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on 23 March 2016
if you are hopeless at DIY then don't attempt this repair for those that have some DIY skills then you should be fine there are some very good videos on youtube on how to change the clutch assembly..TIP dyson sell a belt puller but unless you are repairing them all the time you can make your own ..i used a small roller [that you would use to paint with ] the L shaped handle just needs a little bending in a workmate or vice then chop off the end to make a J shape steel tool and the handle has plenty of grip ...i am sure many of you will have at least one of these little pain roller in your shed that you can modify .even if you dont its worth buying one and modifying it ..IT was a massive help putting the belt on the brush bar
you may find that the steel pin or pins on the clutch cover may have bent of rusted .if so remove them mine had snapped and i think thats what caused the clutch to fail ..also you may find that the brush bar wont work when you use the machine ..just use your foot to nudge the clutch actuator with your foot to make sure the brush bar is working .i asked dyson why and the answer was because its a new clutch in an old machine the belts are stiff and will slacken off in time meanwhile use your foot if the brush bar wont go on its own accord ..another good idea it to change the post motor and the bin filters .i noticed on my machine that the post motor cover had broken and half the suction was escaping .so i have ordered an replacement from AMAZON ...
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on 23 February 2014
The old unit gave up after about 25 years (the belt you can't replace on its own broke). Removing the old Clutch was difficult despite my finding a video on how to do it on the net. Be sure to take out all three screws securing the cover - one needs a long narrow tool. The tool is like an allen key but with curved edges - I bought mine from the local market - 16 assorted ends on long hexagon shafts for a couple of quid. Don't even start until you have the tool. Remove the short flexible pipe and the bits its attached to in order to align the hole with the screw head. Removing the knob from the clutch is necessary before you can get the clutch out - find the on-line video to see how to do this. Try stretching the belt that goes round the brush bar before fitting the clutch. It is a very hard struggle to get it around the brush bar - just keep trying. If after reading this you still want to go ahead then I can say that the unit arrived within the promised time and is a genuine Dyson part. The DC04 that I fitted the clutch to is a good model and, in my opinion, is as good as the latest Which? best-buy DC25 so If you can fit this you are saving £200.
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on 12 April 2016
Roller brush on our Dyson were not spinning and the vacuum wasn't picking up, after a bit of research narrowed it down to the clutch. Ordered this clutch assembly which was delivered very quickly. Googled a few Youtube clips to go over how to replace and had it swapped over in 15mins. (you will need to make sure you have the torx T15 screwdriver) The new belts can be a bit tight and I used a long flathead screwdriver to leaver them into position. Recommend also doing a filter change as well as the old Dyson is like brand new again saving hundreds on the cost of a new one.
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on 17 February 2014
I ordered this for my DC14. Arrived within the estimated time. I was even informed by email on the day the delivery was going to be made - well done Amazon, you are getting even better. The assembly appears to be genuine Dyson item but at a much lower price. I was amazed to see the difference in lengths of the old and the new belt. It was not too difficult to assemble the smaller narrow belt on to the motor pulley, but assembly of the larger belt on to the brush roller was no joke requiring assistance from the use of large screw driver after first using an angled Torx keys to hook and pull through the belt. See the "espares" video on YouTube - demonstration by Matt was very helpful.
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on 27 April 2012
I have owned my Dyson DC04 for 12 years. The clutch failed about 3 or 4 years ago, but I have mainly hard floors in my house so the brushes not always moving was not a problem.

Deciding to fix this myself undoubtedly saved money over a repairman. The part is as described, and fitted perfectly. The vacuum cleaner now works as it did the day I bought it!

A word of caution however. You will need a T15 torx screwdriver, mine is 100mm, that was long enough. It is easy enough to do the replacement, and there are many instruction videos/pages online to help you through the process. I managed to do this without a custom 'belt removing' piece of kit to remove the belt from the brush roller HOWEVER it was really bloody tricky. I would recommend getting on of those as it was a pain in the neck getting the belt back over the brushes!
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on 22 December 2011
I have had the vacum for many years and this is the first time I have needed to change this due to the belt to the brush becoming slack. I wanted a genuine part so this fitted the bill.

Watched a few online videos on how to fit and was straight forward. The brush did give a bit of a fight when trying to get it onto the new belt. However, after a bit a pulling (it feet like it was going to snap at one point!) and tugging and a little verbal abuse it submitted and the belt went on.

Watch out as you do need a long torx screwdriver to get at the back screw on the DC04.

End result - the dyson is like new again. Very happy.
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on 16 November 2013
A genuine Dyson spare part which arrived promptly and fitted the same morning with the help of the slim Torx set which I had also ordered. Espares video on YouTube Job was very helpful but job was a bit fiddly as are most such jobs when dealing with snap-on/off plastic components, and fitting the brush drive belt was a two person job with the (stronger!) person stretching the belt and the other easing the brush bar through it. My Dyson DC04 is 12 years old and this is the first repair needed so not bad going and probably good for another 12 years.
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on 9 August 2014
Like most people here, I benefited from the trusty YouTube wisdom and generous applications of brute force! The only thing which frightened the Hades out of me initially was that it made a much worse noise when I first fired it up than the old one had. I kept switching it on and off upside down so I could see what was going on and all of sudden, after a couple of minutes, the noise stopped and all was well. I have to assume that something was "bedding in". If it even lasts half as long as the original did (decades!), I will be very happy at this purchase. Well packaged and it arrived quickly. Thankfully, now the job is done, I can rest my fingers for a few weeks until they recover! If you are prepared for the fight of your life while fitting it, I would heartily recommend this clutch to you as it will save you a lot of money.
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on 8 January 2014
Replacing the clutch is not difficult, there are plenty of on-line videos showing you how to do it.
It does need a little brute force and a couple of goes to get the brush in the new belt which on mine the old one was streched to twice the length of the new one.

My only concern is that clearly with a new tighter belt the motor is working harder. My machine is about seven years old, its now picking up like new, but I can see the motor giving out in the near future
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on 22 April 2017
This is a genuine Dyson clutch assembly, part number 900252-04.
It took a month to arrive, but it was well worth the wait.
In combination with a new brushbar assembly, my heavily-used year-2000
DC04 Absolute has been transformed to like-new performance.
Suddenly, getting another 17 years of heavy use doesn't sound too improbable!
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