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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 25 December 2010
I loved the 1970's and thought the world would always be like that. Holiday on the Buses particularly is utter perfection. The opening scene with the tits and the crash, that had my friends and I whooping and punching the air as children, Blakey and Butler's banter upon meeting each other at Pontin's gate, the scenes with Arthur Mullard, the disco scenes at Pontins, the 70's theme music, the clothes, the wallpaper, the carpets, the attitudes. This for me, is the greatest film ever made. Has me howling with joyous laughter, but also with sadness that those days have gone forever. I advocate the death penalty for anyone who attempts to remake this.
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VINE VOICEon 17 March 2007
The On The Buses TV series is one that I have always looked upon with nostalgia and fondness but recently having bought the boxset of the entire series I find that my memories are playing tricks, the show is not as good as I remember, it is still very funny and entertaining but it feels a little outdated.
The three movies on the other hand are perhaps the only spin-off adaptations to a comedy show that are better than the parent series itself.

The films manage to come up with three nicely contrasting storylines that admittedly do use various elements of plots from the tv shows, such as Stan messing up a radio control system and Olive being given a job in the bus canteen and so on, but unless you know the history of the show this doesn't really matter.

The first film 'On The Buses' deals with the idea of female bus drivers threatening the jobs of their male counterparts and Stan and the team dreaming up all kinds of plans to get rid of them, this is probably the most faithful film in regards to the format of the tv series in that it does feel like an extension to the show.

'Mutiny On The Buses' is by contrast a film comprised of set pieces or smaller plotlines, such as Stan's engagement, Olive's pregnancy, Arthur losing his job and being trained by Stan to be a bus driver, a new horrible manager taking over at the depot and even a trip to windsor safari park and many more. Most of these plots could have be used as a basis for a film in their own right but the fact that they are all in there and that they do form a coherent story is amazing. It is because of the fragmented approach to the film that it is most likely the weakest of the three but it is still very enjoyable.

'Holiday On The Buses' is generally regarded as the best of the three by the fans and the viewing public and that assessment is just about right.
It seems as though this was a case of "What can we do now to avoid repetition?" The answer! Have Stan, Jack and Blakey fired from the bus service and then have them wind up in new jobs at the same Butlins type holiday camp, and it works, there is a freshness and originality that seperates this movie from the rest of the franchise and yet at the same time anchors the situation into the ongoing threads of the previous films and series. Throw in Wilfrid Brambel, Arthur Mullard and a good cast of strong comedy actors and you have the funniest film of the three.

The three films were a financial and critical success for Hammer Pictures, better known for horror movies and a fourth film entitled 'Fun On The Buses' was planned, why it wasn't made I don't know, but these films are historic because they were the first big screen adaptations based on a popular comedy tv show and their success inspired a rush for other comedy shows of the era to be given the movie treatment and a whole new sub culture of films was born.

Very enjoyable indeed.
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on 22 February 2008
Instead of watching the rubbish that's broadcast today, I thought I'd buy these classic feature films of the 70's.

Starting with 'On The Buses', this is 70's Britain, when women were starting to take on normal jobs...a far cry from the housewife of the 60's. Luxton & District take on women drivers and calamity ensues. Quite un-PC but very very funny, in a 'Carry On' style.

Next is 'Mutiny On The Buses. This follows the story from the previous film, and visits Windsor Safari park in the process.

The third of the trilogy is 'Holiday On The Buses', filmed at Pontins in Prestatyn, North Wales. An absolute hoot from start to finish, with lots of scrapes throughout.

The whole idea of a family being bonded together as such is now quite dated, and the high street scenes of the first two films prove how far we have come with the advent of out-of-town shopping centres, although I'm not sure this is a good thing. The film quality and sound quality is great on these disks but there are no extra features. Obviously in the 70's extra features weren't deemed neccessary so these weren't made. I don't have a problem with this. Extra info can be found on Google and various fan sites. The big attraction for me is the fantastic capture of life in the year I was born, with gorgeous footage in all 3 films of the early 70's. References made to non-PC topics are refreshing, and an indication of where we've ended up following years of political correctness.

Long live Blakey, Butler and Harper. The acting was great, the script was pretty good and the quality was good too. Instead of 'paying-per-view', buy this 3 film set and have a good laugh!!
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on 8 November 2010
I've always been a massive on the buses fan. It's pretty funny - albeit not necessarily hilarious - but I've always liked the interaction between the characters and the brilliant Doris Hare and Reg Varney.

I'd say this compilation is all about Holiday on the Buses. The first two - On the Buses and Mutiny - are decidedly average. They use plots (if any) from the TV series already used (e.g. the radio in the cab), and even more disappointingly, for some reason were not made using the standard sets - they live in a different house, the buses are red and Arthur and Olive have kids etc.

Holiday on the Buses is a classic though - it doesn't need the gratuitous nudity at the start (a ridiculous attempt to climb on the "confessions/carry on" bandwagon), although most of you who ever saw it on TV never saw this part - but after then, it's a classic. Loads of top (for the time) comedians play a part, it shows genuine holiday camp life of the 70s, some genuine hilarious moments (toilet exploding I always like).

Never saw this as PC or non PC (I hate the word). In the same way modern comedy is not "PC", this is not "anti PC". Sure, there is smoking, and men chasing women, but more people DID smoke in the 70s, and men DO chase after women and talk about them in a sexist way - even more so in the 70s. It's never over the top, and it's not as if Jack and Stan "outwit" the females or are shown as "better" than them - it's always the other way around!!
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on 22 March 2011
Another classic comedy series from the great era of British comedy. This set includes the three movies that were made as off-shoots of the TV series. The poor misunderstood Inspector Blake, the randy Jack and Stan, the homely Mum and odd couple Arthur & Olive - all are great characters that's it easy to fall in love with. With the classic British combination of humour and mild bawdiness, all three movies are very watchable and very enjoyable.

I was particularly pleased to see 'Holiday on the Buses' as this was new to me in this series. This series made Reg Varney, Steven Lewis, Doris Hare, Michael Robbins and Anna Karen well-known in British comedy circles.

Another 'must own' for lovers of quality British comedy.
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on 25 January 2016
On the buses movies series are a very good. The plots in the movie are more or less the same as you would see in the TV series. Only problem that I have with the TV series that is you have seen one and you have seen the whole lot as I feel that the TV series can be rather repetitive.
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on 15 June 2013
Great, though I am at a loss as to why, on disc 2, the sequencing is 'holiday on the buses' then 'mutiny on the buses' when it should be watched the other way around due to Olive and Arthur's baby suddenly being a brat instead of a baby! A minor technical note that does not detract from these brilliant films.
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on 13 March 2013
all three of the spin off films from the seventies sit com on the buses. all the old favourites are there and if you liked the series you will like these they are just a bit like extra long episodes with a bit more money spent on them.but there good for a laugh on a rainy day
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on 8 September 2009
This is my favourat film comady EVER ! All three films are funny, Holiday on the Buses being the BEST ! This is a MUST SEE BRITISH comady....Buy it , with NO regrets.
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on 17 July 2012
A great result getting all three films here. Once again, a nice trip down memory lane for me. Life seemed so much simpler then. People didn't have half of what we take for granted these days, but seemed a whole lot happier and stress free for it. These films always get panned in the tv mags when the'yre shown on tv, but I always enjoy them. Highly recommended and a great price once again on amazon.
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