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on 12 February 2013
Having never come across any of the movies on this boxset before, this was a bit of risk purchase. It actually took me a couple of months to work up to starting these. Having done so I am transfixed. Individually some of these movies come across as better than others, but really in my view they are best viewed as part of a gradual unfolding and refining of Fassbinder's vision, especially as the same ensemble of actors run through many of the films on here. On the face of it, the film sets are very basic (and I mean very basic....often just a table and chair in a bare room) and the films themselves often seem to be made up of a series of cut up 'staged' set pieces shot in a pseudo documentary style. Doesn't sound too promising on the face of it, but I found these pieces absolutely fascinating, so much so that I ended up setting myself up to watch them 1 per day until I got through them. Themes of poverty and aspiration as well as sexual and racial politics run through the films but these are not merely po-faced intellectual exercises. Instead I found them thoroughly modern, compelling, especially visually, and a great introduction to a truly great film-maker... now, for box set 2!
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VINE VOICEon 25 October 2007

16:9, 2.0 audio with optional English subtitles

4:3, 2.0 audio with optional English subtitles

4:3, 2.0 audio with optional English subtitles

4:3, 2.0 audio with optional English subtitles

4:3, 2.0 audio with optional English subtitles

4:3, 2.0 audio with optional English subtitles

4:3, 2.0 audio with optional English subtitles

4:3, 2.0 audio with optional English subtitles
Women of Fassbinder - The Women of Rainer Werner Fassbinder (58:40mins)
Life, Love & Celluloid - A Journey and a Film Retrospective (1:29:35)

4:3, 2.0 audio with optional English subtitles
End of the Commune (47:17mins)
Harry Baer Interview (40:53mins)
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on 17 April 2017
You cannot really knock Fassbinder even though you might loathe him. Some interesting stuff - some dire!
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on 20 April 2016
This is truely a masterpies for no doubt at all.
I still remember seeing Fasbinder's other film <The Marriage of Maria Braun>. After seeing the ending, I was just literally freezed and couldn't moved for at least 5 minutes. It was just a truely shocking!
And now almost 15 years has been passed and I've got this 9 disc collection of Fasbinder that is only about 12$ from UK amazon and that include this movie.
This movie is first attached my attention because of the artwork and the camera work.
The art work is all sexual. The wall is painted with nudity of a man naked with his peanuts shown and a woman also naked. The manequins are all so very real looking that are all skin toned naked figures. All this things make the mood of the only location of this movie very erotic.
As you can see this movie is about Petra von Kant who is just divorced and falls in love with another woman who is her model the 23 old lady Karin.

The camera work is truely amazing. It sometimes frames like this.
The two naked manequins are on the two edge side of each left and right while two women are talking on the middle side about sex and stuff. It truely make the mood more erotic that way.
And When also two woman are talking about awkwad way of sex, the camera is tightly moving to the secreraty on the backside typing and suddenly focuses out to her and moves back to Petra von Kant on the right side front. It clearly shows that the secretary maybe has been involved with Petra as well. See, the secretary never speaks as if she is a mute. She works like a slave, whenever Petra tells her, she does whatever she asks her to do like a maid or something. Petra even shouts at her whenever she feels like she wants to. She never complains or shows any signs of discomfort at all.

The whole relationship thing is very interesting in this movie as well.

Peter Von Kant the owner of the Apartment is kind of powerful woman but since her model/ lover Karin comes and live with her, she becomes her (kind of) slavish woman. she gives her money, love and even do whatever she asks, for instance when she tells her I want a wine, she gives her a glass of wine which she never did before. She always used her secratary before.
Also Karin is a free woman who sleeps with othe man whatever she wants to even if she is in love with Petra. That makes Petra pisses off.

Then the mutish secretary. A mistary woman who is kind of slavish lady. She never speaks and do whatever Peter asks her to do. Constantly work-typs as a secretary. At the end when Karin leaves Petra and Petra becomes sick for a while and recovers from sick, then she kind of overcomes not being with her lover Karin she tells the secretary Martene that you are free now. This indicate that she was kind of a slave before. IT is the word YOU ARE FREE NOW that makes her able to go out from the apartment.

Then there is Petra's daughter who is kind of dependent girl.
And her mother who is all about her happiness.

See all the people appear in this movie are female only that is also interesting.

The movie ends as I mentioned before when Petra releases the secretary Martene free and she packs her stuff and leaves the apartment.

The whole story is only happening in the apartment and mostly in the bed. But I never felt a single minute boring.
This is an amazing film next to his other film <The Marriage of Maria Braun>.
You should check it out.
I am so blessed purchasing the 9 disc collection of Fasbinder. Now I have chance to see 8 more movies of his.

PS: I forgot to mention that the cinematography was done by Michael Ballhaus.
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on 11 December 2013
Finally I discovered that they were available, last time I looked I could only find one or two individual films at exorbitant prices - the kind of art house movie prices! I have seen most of the films back in the 60's and 70's, in the "Lupe" cinemas in Cologne. Looking forward to watch them after Xmas, having got them for my wife as present!
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on 30 November 2007
The release of the vast Fassbinder catalogue on dvd seems a dream come true - co-ordinated box sets featuring (nearly) all the director's films in chronological order, with all the relevant documentaries & shorts. Fassbinder was so prolific that, if you are a big fan, box sets are the only affordable, practical & sensible way to go, especially given the large discounts you regularly find on boxes.
So what are the options?
Arrow box set RWF #1 "69-72" features the first 9 mostly experimental slow minimalist/pastiche films.
Arrow box set RWF #2 "73-82" features 8 films from Fassbinder's more polished, focused and successful mid 1970s period.
Artificial Eye box set #1 has 3 films plus a full-length documentary (note: NOT the actual film I Only Want You to Love Me).
Artificial Eye box set #2 has 4 films (looks a rather daunting selection!). As far as I can tell these Artificial Eye box sets are not really themed, but kind of round up films from RWF's late period (& have lots of extras).
The Second Sight box set presents Fassbinder's magnum opus Berlin Alexanderplatz on 6 discs.
There are no duplications across any of these releases (but there are still a few films missing).
I went for Arrow box set #1 "69-72" in the Amazon half-price pre-order sale because I like the early stuff best. This box is basic - there is no booklet & apart from trailers not many extras other than those on the Merchant & Petra Von Kant discs, but generally the packaging & presentation is fine & all the films have been restored by the RWF Foundation (though the original prints are often quite low-budget & rough). The early stuff may be derivative of Godard & French new wave but Fassbinder's sensibility is so different from his cinematic influences that the films now look utterly original & unique. Most of the films in box #1 are black comedies, droll rather than grim - the noir thriller parodies like Love is Colder than Death, Gods of Plague & American Soldier (uncut version) are "successful" whereas some of the other films might, individually, be "failures", but over 9 discs each film seems primarily like an episode in the intense psychodrama unfolding within the Fassbinder troupe of actors. All the films are pretty uncompromising & probably not for the uninitiated, but the set ends strongly with Beware the Holy Whore (a distant precursor of Almodovar?) and the first real "hits" - Merchant of Four Seasons & Petra Von Kant (the definitive Fassbinder film?) Overall, a fascinating if challenging collection. And addictive. I already need another box set...
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on 9 January 2017
Hit and miss for me. Gods Of The Plague and Beware A Holy Whore are the only two I'd revisit. 'Petra' is good but claustrophobic. The first two and the revolutionary 'treatise' are almost unwatchable. Elsewhere, too often you're waiting for a kick that doesn't kick in...
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on 25 June 2016
Most of the important early films by this film maker are in this box set. Though I am not a fan of Fassbinder, the low price of the set is the main reason for purchasing it. Recommended.
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on 8 July 2014
I bought both Arrow's Fassbinder DVD box sets from the hut, and was really gutted that the vol.1 I have received is a stripped down re-release, that got only the discs stuck in one DVD box with no information on the disc content, or the many special features included on the discs. (Vol. 2 dispatched was the first release and it is fine).

The main problem is that the item description on any site doesn't say that this is a re-release, which most collectors won't buy. We buy box sets not only to watch the movies, but to keep them. That's why the industry is going down - I'd rather download them now, then to buy them in this shape. If you do them in this packaging, the least you could do is to add a small booklet with the disc content and film description.

Awesome collection unnecessary ruined!
review image
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on 11 November 2016
Excellent --- but having seen all of these films before, I expected nothing less...
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