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on 26 January 2008
Just received the "FX300 Speaker to go" today, and thought I should write a review (something I rarely do). I'm astounded you can get something as well designed as this, that sounds as good as this, delivered for under £20. It's sturdy case will protect your ipod from knocks, keep out sand and dust, and with a built in flat panel speaker that really does sound good, particularly when you consider it's price. It seems well built too. You'll need some rechargeable AAAs as I can't imagine the 2 supplied will last long. It's no ghetto blaster (obviously) but this is perfect for holidays, travel, beach etc. Just get it!
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on 9 July 2008
As per the other reviews... really excellent value for money.

If you have a Mac - sound level is equivalent to a 17" laptops speakers at about 90%. It's enough to fill a small room, like a small hotel room.

I'd have liked enough volume for a BBQ setting... and would have preferred AA batteries (more life verses lighter weight). I kind of miss having stereo sound, and would have preferred the compartment to be a be thiner (though I realise not everyone is going to use this with an ipod).

I STRONGLY recommend the product - for £19 it's great. I just wish they made a £25 version that was a bit louder and stereo!
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on 4 October 2008
This ideal for the traveller who wants some personal sound. Superb in the hotel room or in a tent. The NXT speaker is excellent with the exception bass but that is easily forgiven on a dark lonely night. Just ramp up your iPod to full volume and use the in built volume control to get the best out of it. The only down side is the size. The iPod classic flops around even when packed out with spare batteries and earphones. If price is your concern get this otherwise I would get the FX500.
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on 20 June 2008
All these guys are right, this is an incredible product, but if ur itching 2 know whether there is anything iffy about it then it is the size... As u can probably see by the picture, even when u sit one of the largest Ipods in it, it still leaves an unnecessary amount of space around ur mp3 player, which is fine if ur not a pocket person.

I don't go on hikes much, I just love to share music so I bought this cool lil bag for pubs and other common social gatherings, but unless I wear a hoody out, i'm carrying it around in my hand most of the time. If ur a girl don't worry, buy it now; its a handbag buddy! But guys this is a damn tight squeeze into ur back pockets even if they are unusually big.

I saw this problem coming b4 buying the product and was scoping many other sound bags b4 choosing this one, but I just couldn't knock these reviews. The sound is remarkable and I'm a fussy guy when it comes to speakers trust me. Its loud, clear and will drown out n e phone, it also gives the low bass tones in ur music the justice they deserve... It's deffinately worth the money. By the way, its £11.99 in Currys if u can find it, and thats a big IF.
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on 25 December 2007
Got these as a present today and their great!
The sound quality is awesome considering the size (about 10cmx8cm), and it looks great. My Samsung YP-Z5 tucks safely inside, and once I've turned the volume right up on there, and right up on the speaker, it is actually louder then you would expect it to be.
It looks pretty robust as well - your MP3 player certainly won't get damaged while it's inside the case.

Overall this is excellent value for money - I would go for this over other portable speakers. It's also a reasonably familiar brand name, which leaves minds at ease. It also comes with a 2 year gurantee, which I doubt that I will be needing.
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on 12 February 2008
I have just received this today.What a really good idea.I have been playing my Sony walkman MP3/Photo through the speaker and the sound is great.Its no stereo system but for listening by the pool,out in the garden or in a holiday apartment it should be ample.

The MP3 should be turned up to at least half sound output,then just use the external volume control for the remainder of the time.The base is surprisingly good for such a small speaker,it also has loads of space inside,in which to store earphones or usb leads(for holiday top ups?).

I am really looking forward to using this on my next holiday.
All I can really add is that you would be foolish to purchase anything more expensive as this certainly is a robust quality peice of kit - Buy it before it runs out of stock again!!

Happy listening..........
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on 18 August 2008
My expectations of this gadget were both raised and managed by previous reviews. I certainly wasn't expecting Hi-Fi quality sound, but I was hoping for something more than the weak, tinny and underwhelming noise it produces.

On the plus side: it's a compact, light-weight and fairly well designed piece of kit - ideal for travelling etc - but, for me anyway, that doesn't compensate for the sound being inadequate and lacking any character at all.

Sound-wise, my reference point is the PowerTraveller K2000 speakers - a robust mini system which produces an incredible sound for its size. Unfortunately, my set proved unreliable and after just four months started to cut out. Even so, I'm going to give the Powertraveller the benefit of the doubt and order them again, as the Kensington FX300 just doesn't cut it for me.
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on 28 May 2008
I bought these little speakers to go camping with. When they arrived I was not sure about how they would perform at all, but we turned them on and I was amazed by the quality of the sound that came out of them. They did not distort at maximum one little bit, and the sound was clear as a bell. It is hard to work out why as the speakers are enclosed behind the face of the unit, but nevertheless the sound was loud enough to have to turn down so as not to disturb other people, and the battery life (two AAA batteries) lasted long enough too. The case provides a great storage space for your ipod or mp3 player (they take all kinds with a universal jack). My husband went for a scramble up a small mountain (large hill in my book!) and hooked it onto his backpack and had music as he went, and several other mountaineers(!)stopped him to check out his little Kensington. I am really impressed. They are robust, funky little things and I can't recommend highly enough. Brilliant!
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on 14 July 2008
I read the other reviews on this product and thought it sounded perfect, but it's not!

My main issue is it's far too quiet I bought it for listening to in the park and at festivals with friends, but the area where the music is audible is so small (<1 meter from the speaker) I may as well wear headphones as I'm the only one who can hear it.

Also the sound quality is far from great, bass in pretty much non existant, I wasn't expecting that to be great but I hoped it would be a lot better than this.

Playtime seems to be about 7 hours on two duracell aaa batteries playing at maximum volume (trust me you'll never turn it lower than the max) which seems pretty good to me.

The case seems pretty tough and survived mud smears and splashes of rain at Glastonbury, it kept playing and protected my player well, the mud wiped off easily with a damp cloth and left no damage. Unfortunatly the volume control feels pretty flimsy, it sticks out from the body somehwhat and wobbles quite a bit, it's still attached at the moment but I wouldn't be surprised if it fell off.

Overall I think this speaker is only good as an expensive and over large case for a player, look elsewhere for decent sound and volume.
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on 6 August 2008
I bought this for camping, and it arrived today, i was worried it would be too quiet for my needs but it is plenty loud enough, and i had to turn it down a bit for my own comfort!

its a brilliant little gadget and i highly recommend it to anyone who is planning to go out and about, although overly noisy places (festivals) are not a good idea, but surely if at a fest there is plenty of good music already!
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