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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Size: 2 Port|Change
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on 28 August 2011
I finally thought I had a reasonable USB KVM switch which would alllow me to start upgrading to Win 7 and USB keyboard/mouse. The KVM switch is okay, looks like a spider with cables exiting at all angles and was working fine in my exisiting setup so I bought a new core-i7 machine with Win 7 that I had my eye on and thats when things started to go astray.

The KVM would switch between the Win 7 and XP machines without issue but switching back to the Win 7 machine it would lose the screen resolution setting and needed manually resetting, this rapidly became a pain so started investigating. The XP machines have the monitor defined correctly in windows but the Win 7 machine just thinks it is a default monitor, tried updating monitor driver but Win 7 just said not valid for 64bit OS, wasted time with the PC/monitor vendor to no benefit.

Finally it seems that Win 7 keeps sending/requesting EDID data via the Display Data Channel (DDC) which is not supported by the KVM switch so switching between machines is seen as a disconnect/re-connect of the monitor, XP does not do this repeatedly so once it is happy with the monitor, switching is okay but not Win 7.

I could buy a EDID/DDC emulator but that is expensive and is needed for every Win 7 machine so I have ordered another KVM switch which the manufacturer says is Win 7 compatible so fingers crossed it will work..

If buying a KVM switch for use with Win 7 check it supports fulltime EDID/DDC emulation otherwise you'll be frustrated, as usual Microsoft is at the bottom of all this with no easy/cheap fix so everyone has to spend money unnecessarily on new hardware
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on 28 August 2008
After buying a useless KVM from ebay a few years ago, I had some trepadation about this unit. I am however, very pleased so far.

The USB switching can take a few seconds sometimes, but this is small price to pay.

I have not yet tried the audio sharing but the video output is identical to what it was before the switch was fitted, and this is with an 8 foot vga cable I have to use on one pc.

It feels quite solid and well made.

highly reccomended
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on 18 September 2009
Due to lack of desk space, I need to share monitor/audio/keyboard/mouse between a Windows XP machine (homebuilt) and a Vista 64 bit machine (Acer). I tried two previous KVM's (Sweex cheapo device and an expensive Belkin one), and they were both completely useless (and returned!). I decided to have one last go trying a KVM switch, and based on reviews, decided to try out this Startech one.
Finally - a KVM that actually works properly! Not the most elegant (connectors on all sides of the device), but I am just happy that it functions as it should.
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on 18 March 2014
I spent quite a time trying to find the 'perfect' solution to my needs!!! I have a desktop PC running windows 8 64bit. I have a laptop running windows 7 32bit. I use a Microsoft Sidewinder X6 wired keyboard and a wireless Logitech M570 trackball - I'm sure you can work out what I want to do!! However, I could not find any similar answers on the wonderful web anywhere, so I bit the bullet and bought this item........

Well it worked, and works flawlessly. There are buttons on the KVM for switching, or a small software program (included) for soft switching which also works well. The leads included are quite long, but not long enough for my purposes, so a simple VGA extension cable does the job as my laptop is a about 3 metres away.

It is a non powered KVM and all required leads are included. Personally, I KVM with a 40" HDTV (yes, through VGA not HDMI) sometimes I disconnect the VGA lead from my laptop and leave the USB cable connected so that I can still use the keyboard and mouse whilst viewing the laptop screen.

If I had a slight grumble - it is that I often put my desktop in sleep mode and with the KVM connected it takes a few extra seconds for the signal to get to the TV ( about 7 seconds more ) If you do put a computer to sleep or power down, the KVM does not auto switch to another device, you have to press the buttons on the unit itself.

Finally, as all of my devices are connected to the HDTV by optical audio cable, I have not used the included audio cables, however, I have no doubt that they will work!


Now I found this incredible............. The supplied leads, have a VGA one end (plugs into KVM switch) and VGA and USB at the other end. Obviously the VGA does the visual and the USB does the mouse and keyboard........... so I tried something

I plugged another spare KVM lead (4 included in box) into my 3rd spare port on the KVM and at the other end - the USB only (not VGA plug) into my Playstation 3. IT WORKS!! I now use my PS3 using the Sidewinder and Logitech wireless mouse - Ideal when writing messages. As you do not have the ability to install the software, you have to use the manual KVM switch to swap over, but hey - big deal.

Now, I was not expecting that from the KVM - It's the Dog's Bo**ox, If I could give it 10 stars I would!!!!

Hope this helps someone :)
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on 26 February 2009
Bought this to share a monitor/speakers between my Vista desktop and Mac mini. Works flawlessly - nice thing is that if you have a wireless keyboard/mouse you can plug the dongle into the switch and share the keyboard and mouse too... Video / sound quality is as good as natively connecting to a monitor/speakers. Recommended.
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on 8 June 2014
I was a little unhappy about the push to purchase a new computer (Windows XP support being withdrawn) and was wondering if there was such a simple switching device to enable me to still use either my old computer or the newly purchased desktop model (Windows 7) - without having to phaff about in small spaces swapping the cables around [for the monitor, keyboard and mouse]. And sure enough... indeed there was! A KVM switch (this one to be precise).

By pressing the device button connected to the relevant computer, all of these devices (monitor, keyboard, mouse, even any attached speakers) switch to that computer's signals. No software needs to be installed, and once setup, each computer only requires the first power-up in order to work out how the cabling has been re-wired. Personally, I prefer only having one computer on at any one time, but it appears that you could have both switched on (I'm convinced I'd blow a fuse...or melt something else from having the wrong fuse!)

As a side note - I agree with people complaining about the awkwardness of where to put such a small device with such a medley of supplied cables radiating from it - this can partly be resolved by piling up a few, rarely used tomes/books, along with the box it came in (I was running out of ideas) and situate it behind the monitor (so long as there is still a bit of a gap for air to circulate). Then place the whole lot on top, and drape the cables over the sides. This results in the cables looking abit more organised and the main KVM buttons are more easily accessible.
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on 25 August 2010
I would have given this device a ***** rating but for one issue. This is quite a small unit and by the time you have everything plugged in you have a mass of cables on your desk and it all looks a bit Heath Robinson. Ideally this unit would fix to a vertical surface somewhere on the desk and it would look so much better and be easier to use. I've tried double sided tape but the box has 4 dimple type feet on the bottom that prevents you from using normal tape.

Other than that minor grumble, I've very happy with it. If I needed another one, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another of these
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on 12 January 2011
This does what I expected, and was easy to setup.
We have a Vista Tower, permanently connected, and a Samsung NetBook occasionally connected.
The USB input is connected to the USB on our Screen, so the screen can continue to act as a USB hub for whichever machine is connected.
Of course, you then have to remember to unplug any usb devices from the screen before switching computers!

The only niggle is that we get messages about the USB hub not being 2.0, so presumably USB access is a bit slower.
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on 15 December 2016
Does the job as a KVM switch should. These are VGA ONLY ports but it is a nicely robust piece of kit.I think the design could be a bit tidier when there are cables plugged in. i.e. having the input and output ports on the back would be nice but hey it was a good price and it works..
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on 16 May 2012
My previous PSI switch (a Belkin) required keyboard input to make the switch. I prefer the StarTech because it has an illuminated switch for each computer that you have to press by hand , still a manual process , but much more reliable. Not knocking the Belkin, I would have kept it except that I couldnt convert the PSI connectors into useable USB ones.
Also good about the StarTech is that, while it has separate USB ports for connection of a keyboard and mouse, it accepts a wireless USB dongle so that both the mouse and keyboard can be operated through just one USB port: meaning I have a spare switchable USB port.
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