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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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Price:£19.89+ Free shipping

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on 13 January 2015
Excellent product to protect HARD floor from office chair, in a strong and fairly low visibility way. Note that it is not designed for carpets. It is quite thick and hard and has a completely smooth shiny side, and a micro textured side, presumably to prevent it sliding around. Overall I would say it is about 95% transparent. A minor and temporary inconvenience is that it comes so very tightly rolled that you can be forgiven for thinking it will be impossible to flatten out. It will submit to you in the end though. I managed it alone in about 20 minutes by opening it face down, (not face up), so it cannot spring back, then I carefully rolled it up tightly in reverse for 5 minutes, then opened it face down and began using it. It is 99% flat now, and will no doubt settle down the last 1% in a few days. I had to chuckle because it REALLY fights back to start with and for many people it will be easier for two to tackle it - sounds funny I know, but you will see what I mean when you get it. If you are at all frail, you will not get this unrolled without help.
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on 30 July 2015
Its made from pretty solid plastic and will protect a hard floor perfectly well

Its so solid in fact it was like fighting a conger eel to get it to unwrap and lay flat!! - it does need a bit of strength and patience to roll it out the first time, I will try a hairdryer if it doesnt flatten on its own in a few days.

My only negative comment really was that its not transparent/clear at all, it has a sort of purple tint to it which is not exactly as described. Other than that for the price and free delivery (took 3-4 days to arrive) its fine.
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on 7 February 2014
I was getting tired of retouching the paintwork on the floorboards in front of my desk where my chair castors were constantly chipping away at it. Rugs were no use, since they either didn't stay in place or didn't allow the chair to roll freely.

This PVC mat does the job very effectively. It doesn't obstruct the castors, is large enough to give plenty of freedom of movement and stays in place on the smooth floor. If I do roll the chair off the edge of the mat, it rolls back on again very easily.

The upper surface is slightly textured, probably to reduce the risk of slipping on it. The texture means that the mat is slightly opaque, like a fogged window. On my white floor, it looks light grey. It's thin but seems very strong, and my chair castors have so far not left any marks or dents.

To be honest, I'd have preferred something less plasticky looking on my floor, but I doubt if I could find anything that works as well as this.

I was expecting it to arrive rolled up in a tube, but it came completely flat, sandwiched between large sheets of cardboard.
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on 2 August 2016
I got this because my old wooden floor is slightly uneven occasionally making it difficult to move chair when the castors go caught on a small 'lip' between joints. This mat cured that problem immediately and I can now roll around to my heart's content. I was so pleased with it that I bout another one for the office which has a similar problem. So far highly recommended although I cannot say anything about it's durability. I thought the cost was reasonable also.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 October 2016
This is exactly what I wanted. The laminate flooring in my study was taking a very hard pounding from the castors on my chair. It was either protect it or clear the study out to replace the flooring. This is the easiest and by far the cheapest option.

There's not a lot you can say about it other than it looks just like it does in the picture above. It feels strong and well made and it's big enough for my chair to move the small distances I want it to.

Couldn't have made a better purchase.
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on 26 December 2014
Arrived rolled up in a 3" square box on boxing day, must have been one of the last City Link deliveries.
Needed two of us to unroll it, clearly it resented being unpacked as it was coiled so strongly I could not do it on my own. We finally managed to get it flat on the floor and pin it down with some heavy boxes where it sulked for a day or two. We played soothing music to it and turned up the heating which finally helped it to relax.
NOTE those who have given a poor rating seem to have tried to use it on a carpet. It is for HARD FLOORS.
Note 2. If, like me, you are prone to dissolving into helpless giggles when grappling with inanimate objects, get help lined up before you try to unroll it and flatten it out in the beginning.
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This is much larger than I expected. It fits right to the back of the desk, so even if you push your chair forward into the desk when not sitting at it, the floor covering is protected. The surface is shiny and smooth, so the chair slides about easily; I would have preferred more of a non-slip surface. I have it covering carpet to stop the deep ridges created by the wheels. As the carpet is deep pile, the cover is not flush with a solid surface and will start to move with regular use, so every now and then I need to lift the desk legs and reposition, but it's not a major problem.

I am very happy with this, and it is doing a good job of protecting my carpet.
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on 30 December 2014
I have a lovely hardwood floor in my office, and didn't want to ruin it with the wheels from my chair. I also didn't want to use a rug that would trap dust and cause a discoloured patch as the floor fades in the sun.

This floor protector does the business perfectly. It's semi-transparent (a kind of frosted colour) with a good quality feel and thickness. It's just about the right size - small enough to fit under your desk with a pedestal unit in place, big enough to accommodate a bit of movement in the chair.
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on 8 March 2017
This came a count of days after ordering and after leaving a day or two to unroll, it does the job nicely and protects my sons bedroom hardwood floor whilst looking quite nice. It is slightly tinted grey, which is fine as so is the colour of the floor.
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on 17 May 2014
The arrival of the mat which, fits nicely under my desk, has stopped me obsessing about ruining my lovely wooden office floor. Obviously, it is not exactly an object of beauty. It is, however, very unobtrusive as the floor shows through it. It lays nice and flat and has a textured surface for grip. Best of all, it allows me to wiggle about on my office chair as much as I like.
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