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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2007
It is good to see some of Alistair Sim's films (in addition to his work on the St Trinians series) being issued on DVD. I'm particularly pleased to see Laughter In Paradise issued. This is one of Sim's best and funniest films with good performances all round and, apart from the social setting, it hasn't seemed to have dated-dealing as it does in a very humourous way with issues of greed and justice.Recommended.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 July 2007
This is a marvellous black comedy that holds up to repeated viewings. Starring the great Alistair Sim but also featuring George Cole, Terry Thomas, Dora Bryan and a few other faces you will probably recognise. Sim plays Hawkins a clock-maker by trade but really a freelance assassin. Hawkins wants to kill, or is paid to kill, a pompous and boring man Sir Gregory Upshoot who is having a naughty weekend away at the Green Man.

Things go wrong right from the start. George Cole is a vacuum cleaner salesman who turns up unexpectedly resulting in series of brilliant scenes before the visit to the Green Man. You can tell when watching this that it was based on a play, but this doesn't detract from the clever script and high class performances. Perhaps best of all is the chess game that Hawkins plays with a local Policeman. As Hawkins, Alistair Sim is as always the master of telling you everything from a little contortion of his face, and the chess game scenes are the highlight for me.

Its also a chance to look back to a different age. There are a number of scenes (maybe shot in Surrey or somewhere like that) flmed outside a lovely detached house and the road is empty. Not a car to be seen, and when one does pull up it seems very odd, but in those days cars were comparitively rare.

This used to available as a double bill with School for Scoundrels (not the recent remake!). Now that was some double bill. However the film is worthy of an independent release. Buy now before it gets deleted again.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 November 2007
I have been looking for Laughter In Paradise on DVD for a long time after my VHS version wore out and it is not shown on television that often. Unfortunately, so far it is only available in this box set.

Although The Green Man is also worth watching as it is an Alistair Sim classic, Laughter In Paradise is my favourite with a clever twist at the end. These two films make the price worth paying.

There are also another three films in the set 'Geordie', 'Folly To Be Wise' and 'Left, Right And Centre'.
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on 10 September 2010
Like his female equivalent, the great Margaret Rutherford (with whom he appeared on film only once but not in this collection) Alastair Sim was one of those actors you could not take you eyes off. Even when acting with children and animals he was the one who stole the scenes and attracted your attention. He always seemed as if he was about to go 'over the top' but he never did, so well judged were his performances.
This is an opportunity to revel in some of his popular pictures, even though they might not be the greatest films ever made. Geordie seems somewhat over sentimental by today's standards, but Sim's prowess in sheer physical comedy as the Laird is worth it. The Green Man shows him giving a virtual masterclass in comic acting and is packed with great character actors of the day, even though it tends to drag somewhat in the middle when Sim is off screen. And as for his attempts to put a brick through the window of a jeweller's shop in Laughter in Paradise---well, enough said.
If you like Sim, get these five films. Also I would add that excellent biographies of both Sim and Rutherford are now available on Amazon and I would recommend them too.
Julian Mincham
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on 10 December 2007
Great to have this collection. Shame that "The Happiest Years of Your Life" isn't included. Most of these are already available individually. It seems daft not to take this opportunity to bring out more of his work that is so important. The original "headmaster/headmistress" Searle influenced film made before the St. Trinians series. Personally one of my favorite films, currently changing hands on old video for ridiculous amounts of money. Still obviously fantastic for people who haven't already bought most of the content on individual disc. Quite expensive if all you want is "Laughter in Paradise".
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on 10 May 2004
I am only 19 years old yet I think the Green man is the funniest movie I have ever seen compared with today modern trash. Alsiter Sim is a national treasure and a very young George cole is hilarious as he tries to sell a vacuum caleaner to people who are not interested. There are also cameos by Arthur Lowe and Arthur Brough who went on to star as Mr Granger in Are You Being Served.
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on 5 October 2001
If you like Alistair Sim, arguably Britain's finest comedy actor, you'll love this. The range of facial expression he uses to convey his anguish at the thwarting of his plans by circumstances beyond his control is simply superb. Ably assisted by George Cole (as in so many of his films) this film is a gentle comic reminder of a time gone by.
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It's good to see that some excellent Alastair Sim films are out showing his comedy brilliance beyond St Trinians. Although virtually everyone will have seen these films at some point they can be watched again and again. For me they are perfect wet Sunday afternoon viewing.

At the reduced Amazon price I can't recommend this collection enough.
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on 7 January 2004
Enjoy this double bill of classic black and white English comedies. Two very different stories - great choice to put together on one DVD. Why don't they show pictures like these over Christmas any more instead of the regular trash?
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on 8 June 2016
This jovial black comedy entertains as it aches your ribs with laughter. I've found that Studio Canal have re-released many older British films and they seem to excel at cherry-picking the very best of what our own classic studios offered decades ago. This film is no exception. Alistair Sim excels as Hawkins - a skilled, quiet clockmaker, but who also doubles as a deadly hired assassin. Hawkins must murder Sir Gregory, an overbearing but not hard-to-get-to government minister before the latter can take up a new posting to the Middle East. As Sir Gregory wants a naughty time at 'The Green Man Inn' all seems too easy for the slick, darkly comic, yet emotionally restrained Sim, whose performance in this role is tailor-made for him as it allows his understated brilliance to shine. Sim's mannerisms, facial twists, understatement, cagey reticence and the way that he seems to play with the practicalities of murder whilst observing and manipulating the emotions of all around, combine to give us an Alistair Sim master-class. Farce enters the story in the guise of the minister's secretary who suspects what is really happening, and when her fears are joined to the antics and persistence of a visiting vacuum salesman played wonderfully by George Cole, then Sim's calmly revised plan must now embrace more victims. The outdoor scenes take you back to a different age and the nostalgic tenseness throughout compliments the humour. You even have an appearance by Terry Thomas. In mood and eloquence it reminded me distinctly of 'Kind Hearts & Coronets' and 'The Ladykillers.' It's a classic that can be watched again and again, and I believe that I will.
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