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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
WWE - Summerslam 2006 [Plus Poster] [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 18 June 2017
Good and fast delivery
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on 14 February 2013
1)Chavo Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio- An average match between the two Smackdown superstars however the crowd were into it and it was a satisfying match between the two. Not great but adequate to kick off the show.
Match Rating-**1/4

2)Big Show Vs Sabu for the ECW Championship (Extreme Rules)- This was quite sloppy from The Big Show and Sabu particularly when tables were involved. However it was kept short and did just enough to prevent it from slipping into the poor category.Not the best extreme rules match you will see ever.
Match Rating-*3/4

3)Hulk Hogan Vs Randy Orton-This was part of the Legend Killer gimmick for Randy Orton and I gimmick I enjoyed. This match was never going to be amazing but the crowd were red hot right throughout and made it quite enjoyable. It was well-booked and was never slow or dull.
Match Rating-***

4)Ric Flair Vs Mick Foley (I Quit Match)-Really good effort from these experienced pros considering the amount of matches and crazy bumps these two have had to endure throughout their career. The storytelling was no notch and was probably contender for match of the night.
Match Rating-***1/2

5)Batista Vs King Booker for the World Heavyweight Title-The less said about this match the better, it was slow, dull and ended in a DQ. These two despite being good superstars don't mix and had little in-ring chemistry. Hit the skip button on the remote to avoid boredom.
Match Rating-3/4*

6)DX Vs The McMahons-Entertaining for what it was and used the match to get extra superstars on the PPV and help build up heel heat for them as well. The crowd were into it as you would expect and again it was another a entertaining bout.
Match Rating-***1/4

7)Edge Vs John Cena for the WWE Championship-Best match between these two up to that date although their match from Unforgiven eclipses this. Still entertaining, crowd were loud especially for their hometown boy and the finish is well booked.
Match Rating-***3/4

Overall-This was a solid event with nothing excellent and the odd match letting it down. This DVD is not essential but the good crowd makes the event worth watching.
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on 1 January 2008
This event is surely one of the best of 2006 in the wwe,a card filled with great matches that had meaning and storylines that worked and these matches certainly had hype and they worked wonders largely.
The opening match set the tone nicely,chavo guerrero vs rey mysterio,this match was all about who represented eddie guerrero,who was 9 months dead at this juncture best,the match was classy and scrappy in equal measure and ended with some outside interference and as i said this was a good opener.
Next up was the ECW championship with title holder the big show going up against ECW of old legend sabu,this was a good match with some extreme stuff but a times it was like a pigs ear,the reason why sabu and i dont click is that i feel he has no real personality,he does what he does and thats that but i dont care for the man at all,big show put on a good performance here and in the end the match was saved by its punishing finale.
We are only on to the third match of the night now and we get legend vs legend killer,hulk hogan vs randy orton,the match was great in truth,both men giving heaps and pulling out all the stops and the outcome was great,i am a big fan of both wrestlers so this was great and well done to them both.
Another top match followed,an 'i quit' match between two men who have no lost in real life,ric flair vs mick foley,the blood flowed like a waterfall here and both men fought like lions,in the end one winner would prevail and aside from us the viewer,i was happy with the outcome,a tortured match with plenty of verve.
Next up was a good contest that ended cheaply if im honest,the champ king booker against a relentless batista,as i said this was a good match,fast and electric with pain as the way,the finale was annoying but left for the feud to rage on and that is sometimes perfectlty fine.
An enjoyable match followed with d-generation x vs vince and shane mcmahon,the mood was comical in parts and serious in others but highly entertaining,it was good to have all the outside interference that shawn michaels and triple h lapped up and in the end this was a very good match no matter how you view it.
The main event of the night pitted the champ edge against john cena,this was a terrific contest,filled with see-saw action and highly skilled moves,the outcome may sadden some with its execution but this was a fine battle with both men breaking their backs to go for it,a great match ,a great event,a great card and filled with all that makes the wwe great.
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on 20 October 2010
I have to say that I really enjoyed Summerslam 2006 and I think it deserves a ***** rating, for the amount of great matches that were presented on the match card, including my favourite D Generation members Shawn Michaels and Triple H teaming up against Vince and Shane McMahon.

The DX vs McMahon tag team match got off to a start where Vince and Shane were using all of their resources to wear down D Generation X, which included the Spirit Squad, Mr Kennedy, Finlay, William Regal and the ECW champion the Big Show. The McMahon's themselves had a wonderful time of destroying Shawn Michaels as Triple H was out for the count, when Big Show chokeslammed him into the ECW announcer's table. Then the match picked up with DX actually defeating the McMahon's at the biggest party of the summer e.g. Summerslam.

Other matches I liked
1. John Cena vs Edge for the WWE Championship
2. Mick Foley vs Ric Flair (I Quit Match)
3. Sabu vs Big Show for the ECW Championship
4. Randy Orton vs Hulk Hogan

Overall I really enjoyed this Summerslam and it's a ***** event.
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on 5 June 2007
Summerlsam is the biggest party of the year so why not have the biggest matches of the year....

Chavo Gurreo vs. Rey Mysterio

Great opener Chavo try to defend his honor not the best of the cruiserweight but Rey keeps the match alive with dives and dodges vickie apperance ruined a chance of the match picking up so its a


Sabu Vs. Big Show ECW World Title Match Extreme Rules

Extreme means chair shots and high risk But no blood Sabu was amazing and showed that the originals will live on and big show showed he was quite dominant some blotches but a great match overall


Legend Vs. Legend Killer Match

Hulk hogans last match was incredible he showed the hulkamaniacs who was the legend and that he would not die class match people complained and said orton carried the match But Hogan controlled 6/10 minutes of the match both finisher performed in this match ver fun and Hogan Cheats it was fun to watch


I Quit Match Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley

Amazing,Gory,Intense,Long Enough and Deserved a secound match Wow in other words can't say to much or i'll ruin the ending


King Booker Vs. Batista World championship match

Finally batista returns but this dosen't change the fact he wasen't ring fit and found it hard catching up with his own phisque struggled to deliver batista bomb and belly to belly suplex and bad ending


DX Vs. Mchmahons

What a match resource after resource from the Mchmahons slows down Dx and the interference from Kane to help DX Was great to watch DX Dominated anyway and showed why they are the Greatest


Edge Vs. John Cena Wwe Championship Match

Better than there over meetings at royal rumble not slow paces or any blotches and even with all the odds stacked against him he still won bad ending great PPV


Altogether Summerslam stole the show and the extras are funny to watch (All of the summerslma commercials) altogether 4.5 stars on the PPV could of been better maybe next year will be a PPV dvd to buy if you get the chance.
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on 10 December 2006
1-Rey vs. Chavo

**-This was not a great match. A good opener, but not a great match as it failed ot do what it's supposed to do: remember Eddie Guerero. I think that the Guerrero family must be insulted that the WWE allowe Rey Mysterio to land the patented "3 Amigos", but not Chavo. I'm almost inclined to agree with John Layfield's announcing on this match...but ti did the trick: it opened the show.

2-ECW Title, Big SHow vs. Sabu

***-ECW's only match on the show was good, but unfortunatly not great as the Big Show is not an actual ECW superstar, so why WWE is allowing him ot hold thier ntitle I do not know. He has, however, picked up a few tricks from his new ECW buddies, and the Homocidal, Suicidal and Genocidal Sabu was brilliant in the match (the first time I've seen a WWE fan get behind a muslim, since the Muhammed Hassan days!!!). a good Hardcore match in general.

3-Legend Killer vs. The Legend

****-As this was Hogan's final wrestlign match, I "knew" Orton was going to win, because it is a tradition in the Wrestling business to loose on your final match (or not...Bret hart, anyone? :D), so I was pleasently surprised to learn that this was not neccesarily the case in this match. Hogan was great as he reverted back to his early days, i.e. being a heel player, and was able to pick up the win not by being the good guy, but quite the oppoiste. Orton did not put on a show like Micheals ahd the year before, but HBK adn Hogan were given the Mian Event last year, so that is understandable.

4-Mick Foley vs. Ric FLair

****-I do not know how they made this match happen. As JR says time and time again in this match, both wrestlers here GENUINLEY hate each other, after Mick Foley included some snide comments about FLair in his autobiography, Have A Nice Day, Flair genuinly did not like Foley. However, they managed to put together a great match (whether Foley has apologized since then I do not know, although he hints on it in his follow-up book, Foley is Good), filled with enough gore to be an original ECW main event any day :D

5-World Heavyweight Championship, King Booker vs. Batista

*-I truly hate King Booker. His Booker T gimmick was great, flashy adn fun to watch. Now however he is just annoying--sure he is supposed ot be heel, but this is too much! And in this match, not only does Vince Mcmahon keep Batista down, but the two of them just don't gel at all in the match. It is hard to watch, very, very hard to watch.

6-Degeneration X vs. the Mcmahon Men

*****-DX was killed off after Wrestlemania 15 when Triple H betrayed them and joined Vince Mcmahon's coorporation. Since HHH and HBK have reunited, however, they have taken up thier bad blood with the WWE owners and it has lead into a spectacular match at Summerslam. One of the fun thigns about the match is it is NOT in any way a wrestlign contest. Vince Mcmahon, Shane Mcmahon and DX just go out there to have fun, and they do it well. There is very little direct competition in the match, as there are numerous run ins at the start whihc leave HHH incapacitated to begin with, so it's just the two mcmahons copying other peoples moves as they beat up HBK. When DX take control again, it is just fun to be watching the most hated man in SPorts Entertainment getting beaten to bits...and then it ends with a nice move fomr HBK to shane mcmahon, adn a dustbin to the head of Vince Mcmahon. Shawn Micheals claimed in his Autobiography (written by Aaron Feigenbaum) that Vince was fun to work with...this match confirms just that.

7-WWE World Championship, Edge vs. John Cena

****-John Cena is still on shaky ground after the Wrestlemania 2 problem, but he still has the support of his hometown fans going into Summerslam. It is a good back-and-forth contest, with a particularly nice finish as it makes Cena look like the Superior competitor, even though he loses the match. A great match, just not a great Main Event
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on 6 August 2007
This event took place on August 20th of 2006 and it was good but one match killed the event completly..............People who read this proberly think that how can one match spoil an entire event, well there was one part of the sabu and big show match when sabu was going to do a spring bored into a ddt but he slipped badly, After all the good moments in that night.....it died by that one second.

1. Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero
Good way to start a PPV with high flying action mostly performed by rey but chavo has his moments in this match. The better man won as Vickie came out to ringside and all hell broke loose as she tryes to stop the match but ends up screwing rey.....................8/10

2. Sabu vs Big show
i think that the big show is just a fat guy and sabu is an mental loser but that's just me as both these men but on the worst WRESTLING match of all time. On the other hand it was Extreme rules so you don't really want to see wrestling, you just want to see violents. Good ending though as sabu gets chockslamed through a table. 4/10

3. Hulk Hogan vs Randy orton
What a anoying match. Orton clearly won as hogan got pinned than after the three count he but up his leg on the rop. Hogan is just to old to fight and i respect what he was done and what he was but now he is just an old man......unluky Orton 6/10

4. Ric Flair vs Mick Foley
This was an "I Quit" match as both these men take a beating. We all know that Foley takes hardcore to another level but flair proved to the world that he has guts for his age. A bit short but it was a good match 9/10

5. Batista vs King Booker (w/Queen sharmel)
Crowdhates this match as they chant "boring" through the match and although i has at home watching this, i has also chaniting "boring". A Really poor ending and a Bad batista bomb near the end...........2/10

6. DX vs Vince and Shane McMahon
What a show stealer as all four men almost kill each other. The Begining made all dx fans bit there nails as they worry thinking that shane and vince would win it but DX make a awesome come back and get a good Ovation from the crowd. Good spot when the big show comes out to help the McMahons and he chockslams HHH through a table 10/10

7. Edge vs John Cena
Oh my god...........Cena was in hs home town and when his music plays they cheer him but later in the match they boo him and cheer edge. Edge won by cheating with the brass Kunckes but thats a good thing because edge won and cena lost......................9/10

A good event for The WWE as they normaly do bad ones.........Watch WWE Summerslam 2007 as Cena Defends his Title to Orton and Watch TNA Hard Justice 2007 as Samoa joe and Kurt angle Fight to win all 5 belts in TNA (At least in tna you always get a awesome ppv)
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on 22 February 2013
Great ppv with some great matches.The free poster looks cool. The edge vs john cena has a bad ending but still a great ppv.
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on 26 January 2016
A classic PPV and a must for all collectors like me.
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on 24 December 2006
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Decent opener, but was not your usual cruiserweight match. It was slightly slower and a bit more of a brawl, but there was still some good wrestling. 7/10

ECW Title: Big Show vs. Sabu

Suprisingly good match that was kept short and plenty of action during this short duration. Lots of table bumps and weapons, though there was a couple of botched spots, but this didn't bring the bout down too much. 7/10

Randy Orton vs. Hulk Hogan

The crowd really got into this one, but it was your usual Hogan match. Heel gets control, Hogan Hulks Up, Leg Drop, 1-2-3. The false finish added some drama, but this was nothing great. 6/10

"I Quit" Match: Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

The first 10 minutes or so of this bout is probably the most brutal 10 minutes you will see this year in the WWE. However, in an instant Flair picks up the win. This could and was looking to head towards an all time classic, but unfortunately poor booking let this down. 7/10

World Title: King Booker vs. Batista

This match was pretty average and the crowd didn't seem into it (not suprised!). It was ok up untill the stupid and predictable DQ ending. I thought we would get a good post-match but all we got was a sloppy Batista Bomb. 5/10

DX vs. The McMahons

Very strange match with the McMahons utilising their "resource" (including Spirit Squad, Finlay, Regal, Kennedy & Big Show) to set up an entertaining pre-match segment. The McMahons would control the bout with some nice tag team moves before DX would fight back. The ending sequence was great with interference from Umaga and Kane. Overbooked, but it was supposed to be. Entertaining and woke up the crowd after the previous match. 7/10

WWE Title: Cena vs. Edge

Great match and the best of their series thus far. Psychology was great with Edge trying to score a count out victory on a few occasions. The ending sequence was great with lots of near falls and though some may not like the ending of the brass nucks, it was the only way to keep Cena looking strong whilst not winning. The DQ stipulation also added tension. Very good overall. 8/10

Overall, Summerslam was a pretty decent PPV, and the card was very consistent. Looking, at the card it could have been a classic PPV, but apart from the WWE Title match, nothing was all that great, but still the PPV was good.
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