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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:£4.99 - £39.99
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on 19 October 2015
Really good game,don't expect to win many races till you learn your way round the city though most events are from point to point and how you get there is up to you,so until you know your way round you will get lost and be the James may of paradise city...once you start to know your way through areas of the city and the myriad of jumps short cuts and alternates this is an excellent game.
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on 9 February 2008
I rented this game to see if it was worth buying it and I'm glad I did because I found that all the new stuff that's been added to the game has made it unplayable. Maybe I am too old for these sort of games now (37) but I've been playing racing games for a very long time and I thought Burnout 3 was the ultimate thrill ride.

Burnout 3 worked because it was simple. There are a lot of racing games out there and there's only so much you can do with the concept of 'racing', but the designers really distilled down all the vital elements in Burnout 3. They made it very very fast, extremely simple and totally insane - speeding down the wrong side of a 4 lane freeway at 190mph in a supercar and dodging oncoming traffic was just awesome. That's all there was to it, the only thing you had to concentrate on was that, and it made for a very intense gaming experience. Really there was very little they could do to improve on this, I think Burnout 3 was the perfect game and could only have been improved upon with better graphics, more variety of tracks, locations whatever, but they should have left the gameplay element alone. Crash mode in Burnout 3 was also one of my favourite games, I've played it at partys with 8 people, some non-gamers, who all thought it was fantastic fun.

The 'simplicity' idea was a good one and when the same team responsible for Burnout 3 applied the same concept to First Person Shooters they created another brilliant game 'Black'. This was also made better for the fact that all you had to do was shoot stuff - there was nothing complicated about it and the only thing you had to do was worry about shooting straight.

With Burnout Revenge they started to go off in the wrong direction and added things that detracted from the intensitity of the racing. Now with Burnout Paradise they have continued on this wrong path and added far too many distractions and removed most of the best bits of the game.

The fact that you can drive all over the island is irrelevant (anyway Test Drive Unlimited does this better with a real location of Hawai) and the idea of driving around looking for billboards to crash into isn't my idea of fun - they might as well add a game where you have to drive around a supermarket car park on a Saturday looking for a space. The 'collect-the-tokens' 'unlock-the-cars' approach to gaming is something I find extremely tedious, it's a chore, I play games to have fun - if I was into collecting things I'd become a Philatelist! That's what you find in all the other games and Gran Turismo does it much better anyway.

So with crash junctions and simple and fun gameplay gone out the window what have they replaced it with? Races where you get lost if you can't read the satnav (if I try to read the map while I'm driving I crash), a 'Showtime' mode which just looks like something from a stupid Mario-Brothers game and a sandbox style which, as with all the other games that have 'borrowed' from the GTA series, just ends up as a poor relation to the game its copied from.

They forgot to keep it simple, original and most importantly FUN! I will not be buying this game and don't can't even be bothered to play it for the 3 days I rented it.
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on 26 February 2009
Burnout was much more fun when you didn't have to drive around just to find a race, and then find out that you would have to drive back to get another car. it is more fun to race or do missions than just drive around. Grafics are very good and som pretty nice cars are available, but I feel that this would have been much more fun with old fasion menues to select the missions....
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on 10 February 2008
I totally agree with Mark Cs review. I hired this as I wasn't convinced by the demo, but as a big fan of the Burnout series, thought Id give it a chance.

I ended up taking it back early, left frustrated and dare I say, bored. My fav Burnout - 2, was the sort of racer that you can come back to month after month, pick up and race quick, with a few mates after the pub or when you've got a spare 30mins...I don't think I could face paradise city again.

If you like the idea of a free roaming racer and got some time to really explore, then you'll probably have more luck. To its credit its an interesting concept and the whole game looks and sounds great. The online looks comprehensive, I went on in hope of a race but spent 20mins getting rammed by some dude in a luminous green SUV, nice!

When it comes to racers, Im abit old school - click the button and go, relentless speed, simple fun, what you get in Burnout 2 for example. On Paradise the `races' were repetitive and confusing, I really didnt enjoy having to navigate and decipher a titchy map while racing. The other challenges left me equally non plussed.

In the end I spent most of my time roaming around samey, empty streets, getting lost and knocking over lampposts...hey I could do that in Milton Keynes (not the lampposts honest!)

Also the lack of 2+ player offline...criminal. This seems to be a growing trend, please developers cater for those whos mates are sat in the same room!

Overall, so glad I didn't buy it, I'll stick to MotorStorm, which although not the best is so much more fun, and wait for GT5.
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on 25 January 2008
Wow.. it starts off awsome as u push the cd in the drive , the menu loads up and what do you hear ? guns n fu**in roses! From then point on the game just keeps getin bettr and better :D
Its everythning i had hoped for... even better than the demo.. and looks great on my samsung 32" lcd as well.
Cant wait to play this somemore and takedown people online !
Welldone amazon for delivering on the day of release :)
buy this game!
all i need now if the dualshock 3.. where can i buy one?
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on 3 July 2012
Brilliant game, what the newer Need For Speeds have beenlacking in their gameplay and playability. The crashes are excellent as they always have been with the Burnout Series and in all it can be nothing other than a 5 star game.
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on 19 December 2008
There are so many flaws in this game its a struggle to rembember them all. The Game seems to want you to crash, a few times before ive actually even hit an object or another car the stupid crash animation comes on (which lasts about 10 seconds)when sometimes the crash could've been avoided. In the previous Burnout's if you glanced against a car you would not crash but in this game if you even touch another car you immediately crash.

Another problem is the navigation, you have a map in the corner and street signs flash up on the screen telling you which route to take but normally as soon as you look at the map or the street signs you crash; if you ignore them and concentrate on the racing then you miss the turning and the whole race is lost. Many times the signs flash up too late to actually turn.

One thing that really gets on my nerves about this game is the fact that you have to drive to all the races. In N.f.s. carbon, you could skip to the races using the world map. In Paradise you have to drive all the way to a race, sometimes on the other side of the city. start the race which usually sends you completley back across the city only to lose it by a few seconds but there is no option of a retry. The only option is to make a u-turn and drive alllllll the way back to where you just came from which after your tenth attempt becomes incredibly tedious.

ok rant over!! This games becomes too frustrating when you keep missing turnings or crashing when it couldv'e been avoided

driving backwards and forwards
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on 23 October 2010
This has to be the worst Burnout game I've ever played. The positives are they still have the takedowns and crash events. The graphics are also very good but that expected really in this age of gaming.

I will say however, I am very disappointed that they have taken away the old arcade style menu. I really don't enjoy having to drive around just to find an event(race). It's much more fun having the old style menu, where you can see what races you've completed and equally importantly, what you have left to complete!

What upsets me even more is the fact that the game doesn't have a 2 player split screen. What kind of racing game doesn't have a 2 player split screen?!?! To add to insult, they have an 8 player mode where each player takes turns playing the event (race/crash). Why would I want to wait around watching 7 of my friends individually take their turns before taking mine?!?

I understand that EA are trying to modernize this version by gearing it towards the online community but it wasnt necessary to change the menu system as it worked. The main downfall for this game however was removing the 2 player split screen. If anything with the power of the current consoles they should have made it 4 player split screen. I spent months trying to complete Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Revenge but have only played this game twice!

To sum things up, I am really disappointed that I wasted my money buying this game..
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on 26 January 2008
I really like this game, Its really good and the graphics are great. if you've played Burnout before you will love it like me, Also it is really good doing free roam, In Free roam you find other racers and you take them down to get their car!!!!!!
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on 11 April 2009
What a hugely disappointing game this is. A racing game in which you cannot race with your friends sitting on the couch next to you. Had it had split screen racing available then it would have been awsome.
Also the single player mode is DULL DULL DULL. I have player for 5 hours now and hardly ever won a race because you have to spend more time looking at the map to find out where you are going than at the road.
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