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VINE VOICEon 4 June 2007
There are not many products that deserve a perfect rating and I have to say this is not perfect, it is pretty darn close though! Graphics are superb and the multi-player modes are fabulous (great feature, play with your friends or against them).

I have very few criticisms, I would say that the bigger your TV is the better the experience you get as the multiplayer mode is better if you can see more of the screen.

I can keep playing it over and over, a great treat for yourself or as a gift. I am off to play it now!
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on 2 May 2016
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on 23 July 2007
I've got to say that this is like no PS2 game I have ever played, you can go on it again and again without getting bored. There is a great set of missions where you follow the rise of the Empire where they start off as clones and work up through the story to Storm Troopers!
The instant action is much improved from Battlefront I because there are way more maps offering more scope and detail, with the option of hunting down the planet's native creatures, capturing the flag or just fighting to the death on conquest you can's go wrong.
The game's new Galactic Conquest is very fun conquering planets, buying troops and getting bonuses, The film's heroes and villians are also avaliable to play as (as well as in instant action).
Last of all is the space battles - they are amazing! you can fly anywhere on the map (within reason) either destroying enemy fighters, bombing the enemey's capital ships and frigates or entering their capital ship destroying their internal systems.
Battlefront II is definately a classic PS2 game in a league of its own. Amazing.
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on 5 December 2006
For the best Star wars game don't go to KOTR or LEGO Star wars II (even though they are very good games) SWB II provides the bast intense Star Wars experience ever, from soaring around a Star Destroyer in an X-wing to charging into the battle fields of Kshyyyk, SWB II has it all.

Possible the greatest new addition to the game is not space, but the ability to become heros. Such as Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and many more. For the unltimate hero experience check out the Mos Eisley assault level, which provides a hero on hero battle royale.

The main downside to this game is it's incredibly short campaign, which can feel a little repetitive and sluggish at times, but also thrilling and totally exhilerating in others. Another problem is the loading times, especially when playing with friends (which by the way, if one of the best features of SWB II).

Overall imagine a game where you can kill your best friend as one of your best loved star wars characters, or kill one of your best loved star wars characters as a random trooper for massive bragging rights. Great game!
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on 28 March 2007
Now i know that the game has been out for some time but i'm a bit new to reviews so i'll get started.

Star wars Battlefront II is a Brilliant game.When i first got it for my birthday I was overjoyed ,On the Internet it Looked a great game and it was.

Having already played Battlefront1 I knew the controls pretty well.But my God even the training blew me away.There was even more explosions and Action than an American cop drama.The grapics are a great improvement too I noteced this on Battlefront1 compared to B2.Battlefront2 is much more detailed.The option of more troops is a real step too, the chance to be a clone commander and just cut down droid after droid after droid with your chaingun(yes, you heard me right a chaingun).One off the same Problems was you couldn't be the Droids and fight the rebels(this being an example) and that just begs the queston "what if"(There's only one or two missions where you can do this).You also get the impresson that they didn't put that much work into the soldiers that fight beside you.When you're doing the story missions most of the pressure is on you and the screen inbetween story missions and Battles it keeps on going about your team,what team?! well yeah you can pluck guys from the battle and they'll follow you and shoot enemy's but it's just so limited on B1 you could do much more.It's just like asking Lamborgini to make a replica of a ford escort.So the lifeline of a soldier is:spawn follow,shoot,die and it just goes around like this also there intelligence looks pretty poor and is ,they only use there first weapon,now i know you're supposed to take some guys down with you but if they can make the frendly AI just a bit better then it would be perfect.

Later on you start to wish that they hadn't taken away some of the stamina things(for exemple lying)and the flying craft.You could have real fun flying around in an X-wing blowing the bejesus out of an AT-ST or taking out some heavy troop concentrations whilst trying to avoid rockets and gun fire.I also think that the idea of space battles is pretty cool but yet again they could have made it better ,more acton,more Capital ships....

All in all Star Wars Battlefront2 is a brilliant game with a pretty good story line some nicly done graphics and some real fun for you and your friends.But it's also an example that to make the perfect sequel you need new and old and I think that this has to much new.
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on 19 December 2008
This is one of the best (if not THE best) game I have ever played on PS2. It has great graphics and the gameplay is brilliant and easy to pick up and remember.

* There more maps than in the first Battlefront.
* You can fight as a named jedi, sith, or bounty hunter and more (e.g. Yoda, The Emperor but he's rubbish, Jango Fett...)
* More game modes, including one where you can fight as a hero every time you spawn, and against other heroes.
* You can fight in space and board enemy star cruisers before destroying them from the inside!
* You can pilot new vehicles.
* Better Galactic Conquest mode, with more planets and you have to buy units and bonuses before you can use them on the battlefield.

- As well as adding new maps and keeping some old ones, they have also got rid of a lot: Cloud City Landing Platforms was one of my favourites from the first Battlefront, as was Rhen Var.
- Space battles are quite fun in small quantities, but if you are playing several in a row in galactic conquest, they are repetetive. (You can just avoid space combat!)

The multiplayer on this is fantastic. I admit I have never played online, but splitscreen mode against a friend is great. You can have decent conversation about the game as you play it, including strategic comments and general banter. I'm not one to sit around all day and play computer games, but I've had some great times with friends on Battlefront I and II.
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on 20 January 2008
Be at the the front of the battle in this 1-2player game. fight with any of the four teams: good clones, bad clones, repubilics or droids. Or fight for the galaxy were you play as any of the four teams and vs one of three left, or just do missions. The only thing different about this one to the first is that you have they awsome jedi, with the awsome force. when you play a battle you choose what player you want to be and then kill as many as you can, trying to destroy thier 150 men or take over all the command posts and hold them for 20 seconds. so i recomend this game because for the price it is a hands on game. even if you're not a star wars fan you'll like this game and soon become a fan.
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on 7 August 2011
Well I'm a huge star wars fan and I got this game a few years back and I loved it but now that I have moved on from PS2 I hasve kind of forrgotten it but I played it the other day and wow!
The graphics are still good the fighting is great and I especialy enjoy the Galactic conquest game becuse it comibes space battles and land battles and truley make you feel that you are the emporer trying to crush rebal resistance.
Truley a classic game and quite possibley te best star wars game out there!!!!!!!!!!
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on 3 December 2006
This game will entertain the most experienced gamer with the hours of fun and intense game play. The game has attention to detail which adds to the fun and includes all the most famous characters from the films. If you want a game which u can play over and over again then this is it....a must buy...
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on 27 May 2007
I bought this game having played it on psp and on ps2, i had played it before a long time ago, when i played i was amazed by it again. This game is very good in multiplayer because you can fight alongside or against your friends which is really fun. If your looking to buy a starwars game get this
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