songs in particular are created in reference to other works, sounds that everyone would be familar with.

It also helps that Fielding and Barratt are emmensely likeable, easy to watch and very capable at handling a live audience. Which is just as well since there appears to be a constant heckler at the recording of this performance. It could have thrown them off numerous times but largely they just ignored him.

Now that Ive seen the tv show, I would even say that the live show is better. Barratt and Fielding seem to work best on stage, theres a nice feeling of "anything can happen" when they are live as opposed to the highly stylised, staged feeling of the series. Plus there are quite a few lines and sketches lifted from the show that clearly work better live.

I dont think its necessary to have seen the show before seeing this. In fact it was a nice introduction to the Boosh humour and I would recommend it highly.
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on 30 January 2008
have seen this twice now. The first time round it felt too long and needed editing. It does run at over two hours. Second time it seemed to run along nicely. The plot seems a bit secondary, but it must be hard to sustain over 2 hours and during a lengthy tour. Jokes mostly work well, there are few actual duff moments. But this is raw stuff and the unexpected does happen on live tours. It comes across as adult surreal panto which isn't apparant in the shorter series or tv episodes. This is not a bad thing because there are good audience participation moments. Lots of swearing, (if that bothers you)but this is undiluted Boosh and probably closer to what they would have liked to have done on TV. Well worth watching though i prefer the 30 minute stories on TV. WARNING If you are new to the Boosh you are better off starting with seasons 1 and 2 before watching this or a lot of references in this will be lost on you.
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on 30 January 2007
The trouble with all live comedy DVDs is that it will never be the same as being there. If you were one of the lucky ones who saw this show live last year, you might be interested in this as a souvenir (this was my excuse for buying it), otherwise you might be a bit mystified (see previous reviews). Probably the best way to watch this is a celebration of what was clearly a very enjoyable tour for Noel Fielding and Julian Barrett, and as a stop-gap while the boys get Series 3 up and running. Can't wait!
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on 8 September 2011
Ok. So a lot of "fans" have commented on this product, saying how terrible it is and quite frankly, that's not the case. I do have to agree that the first tour was slightly better than the second. But who cares?! it's still the same old lovable boosh. Vince is still the hilarious Vince we know and love, Howard, still a Jazz maverick, Naboo is still the tiny shaman followed closely by his familiar, Bollo. With familiar faces such as the hitcher and Bob fossil still making their appearances, newer faces such as Tony Harrison and The crack fox are warmly welcomed. With little sections for all the characters in the first half, the second half is a "serious" play about global warming - directed by Howard. Well known music from the T.V. show and some revenge on the honey monster to end, brings the show to a well rounded off finish. Any true boosh fan should enjoy, the jokes are still there and the characters are still the same ones we met in the first series. Don't listen to the rubbish that others have been writing about the quality being missing, If you ask me Its still a work of pure genius.

p.s. The Bonus playing cards are amazing :) hope you enjoy.
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on 15 January 2007
As other reviewers have already said, unfortunately this isn't really as entertaining as the TV series itself. Don't get me wrong - it's not utter trash - just that your money is better spent on buying the first two series if you haven't already. I went to see the live show twice, and it was a great night out (espcially as the cast were dead friendly when doing autographs etc.), so it's possible I'd already worn it out before I got the DVD, but it does rely on a fair bit of recycling of the TV material or at least alluding to it. There's a pleasing number of extras on the DVDs which are probably as fun as extras ever get. Oh, and yes - the bad language and crudity are sometimes a bit much. All in all, hopefully it'll tide us over until series 3 hits our screens, but it's not quite the treat that the series 1 and 2 DVDs are. Oh, they really are very, very good. Make sure you get them won't you?
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on 14 February 2010
Having heard little from the Boosh in a while, I was happy to see this released, so I purchased the special edition. Firstly, the new live DVD. Well,the entrance and half hour of Howard and Vince talking are very funny, with bits of audience interaction (latecomers being embarrassed!)thrown in. Then comes the "guest" part fo the evening, in which other characters are introduced. First up is Bob Fossil, whom I have never been a fan of-but he does do a reasonable routine, based on his dancing. Then comes Naboo and Bollo, sadly a disappointment, as they are on for a ludicrously short time, and their "rap" routine just doesn't do it for me. Next is Tony Harrison, live for the first time. Although his segment seems a bit under rehearsed, you have to laugh. Unfortunately, he introduces another character, played by Fulcher, a stand-up comedian who doesn't speak English. I advise you to fast-forward this section, it is Rich Fulcher at his most cringeworthy and least funny. It is then the turn of Julian Barratt as the crack fox, also live for the first time. Of course, he is hilarious, probably the best of the guests. It is then the Hitcher. well, perhaps he appears a little too often, but he does provide a reasonable routine.
Then, it is the second half. I was expecting a Boosh-style adventure, as seen during the last live show, but unfortunately it is a disappointing alternative-a play about global warming, written by Howard. Although the dialogue is essentially amusing, it just doesn't seem to be leading anywhere. There are too many resorts to the old joke of the other characters finding Howard tedious and trying to undermine him. And of course, there is another innuendo-laden performance from Fulcher, that is too silly to laugh at. when you reach the end of this section, it picks up. There is a good routine from "Eleanor", followed by a medley of Boosh music, and the execution of the Honey Monster, for plagarising the crimp. Now on to the other discs. The bonus features on disc 2 are reasonably good, with a backstage film. But I was disappointed to find the other 2 discs containing the previous live show, which I already own, and have written an Amazon review for (slight rip-off?).
The playing cards are very entertaining, well illustrated, in the "Top Trump" format. overall, it is mostly reasonable, with just a few downsides.
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on 21 March 2007
"The Mighty Boosh". Just the title perks up my interest and tips me into fangirl heaven. A victim to the charm I may be, but there's no doubt that this live show is the best stand-up out there.

Tip for you all: before watching this - watch the TV series! Many jokes centre around characters' adventures in the show, and also play on existing jokes (such as Naboo's "turning my back on you now..."), so if you watch the live before, it'll be a pretty futile 2 hours of your life.

I find it amusing how Mr "Anti-social Socialist" (2 reviews down) completely slanders this DVD while obviously having no prior knowledge of the Boosh. What single person found that review helpful? Himself? "One has an air of pretending to pretend to be pretentious and the other giggles like an idiot with a tedious voice." - It's called 'being in character', or even better - 'acting'.

So get out there, watch the TV series, then buy the live - it will provide the most surreal hours of your life you will ever bear witness to.
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