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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Price:£149.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 25 September 2007
This is a great piece of kit the shutter button is very sensitive and the command wheels work well.
The only weak spot I thought was the release lock on the rear of the battery compartment it didn't feel robust enough for repeated use.
Apart from that the battery pack is very well designed the balance is very good and it fits well into the hand
The details of battery level or life can be displayed on the rear lcd panel by going through the menu in camera which cuts out the guess work when two batteries are fitted (they don't drain power evenly.
I like the extra touch of a small compartment to hold the original battery cover that was on the camera so you WON'T lose it.
All in all a good purchase.
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on 1 September 2017
Fitted beautifully as you would expect for a Nikon accessory for a D80 and allows me the option of several ways of powering the camera.
Very pleased with the product.
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VINE VOICEon 21 May 2009
As with other reviews I can only agree that this is an excellent companion to your D80 or D90 providing more robustness to your camera outfit and of course doubling the power capacity. The catch that holds the battery compartment door closed is a little flimsy compared to the rest of the construction, and that is the only "issue" I had.

Using it is a joy and the abiltity to shoot and control camera functions from the grip itself makes it much more than just a battery pack.

I pondered long and hard before deciding to purchase the genuine Nikon pack as there are ample suppliers on Ebay offering a similar item complete with batteries for aroung half of the cost of the genuine article. The problem I had with the cheaper option was the very mixed reviews, but the thing that convinced me to buy the real thing was common sense........ I'd just spent a considerable amount on a genuine Nikon D90 - would I (or would you) have considered buying a generic "lookalike" D90 - I think not...... so why compromise on the accessories you're going to use on it ??

You pay for what you get - especially so in this instance.

A great product.
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Hard to really justify the price for what is basically some bits of moulded plastic.
I paid around £100 odd from a Hong Kong seller, a bit more acceptable price wise.

A quick trip to camerapricebuster reveals 5 years ago the grip was selling for £69 (2007), which is much more reasonable and puzzles as to why the price has increased so much. There is nothing wrong with the grip, build is perfectly fine, works as described. Had I thought about it a bit more I would likely have gone for one of the third party offerings. As a £70-£80 price range (which is where it should be) Nikon can still make quite a good profit for what likely costs very little to manufacture. Saying that, it's nowhere near as expensive as the MB-D11 (£200 odd) or the MB-D12 for the D800 which is an eye watering £300 odd!
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on 14 January 2010
This item is an ideal and in my view, neccessary accessory for the Nikon D90 DSLR. It vastly improves the handling and prolongs the available power for extended shooting (I've heard some reviews claiming 5000 JPEG shots but I haven't got that far myself yet!) Cleverly, it uses the two installed batteries individually so it'll exhaust one battery before it starts drawing power from the second. And if you are so prolific a photographer that you manage to run both down, there is a cradle included which holds six AA batteries! I reckon the memory card will fill up before the power goes...There is also a shutter release button on the battery grip which makes shooting in portrait a breeze - oh, and it's lockable so you won't accidentally fire off any shots due to clumsy handling. This unit is solidly built, practical and comfortable to use, just as you would expect from a premium company like Nikon. Sure, it's more expensive than other so called 'compatible' units but I'd much rather have an accessory which I know is 100% compatible with my expensive DSLR than risk damage due to a cheaper third party product. An all round excellent product which I would highly recommend.
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on 28 January 2011

** HOWEVER... **

Amazon customer service was fantastic!

The item that arrived to me is/was a US product. Therefore no UK/European warranty with item, as mentioned in previous posts here.

I Tried to contact seller beforehand, no response in 3 days!!! Poor!!!

So I went ahead and ordered the item hoping it was genuine. Sadly not. In process of returning item with amazon great CS (Customer Service)

I also called Nikon UK to see if warranty could be validated, a no go, and I'm not sure if they will repair for a charge if is US product in the UK, don't quote me on this though!

The item itself:

If you are aware of the above, the product itself is in PWO brand new and definitely genuine Nikon, some may really like this grip, I don't as a result, it definitely beefs up the Camera 'look' and you get additional battery storage/life.

But battery life on a d90 is freakishly good on one battery! Admitted any d80 users out there wont get d90 battery life unfortunately, so 'maybe' the grip is must if using the camera all day long/days at a a time.

For me ultimately it defeats the compact objective of a d90 and if you need a grip to 'balance' out a giant lens then maybe your now in D3s/x territory? And have grown out of this camera.

A [...] is a lot for what it is, having held it, and used it on my body. For some, this will be worth the money. I don't have really large hands (although my gloves need to be a large) so no 'pinky' fall of for me without the grip. People with larger hands, may feel much more comfortable with it on, I can relate to this as I changed from a d5000, to a d90 for this very reason. A pinched, and uncomfortable grip. In a matter of months of buying the d500 I changed to the d90. For me it fits!

I'm keeping the extra battery that I bought, and going to travel light! The money I would have spent is going on lenses, flash, and other kit that will improve/increase my range of opportunity to capture amazing images.

At the end of the day this item, doesn't improve your photography, or allow you to do things you couldn't do without it. But at the same time if it's uncomfortable to use your d90 without it, having it will allow you to shoot longer, therefore, perhaps improve your photography skills?

Sorry for the essay, but I did a lot of research before buying this, and never found an unbiased review to help me decide, some either loved it or hated it! I hope this does help. You will either need it or not.

That's my opinion, go find out for your selves, what's the worst that can happen!!! :')

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on 10 September 2013
I bought another third party battery grip previously to save some money but it fell apart after 2 weeks.
Well I learnt my lesson and bought this one and it works great.
Solid build quality but then that's to be expected from an official Nikon product I guess.
There have been some reviews reporting that the shutter button on the grip is more sensitive than the one on the camera, this is actually quite true but has not really bothered me.
It's not so sensitive that you can't use the auto focus without the shutter being triggered or anything as bad as that, it's just takes a bit of adjusting to really.

All in all this is a good product even if it is very expensive.
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on 11 September 2010
Very nice unit you can now go away for 3-4days without worrying
about battery failure
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on 27 February 2013
I found the D90 very unbalanced with some longer lenses. Adding the battery grip balances the camera and (to me) makes it much easy to handle (but the I'm quite large). Having slots for two batteries gives me more power than I have very needed and it also comes with an adapter to take normal batteries in an emergency. Did purchase a cheaper alternative but the build quality was so poor sent it back. Stick to the official grip and you'll not be sorry. You purse/wallet may be though.
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on 22 September 2010
I thought long and hard about buying this battery grip, I am very pleased I did.
I can't imagine using my camera without it now.
I have it on my Nikon D90, it just feels right with any lens attached,its great for portrait use, though it took a little getting used too remembering it has a shutter button on it.
If the LCD screen is left off it will give a massive amount of shots before the batteries expire.
It may not be to everyones taste having the extra weight to carry, but with the Sun Sniper camera strap attached to the camera instead of Nikons own, I can carry and use my D90 with grip and a Sigma 150-500mm lens for hours without any strain.
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