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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 28 January 2007
I have to confess I am only midway through watching season 2 but, so far, it's much better than it's predecessor. I am officially addicted to House (and I also have a major thing for Hugh Laurie who I find undeniably sexy in the much older man way!). Greg House is charismatic, sardonic, acerbic and witty. This show has some of the best one liners going.

Yes, the structure is repetitive. A patient is admitted with an unknown condition. House and his team; Allison Cameron, Robert Chase and Eric Foreman poke and prod and do a series of tests, administering various medications until they finally discover what is wrong. In doing this, House usually breaks the rules and generally runs wild. That, however, is part of his charm because he isn't how a doctor should be. He rarely visits the patients, preferring to send "the kids" as he calls them and his motto being "everybody lies".

What I adore is the relationship between his ex girlfriend, Stacy. This is an intriguing side to House we don't see in the first season, as she is still the love of his life, and the feeling is more than reciprocated. I was so rooting for them to get back together. My favourite episodes being "Failure to Communicate" and "Need To Know". Yes, yes... It is the House-Stacy thing that does it for me.

Anyway, just but it.
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on 31 October 2006
Okay, that obviously doesn't refer to the demeanour of the central character, but this is just the best thing on TV. I don't really care how medically accurate it is, or if any hospital on the planet ever has so many serious cases time and again, or even if a doctor with such extensive knowledge has ever, will ever, or even could ever really exist. All I care about is the incredible dynamics created between the central players. As for the dialogue? Man, the dialogue is beyond equal on TV today. House has throwaway lines that other shows would kill for, but there are just so many, I'm sure most viewers simply don't realise how clever it is. It really is one of the funniest shows on TV, even though it's not a comedy.

Hugh Laurie and the script writers have done such an incredible job bringing House to life. God knows how the writers come up with all the possible diseases and cures, but it never seems a stretch to go with them. And all the while, House is there to deliver acidic lines to tantalize the viewer and keep the show crackling along.

House is a rare treat. Get it. Savour it. Love it.
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VINE VOICEon 7 October 2006
House was a surprise hit. Unknown by most, still, due to its status as a first-run Channel Five series, this Hugh Laurie-led Doctor series is unlike any of its peers at the moment despite elements that make it very ordinary.

This second series is far better with the first, with more continuity and less annoying character traits(Cameron is no longer hateable, she's beautiful and intelligent. Chase is amusingly dumb, and Foreman has a spiteful side), and zero cheese at the end of each episode. The latter was my main concern with last year's series, with us always reaching an empty conclusion with guest star characters. This is amended in this season, with House always reaching a new point by the end of episode.

Luckily, Hugh Laurie's performance cuts apart the boring emotion, which is a nice undermining. His character's presence has an effect on every character around him, such is the radiance of the performance. Without a strong lead, this shwo would crash and burn. Perfect performance, made even better in this season. Laurie deserves an emmy.

The plots are where this show remains streamlined. This is a good thing, however, with each "everyplot" being essential in attracting large audiences. I'm not sure what a true original version of House would be like, but as it is its a perfection of a classic plot style that most shows still fail with. Brilliant.

The extras are likely to be small, as per last season, but the price isn't ridiculous for what you get. A great season shouldn't be ruined by the reviewer(me), but I should mention some of the situations House encounters; charity doctors, transgendered supermodels, prisoners, idiots and faith healers.

You'll love this season, especially if you thought the first was brilliant. Not similar to other doctor shows, its an example of how dialogue and plot can be perfected. Fantastic.
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on 29 August 2007
Lets begin by saying that House is a fantastic, funny, interesting TV show. One of the best.
The quality of picture is very good, also the quality of sound.
The actors are superb (especially of course Laurie). The story has its flaws - especialy in medicine - if you are a medical doctor you will really shake your head at some procedures being done, drugs been used and some absurd diagnoses being made. But I understand it is made because it is a TV show and it is more intersting for audience all over the world.
The major criticism about this DVD is its lack of subtitles. I really cannot understand their absence, because if you are not native speaker of english, the language is difficult (sometimes fast, somtimes very medical) and the subtitles would really come handy. Thats why I give it a 4 star.
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on 2 January 2007
Hugh Laurie excells himself in this brilliant series. He plays Dr Gregory House, a grumpy, anti-social medical genius with a chip on his shoulder, and instantly you fall in love with his character because despite everything he has a likeable quality too. Even though he tries to make everyone believe he's a jerk, he really isn't. His relationship with his hand-picked medical staff is also funny and intelligently written. It really is unlike any other series, it's original and genuinely funny. You really won't be disappointed with this box set. It's a must see!
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Like I said in the review of season 1, House is a great series and what is so good about this season is that you don't have to have seen the first season to enjoy the second season. Although seeing the first season, gives you a better understanding of the character developments and some of the story arcs. Hugh Laurie is outstanding as Dr. Gregory House and his interaction and mischief making with the regular cast -Dr. Cuddy, Dr. Cameron, Dr. Chase, Dr. Foreman and Dr. Wilson is captivating. Although House is classed as Drama it could easily pass for Comedy because when you are watching it you really get the added bonus of a good belly laugh. You cannot go wrong with this box set.
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on 19 February 2007
Yup series two officially ROCKS! Without repeating what others have said too much I just thought i'd say as a fellow house addict that it is just a fantastic tv programme; definitely my favourite. You might think that with solving the mystery of the illness being the centre of the plot that there isn't much rewatch value in House (i had thought so)...i was wrong. The portrayal of House (SO witty!!) and all the other characters and just the genius of each 40minute slice of TV heaven makes this boxset one of the best DVD purchases I have made...BUY IT!! I would, however say that series 1 is JUST as good (if not a mite better in MY opinion) with some of my favourite episodes. In season 2, particularly recommended by me are "Autopsy" and "No reason" as well as "Safe".

Roll on season 3 on DVD!!!
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on 1 June 2007
If you are ill,do you want a doctor that holds your hand and pfaffs around with this or that because he has no real idea about what is wrong with you?Or do you want a doctor who doesn't care to even meet you,but is an absolute ACE at diagnosing precisely what is wrong and fixing it(unless incurable)?House is the latter.He has no time for patients because,as he says,"they all lie".He much prefers to focus on the facts-tests/reports etc.He needs to take his walking stick to the rear ends of his staff of 3 ,though.I don't know which of the 3 is worst-the smarmy ,untrustworthy handsome one?the streetwise pompous rule driven one?the goody-goody sugar and spice one?Each seems more intent on trying to bring down House.And as for the long-suffering head of the hospital,methinks she has dreams about House,and not chaste ones either.Laurie is an absolute revelation in this role .
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on 21 October 2006
Hugh Laurie returns as Dr Gregory House the brilliant misnathropic medic of Princeton Plainsboro Hospital along with his team of equally brilliant assistants in this 2nd and better season of House currently US TV's No1 medical drama .

This season is pretty similar to Season 1 the 'symptoms of the week'along with the patient who House and his team poke and prod and bring to the point of death usually finding a cure for whats wrong with them and the last moment but the wting is great the acting especially the star making turn from Laurie in the role which has made him a big name across the pond .

The stand out episodes for me were the 2 parter in which House and the team try and find a cure when Dr Foreman played by Omar Epps falls ill with a disease that has killed the patient and is slowly killing him as well.Epps surely deserved an Emmy nod for his role but was stupidly ignored as was Laurie

If you like well made well acted US tv this this is a definite must see part CSI part ER but with a lead character that would not have been seen on TV in america 5 years ago this is a ray of light in a sea of mediocrity.
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on 10 December 2006
One of the best series I have seen on DVD ever. With a main character you love to hate, a memory of an elephant, who everybody appreciates for his fights to save lost cases and lost causes. But is it so difficult to include subtitles for those of us that english is not our mother language, we do not have a degree in medical science and our knowledge in pharmacology and chemistry is lamentable ? Or this just one of Dr. House's antisocial tricks?
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