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on 25 February 2013
Even if the weighted keyboard is not like the more expensive Yamaha ones, it is still a good keyboard to train. To appreciate it more you need to use it with a reasonable volume level as the noise of the keyboard, if you have a strong articulation, might cover the sound of the piano itself. Sounds are pretty good. It looks very nice in my room. It is definitely worth it for the price. I bought a secon hand one which was almost immaculate, saving about £100 on the actual price.
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on 12 May 2008
We bought this keyboard for use in church services and have been extremely pleased with it. We use the Chapel Organ and Warm Grand sounds mostly and they do a remarkably good job of sounding like a chapel organ and a nice grand piano! We plug the keyboard into a Yamaha Stagepass Amplifier and the combination seems to work well and has given us a very versatile setup without spending too much.

I am a classically trained pianist who has a lovely fully-weighted Clavinova at home. I had bought an M-Audio "semi-weighted" keyboard for church, which I'm sure is a great keyboard, but I just couldn't get on with playing it after my Clavinova. But I find the experience of playing the DGX620 so similar to playing my Clavinova that I have no problems switching from one to the other. The keyboard is amazingly light but I find it has the quality feel of a weighted keyboard and is a pleasure to play. The screen is also very helpful in telling you what instrument you are set to - no embarassing starts in the wrong instrument!

Loads of other fab features - the MIDI is great, laying down tracks on top of each other, it will probably make the dinner if you press the buttons in the right order! Altogether we are very impressed with the versatility, quality and good value of this instrument.
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VINE VOICEon 6 April 2008
Is the DGX620 a piano or a keyboard? Typically manufacturers of electric pianos tend to offer limited functions and voices, as if adding more features and accompaniments detracts from the job in hand, namely that of reproducing an authentic piano sound and feel. In this respect, the DGX620 is clearly closer to keyboard than piano. The DGX620 does however offer a surprisingly good piano sound, superior to that of most keyboards, and in this respect it qualifies for the title of piano.

Another surprising feature of the DGX620 is the inclusion of the Yamaha GHS (Graded Hammer Standard)keyboard; with 88 fully weighted, touch sensitive keys. This is the same keyboard the features on their more expensive P70/P85 electric stage piano offering a professional feel similar to that of an acoustic piano. The inclusion of the GHS keyboard makes this a real step up from the DGX520. I had the opportunity to play both at my local music store and put next to each other the DGX620 is a vastly superior instrument in every important respect.

The DGX620 is quite a large instrument at 45cm deep, so it's not great if space is at a premium. I would have to agree with the Mr. Marshall above however, for the money this is a remarkable keyboard/piano.
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on 29 January 2008
Hi there, Ok I have only been playing for a few months, but I work at a school that has bought one of these, and I cannot work for wanting to play this thing.

I have the Yamaha PSR-295 in my house - but the difference the weighted keys make to the playing experience is phenomenal. I could play the DGX620 for hours.

The 3 way speakers they include give a surprisingly full bodied tone even at high volume - and it retains integrity when cranked low as to not disturb the neighbours. To top all that it looks much more stylish than it does in the picture here. For the money - this is simply fantastic.
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on 5 November 2011
My 12-year-old son has been using this for about three and a half years to learn piano and practice his grade pieces at home. For that purpose it was perfect until recently. The weighted keys mean that he can move between this and a real piano with no difficulty. The keys do produce a noticeable "thunk" when played, so even when used with headphones, the piano is not completely silent.

There are a lot of different voices you can use - this is useful when my son gets bored with the standard voice (though it also invites some messing around!). My son hasn't used the tuition programs yet, though a slightly older boy we had staying with us for a while found them useful.

We've never used it with an external amplifier or reverb, nor does it seem to be designed for this. If that's your aim, this is probably the wrong piano for you.

Two criticism criticisms have led me to give it only three stars:

1. It's not at all intuitive to adjust the settings on the piano. My son is one of those kids who'll spend a long time on gadgets trying to get them to do what he wants - he gave up on this. The thickness of the manual shows that there are lots of possibilities but also that taking advantage of them is a significant challenge.

2. The LCD screen has recently developed a fault and the text is so feint that it is illegible. In the Yamaha UK forum, there are others who have posted the similar problems with the screen. Yamaha have repaired the fault free of charge for at least one, but others have poorer experiences. As with our piano, the faults developed when the piano was beyond its two year warranty. I will update my comments here when I have contacted Yamaha myself.

In summary, I would have had no problem giving this piano a whole-hearted recommendation for learners, until it developed the fault.
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on 21 December 2011
I've played on a few mid price keyboards in my time and the DGX620 beats them all. The sound that comes out of the grand piano selection is phenomenal - I'm not saying it will fool a pianist, but you will not come closer to a grand piano in this price range.

With the hammered, touch sensitive keys this also has a beautiful feel. My brother has an upright keyboard that cost more than twice as this, and yet the keys on that feel plastic and has less of a real piano feel, it cannot compete with this beauty.

The other instruments on this keyboard are very fair too. I'm still yet to hear a really good Hammond organ on a mid range keyboard however, and sadly the dgx620 falls short of the mark with its organ selections too.

I would suggest that if you are learning the piano and want one for life, or at least until you are a multi grade student, then the dgx620 will meet your needs. If I'm never to improve again, then I would see no reason to replace this, as it plays like a piano and I have no problem adapting to an acoustic, so similar is the feel.

There is one grinding issue however, one that knocks a whole star off what would be a 5 star rating. It's the thud of the keys. They make a bit of a racket. If you play through a good pair of headphones, which I do, then it will be an absolute pleasure to play as the sound that comes through is exceptional and you won't hear the din of the keys reverberating through the plastic casing. The trouble is, I live in a terraced house and I dare not play after 10pm, even with the headphones on. When everyone's gone to bed and there's no external sound of traffic or next doors tv, the sound the keys make on this thing become a big issue. I'm pretty sure it can be heard through the walls. Again, just to clarify, I'm talking about the sound of the keys themselves, not the sound that comes through the speaker.
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on 3 July 2008
This is my second keyboard I ever owned, after a cheap £300 Casio I had for years that eventually developed faulty keys. I did not try this anywhere so only relied on the reviews. It is very heavy to begin with. The design quality is beautiful. The keys are perfect for playing any styles. It sounds greate. One impressive feature was the score panel that you can play from. That is very valuable. I don't know why they do not emphasise on improving that.

On the downside, I was disappointed with few things:
1. As one reviewer mentioned, its a pain to find the instrument you want and setup things for quick access. Why can't the manufacturers get these things right?

2. The sound is not loud enough. On full volume it just becomes acceptable. It could be that I am not used to the weighted keys, so I need to hammer it harder. The church organ is less touch sensitive and it does sound loud.

3. There is no proper connection for connecting to external spearkers / amp. I have to investigate that.

4. The most annoying thing is the DSP. On my Casio pressing the dedicated reverb will improve the sound dramatically. On this you have to spend a good few minutes set the reverb and it does nothing noticable as it does on my Casio. So the sound is always flat, which is a huge let down. Also a very frustrating thing is it does not seem to save the settings and loses it when you switch it off. Unless I have got it wrong, the system is not very intuitive as it should be.

5. It has over 100 DSP, playing un tunnel, in a chicken cage,under the matress, while falling of a cliff, (being sarcastic),

6. The fun sounds, are waste of space.

7. and lastly the headphone jack should be in front.

overall it is a good value for money.
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