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on 2 March 2007
So, I've finished Goodnight Sweetheart. I was mostly unimpressed. Sad really because I loved this when it was shown originally. However, a bit of a waste of money actually I think now. After series two, it was like watching two separate soaps with the occasional cross-over of events between the time periods which just about kept the interest up. I found the writing quite disjointed and rambling, not surprising really when so many of the episodes were written by different writers. And while I'm mentioning disjointed, quite often we jumped from one set of events to another without any valid reason. For instance; one moment, Yvonne has lost her job and and is depressed and the next, she's one of Blair's babes and a millionairess! Well, how did she get from one state to another? No mention of the period in-between. And when Gary got his shop. That was another example. Nothing was shown. Maybe I missed a DVD? I guess in the nineties when they were showed each week, somehow, it seemed acceptable. However, when one watches ten episodes a day, one in effect, steps back and the faults and cracks, quite clearly, are visible. I did feel also that when Gary found himself in a difficult situation, all too often he just wondered back in again, problem solved and us no wiser as to how he managed to get away. Another disappointment was there was no mention on the extras, why the two main actress', both together, quit the show after series three. I always wondered why and I felt it was incomplete without this info. However, the acting throughout was first-class, the attention to detail excellent and the set pieces convincing.

I felt the show was written by people who had no interest in the intimacy and enchantment of time-travel and that they had little familiarity with the concept. Sure, it was supposed to be a light-hearted comedy but it could have been executed with so much more time-orientated drama. It could have been intoxicating as well, sending us to places where the human mind seldom dwells, offering us a chance to experience events beyond the mundane but sadly, it did not. Very conventional light BBC programming.

Its interesting though. At the time, I gave no thought to Gary's character but I now found him to be a spineless, hapless philanderer. His extramarital activity came from a base part of his nature and that wasn't pleasant to witness; how he deceived two woman for six years. The immoral hanky-panky he got up to and the pain caused was not really funny. Can bigamy ever be funny? Isn't it interesting how I see it all nowadays? If for that reason alone, it was worth the purchase I suppose. I think the best character was Ron. Funny and real, poor sap! Oh, and of course, PC Deadman! However, I don't think the show has (time!) traveled well. Not a classic.

Molly Cutpurse
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on 2 August 2011
I recieved this boxed set last week. It is NOT as packaged on the advert and my set had faulty discs. I had two disc of series 3 and none of series 4 part 1. They were mislabled and also repeated some series on othe discs. Completely wrong items packaged from the factory floor of the makers.
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on 17 August 2014
An excellent and very funny series, but for one thing. Many of the song pieces that were included, especially many excerpts from Beatles tracks that Gary sings have been dubbed over or removed completely. There's also a missing partial Cliff Richard track ('We Don't Talk Anymore') that has been dubbed over with some unexplainable piece of guitar music, and with Gary saying 'Shut up Cliff' being dubbed over by some obviously inserted raucous laughter. I remember these song inclusions from when it was first shown on television and also from my original videos. I suppose that Revelation or Freemantle Media have removed them for 'not wanting to pay royalties' or for legal/copyright reasons, but for me, it has ruined the series somewhat and left me feeling a little short changed. This practice also happened on the DVD releases of Citizen Smith I believe, and a by product of the money obsessed times we live in I suppose. I'd give it five stars for the actual series, but unfortunately can only give it three because of the above.
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on 20 October 2011
This is a good value for money set. Plenty of good laughs to be had here. Only thing to advise is this set does not include the xmas special where Gary buys the memorabillia shop.

Goodnight Sweetheart: The Complete Collection (11 Disc Box Set) [1993] [DVD]
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 August 2015
For a good bit of escapist comedy look no further than this brilliant series from the 1990s. This DVD set contains all six series in one package. It was made between 1993 and 1999. Each series mirrors a year between 1993-1999 and 1940-1945.
This series mixes comedy with science fiction as a time traveller passes between the 1990s and the 1940s.
Garry Sparrow, a TV repair man in London, and his wife Yvonne are going through a bad patch. She wants more from life and is on an Open University degree course, while Gary wants a simple relationship.
One day Gary, whilst looking for a house to do a TV repair wanders down Ducketts Passage an East End alleyway. He gets lost and goes into the Royal Oak pub in Stepney where he thinks he has entered a theme pub but then realises he has time travelled to 1940. He takes a shine to Phoebe the landlords daughter.
Gary claims to be a Song writer and does secret war work as an agent. He claims to have written “your song^
Meanwhile Yvonne is bemused by Gary’s sudden interest in war memorabilia. Gary confides his secret only to his pal Ron who happens to be a printer and provides Gary with plenty of forged 1940s money.
After the death of her dad, Phoebe runs the pub with the help of local Bobby PC Deadman who creates many of the laughs with his slow and dim ways.
Gary eventually marries Phoebe and they have a son Michael. Gary travels back and forth from the war to the 90s always getting into farcical problems finding excuses for his long absents.
The adventure continues over the six series as Gary meets the likes of George Fornby, Noel Coward, Clement Attlee and the King. He actually does get involved in fighting the war and catching criminals.
Back in the 1990s He gets a memorabilia shop to make a living and cover his time portal.
Yvonne sets up her own business, becomes famous and rich and earns a peerage.

There is plenty of humour and farce and large helpings of science fiction. Gary travels back in time further to Victorian London, Gets an evil double and even gets to take Ron on one adventure to the War.
This is a great series and it is good to see it all again on this brilliant DVD set.
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on 8 April 2014
I never got to finish watching this when it was released on TV, so when it came out on DVD I decided I best buy it and find out what exactly happened to Gary Sparrow in the end!

When I first saw it advertised on TV, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see Gary as Gary and instead, see him always as Rodney Trotter, but Nicholas Lyndhurst isn't one of Britain's best and most loved actors for no reason - there wasn't a sign of Rodney - it was all Gary!!

The concept is brilliant, as is the storyline for each episode - though it did get a little weak with regards to some of the later series. They managed to pull it back for the final series though and the ending was quite sad in some ways, but also inevitable - you can't travel back and forth through time and live a double life forever can you? At some point in time, you have to choose and if you don't, fate/destiny does it for you!!

The characters were all brilliant - most of the time I felt really sorry for Ron and there were moments when I could have slapped Yvonne - but this is what makes this series so memorable and the characters so real. After I'd finished watching it, I found myself absent-mindedly wondering how Gary was getting on in the 1940s! Such is the power of TV and clever acting.

I preferred Elisabeth Carling's portrayal of Phoebe to Dirvla Kirwan's, though she was also brilliant in it. The actors do change half way through - the character of Yvonne, played by Michelle Holmes in the first few series, is replaced by Emma Amos in the latter, but this is, for the best part, unnoticeable and you soon start to believe that they've always been the same from the start. Sometimes when series change their actors, it has an adverse affect on one's enjoyment of it, but not in this case, so don't be put off by this.

For anyone who has never seen 'Goodnight Sweetheart' and is thinking they might like to - then do. It's brilliant and timeless - one you can watch again and again.
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on 3 February 2011
I've seen these on tv back in the mid 90's, but not all of them so that's why I decided to buy the boxset. However, I was very dissapointed upon delivery as the dvd set I received was not the same as the one pictured and advertised, and after contacting Amazon about this they have removed BBC from the title, however the picture that remains is still misleading as this is not what you will receive if you order this dvd. The set I received was a cheap as seen on itv three version. The BBC version even has postcards inside apparently.

What you see is not what you'll get!
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on 18 April 2013
A cracking tale, full of surprising turns, but once again a victim of the British disease of adding canned laughter to what is a wonderful idea. Nearly every British tv series is punctuated by wholly inappropriate laughter, which is obtrusive and seemingly inserted by producers just because this is what they do in British comedy. It would be good if there was a remote button to cancel this painful noise. Good comedy can rely on a clever plot, situations which appear normal and yet take on a comic side when well-acted and performed. So why spend good money ruining a perfectly adequate comedy by adding studio laughter? A waste of time and so utterly annoying. Goodnight Sweetheart: The Complete Collection (11 Disc Box Set) [1993] [DVD]
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on 8 January 2011
I greatly enjoyed the series and already own all six of the DVDs. I'm curious about this 11 disc set: there is no mention of what is on the other five DVDs, which is unhelpful. Would someone please enlighten me. Thanks.
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on 17 September 2017
This wonderful 90's comedy show is all about Gary sparrow, a married tv repair man who stumbles upon a time portal and ends up in 1940. There he meets phoebe, the barmaid in the Royal Oak pub, where he strikes up a friendship and later romance. He then has to strike a balance between seeing both his wife Yvonne in the 90's and phoebe, who he later marries and has a son. It's a sweet, charming, nostalgic comedy that sometimes comes across as more of a drama, but still has great laughs now and then, although the 90's bits look a bit dated now.
My only complaint is that dervla kirwan, who played phoebe in the early series decided to leave after series 3. She was perfect for the role and the show dipped in quality after she left. Liz carling did a reasonably good job as her replacement, but she just didn't have what dervla had. Despite this, there were some good episodes in the later series including series 5's "when worlds collide" when Yvonne and phoebe finally meet! Gary's face!
There are great performances from nick lyndhurst, vic maguire, Chris ettiridge among others throughout the show, including Emma Amos who I actually thought was the better Yvonne. To sum up. A wonderful show that can be enjoyed again and again, but the first 3 series are by far the best, mostly because of dervla. Enjoy!
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