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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 September 2006
This has to be one of the best albums released this year. There isn't a bad song on here, which you can't say about other Roach albums. The production is on the nail, slightly more polished. The song writing has improved and is very strong throughout, this is the album Papa Roach always had in them but never quite delivered. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!
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on 10 October 2006
This album is as good, maybe better than their last album. The only thing that stops me rating it as better is my total loyalty to the last one because I loved it so much. Papa Roach grow musically with each album, and if you are a long time fan like myself you will have basically seen the band grow up over the past years. Songs dedicated to being where they are now and the dark parts of their past (Jacoby especially) basically force it on you, they are back and they are not the same.

The major surprise for me in this album is a song with orchestral instruments in (Roses On My Grave), which was written in dedication to Howard William Roach, aka 'Papa' Roach who passed away this year.

Other than that it seems the transition from nu-metallers to straight rockers seems to be complete. LoveHateTragedy signalled a low point for the band as nu-metal was in its deathrows, and along came Getting Away With Murder which was a huge step to where they are now.

I cannot recommend this album enough. There is not a bad song on this album, and even some songs I was dubious about grew on me. I know one of the other reviewers said that when he/she got to Time Is Running Out/What Would You Do, he/she felt like skipping back to the beginning of the CD. I too felt this way to start with, but eventually the songs grow on you, and you have to go passed these songs to get to the great My Heart Is A Fist and Roses On My Grave. Put these with To Be Loved, Crash, The World Around You, Forever and I Devise My Own Demise and you have an album worth the money even if the rest of the album was filler, which it isn't.

Probably the best album to be released this year.
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on 28 January 2010
Papa Roach were one of the very first bands I got into when I began listening seriously to music, as Infest had just been released that year. However I moved on after a while, and haven't given them much of a look since Lovehatetragedy, which I found slightly disappointing overall (She Loves Me Not notwithstanding).

And then I found this. It's still recognizably P Roach, but they've developed a huge amount in the intervening years (granted I've not listened properly to Getting Away With Murder, but I gather that was a big improvement too). The songwriting is much better than their older stuff, and as another reviewer said, there honestly isn't a bad song on here, which you can't say about most albums full stop, let alone other Roach albums. Jacoby in particular has really expanded his vocal range and this massively improves the music in my opinion, as I was never a particular fan of his rapping. But all of the band have clearly had a chance to grow since their debut and it really shows.

For anyone who wrote them off after their first major-label album or two, seriously, give them another chance. It's been years since I lost interest in them the first time, but this is real music, competently written and performed, and it would be a shame to ignore it. It deserves to be heard. If they continue in this vein with future releases they're well on their way to once again becoming a staple favourite of mine.
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on 3 May 2008
If you see my reviews you'll see that I'm basically a fan of more extreme metal, but like many, I started out listening to the likes of AC/DC, Maiden, WASP & Motley Crue before discovering Metallica & ending up at Dimmu Borgir & Therion.
I've always retained a soft spot though for trad rock/metal and Papa Roach have mostly now left the rap core/nu metal sound behind to embrace these traditional values. They seem to be taking the upbeat party metal of Motley Crue & the stadium rock of Guns N Roses and forging it with a modern/harder edge to create a style that recalls the late 80's & early 90's while still sounding fresh, current & spiky. It's an interesting sound & certainly beats the retro codswallop peddled by The Darkness or God help us, Def Leppard!
I wouldnt say that any of the individuals are virtuosos but they gel as an effective unit. Jacoby Shaddix is becoming a very decent vocalist adding range with each release. The guy's stage antics can sometimes be a bit embarrassing ala Fred Durst but it's clear he revels in the new found 'Rock Star' role so very different from the image as seen on Infest.
Shaddix is on record as saying he grew up wanting to be a Rocker despite the rap-dominated vocals of earlier releases.
The sub-Maiden guitar lines & slap bass fills are all but gone replaced by a cohesive Arena Rock soundscape. I dont think the drumming is outstanding but it works within it's surroundings & marks the final recorded appearance of Dave Buckner with the band.
Special mention to Howard Benson for production duties, the sound is powerful & organic (never over produced like The Leps).
There is great variety & the songwriting is strong.
To Be Loved is the albums opening rabble rouser and features a chorus that Nikki Sixx & co. would be proud of - also there is still a hint of the rapping style here - used sparingly its still effective!
Roses On My Grave features a string section & is a worthy stab at symphonic rock.
My Heart Is A Fist is maybe the strongest track. A MASSIVE chorus, some powerful vocals/lyrics and closing with some haunting piano keys. This song would have graced any Guns N Roses album! A real anthem!

Basically this is the zone where Metallica, Faith No More & Motley Crue fans can meet up, and enjoy some hard edged, modern metal that's just looking for a good time instead of summoning Satan...
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I got this album along with Infest and Getting Away With Murder, and i feel that they're both much better than this album. I think i was always a fan of the Nu-Metal genre as i like both rap/hip-hop and rock, so with this album probably strayed furthest from that genre yet, it may be an explanation for my disappointment. It starts out with a cracker of a song, ...To Be Loved, follows with another good song, Alive(N' Out Of Control), but nothing else really tweaked my musical taste. I'll admit straight away i was quite happy to just sit there and listn through the album, because there isn't a poor song on there. However there is nothing else that deserves iPod space except the first two songs. Maybe 3 and a half stars. Still thought it was quite good. Don't let this review change your mind, go for it and make your own mind up.
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on 29 June 2007
I have every paparoach album, but I wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan. Infest had two good songs, the rest was filler. Lovehatetradgedy was weak too with three pretty good songs and the rest was forgetable. Last album getting away with murder was a big improvement. with some excellent tracks and a good overall standard.

Here they improve the overall standard, without hitting as many highs.

...To Be Loved. Is a balls to the walls rock out.

Forever Is a great rock ballard

I Devise My Own Demise a soild rock track fast and immediate. as are My Heart Is A Fist and No More Secrets and Reckless

The Fire, takes on an almost santana style vibe, it is also the best track on the album.
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on 31 January 2008
back in 2000, i discovered 'Infest' and it became one of my all time favourite rock albums. seeing PR at the brixton academy followed and i was a convert.
so i was gutted when they released a string of lame albums - love hate, getting away with murder... i thought i had discovered a real talent but no.
But its with much delight that im hearing the Paramour Sessions - the original energy is back!
Forget the rap metal blast of 'Infest' (5stars) Paramour is straight rock. But theyve got their groove and , to all those dissapointed Roachheads at last its time to party!
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on 24 January 2008
This is a fantastic album and all Rock fans should have it in their collection!!! In my opinion all of Papa Roach's albums are excellent but I think this may be their best. I've owned the album for a couple of years now and I still listen to it all the time. My personal favourites are 'Forever' and 'The World Around You' but there are no fillers on this album, every song is amazing! Do yourself a favour and buy this CD now!
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on 15 September 2008
This album is a masterpiece. Papa Roach just get stronger and stronger. Really enjoyable listen and not a bad track on the album. Great to train to in the gym or just relaxation. If you get the limited edition one with Scars live and SOS these are 2 great additional tracks.
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on 22 August 2013
This is amazing. Really, I love Papa Roach, but this album is just so full of....everything I love! 5/5. I would recommend it to anyone!
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