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on 17 October 2007
I've used this product for approx 3 months and found it simple and practical - my observations good and bad as follows:

Good Points:
Displays starts up HEAT, STEAM, COOL AND 3,2,1 HOUR COUNT DOWN.
There are 6 grooves in base to hold 6 normal size bottles, with teats and room for dummys in tray compartment at top.
Easy to set up pour 80 mls appox of water in base and press "go" - steamer is ready within 5 mins
Keeps bottles sterilised for 3 hours and has a countdown 3,2,1 digital display.
Very quick and effective.
No chemicals

Bad Points:
Doesnt hold the 6 closer to nature "Fat Style" bottles as pictured in the base unit - 3 bottles comfortable 4 is a push which I found strange considering advertisement makes you think it can. This is due to its tear shaped design. But it will hold 6 avent bottles or similar type easily.
(But never-the-less unit is so quick to use its a major/ minor problem depending on how your days been with baby.. )
Takes 5 mins from start to finish but if you need a bottle quickly the unit is extremely hot especially when opening the lid and it cleans bottles by way of steam.
Ive put dummys in to be sterilised and took out within the first half hour and too hot to give to a baby, can be a similar problem with bottle teats so you need to think about timing.

Overall I rate this product and only major design fault I could see was it didnt hold 6 closer to nature bottles.
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on 8 February 2009
I would say there are equally good and bad points about this product.

Good points:

- It comes with a starter kit!
- The unit is easy to assemble and clean
- Preparation surface tray when making up feeds
- Unit is compact and doesn't take up much space
- Simply pour measured amount of water into the steriliser base and press the start switch to progress through a sterilisation cycle
- Easy to understand display:

H for Heating up
S for Sterilising
C for Cooling
3, 2, 1 countdown every hour
0 and the contents need to be re-sterilised

Bad points:

- The base of the steriliser can get dirty quite quickly leaving a brown deposit. Maybe thats normal and shows the steriliser in action. Or maybe it's due to the hardness of the water used. So maybe not all people will experience this due to the area you live in.
- Even though after "cooling" and the unit counts down from "3" the contents are very hot when the unit is opened straight away. So timing is important and I would recommend the use of tongs. It's a shame the unit doesn't come with one.
- The unit will fit the fat style Tommee Tippee bottles. It will fit upto 6 large ones with tactful packing and maybe even more if you slightly stack/wedge them in between eachother. You could also fit the smaller bottles or other bits and pieces in the unit. The unit came with a "Central stem" which I didn't assemble because I found no use for it. It just "got in the way" and made less room in the unit. The confusing thing is, is that the instructions tell you to place the screw rings on the central stem for sterilisation but then it contradicts itself by stating that the Tommee Tippee teat and screw ring have been designed to be placed in the steriliser fully assembled. Do you see what I'm getting at? So I didn't assemble the Central stem. I personally place my teats and screw rings fully assembled on the top surface tray.
- If you want to sterlise the contents again before the countdown reaches zero you have to disconnect at the mains and plug it in again because pressing the start switch won't work. I don't know why they designed the product like that.

I can't think of any more points to add but in all I still think it's a good steriliser and a bargain buy at £25.00. I hope this review has been helpful and sorry it was a long one!
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on 26 August 2008
Seeing the last review, I would like to say that when I opened the steriliser I didn't think the bottles were going to fit. However, I have sucessfully loaded this steriliser with 6 of the new 'fat' closer to nature bottles. These and the lids fit in the bottom and the teats and rings fit on the shelf at the top.
Other than needing a bit of practice to 'pack' correctly, this is a great steriliser, easy to use and nice and compact compared to the space the Avent one takes up.
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VINE VOICEon 1 September 2008
I bought this steriliser to use with Tommy Tippee bottles - then changed my mind about the bottles and used it with Bornfree bottles. I have found it to be highly effective. Every steriliser has a limit on what it will hold but this one has proven more than sufficient for my needs. It takes a little more than 5 minutes to complete a cycle; 5 minutes is the sterilising time, but in addition it heats up and cools. Saying that it 'cools' is a bit of a misnomer - open the steriliser after the cooling period is over and you will find everything far to hot to use. Timing is therefore essential. From my perspective this is a minor issue. The steriliser is compact and does the job - which is what I needed from a steriliser!
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on 27 October 2008
Just what we needed and a full £10 cheaper than the high street.

It fits 5 wide neck bottles not problems and leaves a bit of room in the bottom area for feed tubs and bits.

The upper tray is a great idea giving you a sterile work area when making up the bottle.

Simple controls and it looks very good build quality.
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on 25 November 2008
Does everything a sterilizer should, but seems to take up less space. Had seen many of the circular ones and they seemed to take over the worktop! This is flat at the back we push it back against the wall out of the way when we've finished with it. Probably less flexible in terms of what you can get in it - it will hold 6 'normal' bottles, but less if they are wide ones. We use the MAM ultivent ones at the moment, and with the wider screw on bases and valves I can get 5 in, but it's rare I'd want to do more than that anyway.

The lift out tray at the top that holds the teats/caps is useful to use to assemble the bottles on.

One-button operation to start the steam cycle is easy, but you have to turn it off at the wall to reset it, there's no on-off switch on the unit.

The base stores in the main unit with the power cable if you ever want to transport it, so that's compact too.
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on 8 April 2009
I agree with all the other reviews of this product. Its very quick and easy to use, and seems well built.
I would give this 5 stars if you could actualy fit all 6 bottles in at once. It seems when the manufacturer brought out the closer to nature bottles they couldn't be bothered to redesign the steriliser to suit. For me this makes them seem cheap.
So only 4 stars.
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on 9 April 2009
We bought this just after we found out we was pregnant as it was on offer

Ever since the first time i used it it has never let me down

It holds 6 bottles (wide necked closer to nature)

It has a top tray for teats and dummies

Really simple to use and takes roughly 5-8 minutes to sterilise and cool down

The heating element does go a bit dirty with the water and needs cleaning every 4-6 months

It is quite bulky though but doesnt overtake work space in the kitchen like the big round ones

a great buy and a great price!

Make sure you get one with all the free accessories!
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on 7 May 2011
The steriliser is quite large, larger than those which pop in the microwave but it is easy to take apart so if you need to take it away with you or store away for a while then it is good.

It comes in three parts- the base which you put 80 ml of water in before using it (80ml is handily marked on the bottles too so you can easily measure it), the main body of the machine in which you place your bottles and then a tray which slots on top of this where you put smaller items like dummies, teets, bottle brushes etc.
It is plugged into the mains, not battery or microwave operated.

Bottles are placed upside down so that the steam easily rises into the bottles to clean them and make them sterile.
All you have to do is put your bottles inside, close the lid and then press the button.

The display above the button informs you of where you are in the cycle thes einclude:
E- Error- not enough water.
H- Heating up
S- Sterilising
C- Cooling down
3- 3 hours left
2-2 hours left
1- 1 hour left
0- no hours left, start again.
Once sterilised the bottles remain sterilised inside the steriliser for 3 hours. Once the steriliser has been opened bottles only have an hour in which you need to use them before sterilising them again.

The whole H, S and C cycle should take 'a unique 5 minutes' which I have realised means- a five minutes which doesn't actually mean five minutes but means more like fifteen and fifteen minutes can seem like a lifetime when you have a screaming baby!!
The machine needs cleaning every month as it easily gets limescale built up in the lower level especially if bottles aren't cleaned properly.

What frustrates me about this machine is that I feel it is constantly on. I worry that I have opened it once and so need to start sterilisng again almost right away. You are also unable to sterilise befor eit's counted down to 0 unless you turn it on and off at the plug... there doesn't seem to be the ability to start heating up unless you've gone down all the steps which would take over 3 hours so obviously not very practical!

The body of the steriliser holds 4 bottles with ease and I know of people who have managed to get 6 bottles in although I am not too sure how his happened as it would be quite tight!

What eventually happened with our steriliser is that it broke without warning after just 3 months of use. I have heard other people reporting the same so I wouldn't be buying this again.
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on 24 November 2009
When I first started expressing milk we used the steriliser a couple of times a day then when our baby could last a bit longer between feeds (if I cluster fed before leaving the house) we only used it once every couple of weeks and now we are weaning it is used daily.

We live in the South of England so brown build up occurs on the bottom tray, and below, very quickly and the bottom tray needs cleaned every few days.

My husband wanted to buy another model after we kept getting 'E' for error appear - this happened every 3 or 4 uses after a couple of weeks and is irritating if you leave the kitchen to attend to your baby only to find that it hasn't sterlilised and you need to start over again.

We also have the problem of it starting up again, without the button being pressed, when we close the lid after removing an item from inside.

You do have to be careful with the steam when you open it and i'm not a fan of so much condesation which means everything has to be dried before use but it does sterilise well as long as you make sure it starts up without any errors.
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