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on 21 November 2008
Don't think about using this for technical writing.

Besides the more general problems with Office 2007 (such as the greater time spent looking for various operations on all of the different menu tabs, the greatly reduced ability to customise the toolbars) there are big specific problems with technical writing.

1) Biggest problem: There are many journals that will not accept the docx format. Word 2007 CAN NOT save manuscripts in 'regular' .doc format, only a pseudo .doc format. For instance, equations are saved as uneditable graphics images. This is also unacceptable for writing journal articles, as well as sharing documents with other colleagues who do not use Office 2007.

2) Cross-hatching and stripping are indispensable for technical graphics, and have all been removed from Powerpoint.

3) I generally make graphs and plots with Excel and then cut and paste into Powerpoint in order to convert the plots into publication-quality images. For some reason when you do this with Office 2007 (which is much harder to do now), you end up with multiple objects that cannot be ungrouped.

I am not a Microsoftophobe and was quite happy with Office 2003, which I re-installed. My big worry is that at some point in time Microsoft will stop supporting 2003 and I'll have to move to OpenOffice or some other solution.
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on 14 October 2017
Everything perfect.
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VINE VOICEon 30 May 2009
I've been confidently using MS Office for many years and grown comfortable with where to find commands and use most of the standard keyboard shortcuts. Like so many other people, I'm utterly perplexed as to why microsoft felt the need to restructure everything so heavily in Office 2007 so that processes you could do in moments, now take aeons as you're forced to search frantically for common commands and wade through click after click after click to get anything done. This doesn't feel like progress and I find MS Office 2007 to be one of the most hateful software updates I've seen in many years. If you have the choice, stick with Office 2003.
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on 1 May 2009
I've been a Microsoft Office user since the very first versions (in fact before they were called Office as such). The 2007 version is easily the worst ever and in my opinion, a backward step. I initally thought that the new menu systems were just a matter of getting used to and in the long run they would be more efficient to use. I was completely wrong in this thinking. The carry on that you have to go through to do some fairly simple tasks like inserting an image from a scanner is ludicrous. I subsequently discovered that some of the old hot keys from 2003 still work but really, it should be easier using the menu system.

It's not just me either, every single person that I've spoken to hates this version with a passion. I suppose we're stuck with it as Microsoft aren't going to go back but it's a real shame that this version isn't what it should have been.
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on 26 March 2009
I've been working in IT for 12 years in support and analysis roles so I'm quite techno-savvy. I'm beginning to hate Office 2007 with a real passion. The rollout of the new ribbon menu system shows a real lack of respect for the Microsoft user base - it's completely unintuitive. Everything I used to do with ease in Office 2003 has become complicated and difficult to find. For example Access 2003 has a nice 'windows explorer' type view of tables and queries - really useful - this is not replicated in 2007 so it's quite hard to find the query/table you're looking for.

I would not purchase this.
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VINE VOICEon 22 May 2009
Oh dear. They made this look all sweet and tasty to coincide with the release of Vista but in doing all the fancy stuff they've actually made the software *worse*. It isn't instinctive, it looks fussy and trying to do certain things in the old Microsoft Office way....gets you nowhere. They have redesigned the interface and a lot of the things you used to be able to do are now hidden away or done differently. If you're used to the MS Office package then you really need to stop at 2003 - the pinnacle in my opinion. If you're starting from scratch, go right ahead. It still does everything it used to, only in a more clunky way.
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on 25 November 2009
For the last couple of years I have been managing with OpenOffice. I didn't mind so much the rather chunky feel of it but the totally inadequate database facilities have now driven me back into the open (if rather expensive) arms of the Microsoft equivalent. Access is so versatile and easy to use that I just cannot manage without it, and the rest of the Office package is sleek and feels good. Mind you, if the open source guys get their fingers out and come up with a decent alternative to Access then I'll be back to OpenOffice like a shot. Brand loyalty? - not me.
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on 16 May 2009
For more than 20 years, Microsoft has managed to pull off the trick of creating more powerful versions of Word and Excel that were easier to use, and yet could be made to work like the previous versions. Once you had learnt how to do something, it became almost instinctive. Each new version gave you more power, had new capabilities, but with just a few hours of fiddling, it could be presuaded to work with you the way Word or Excel had worked with you for the previous decades, and you could continue working where you had left off. Office had become a precision tool that could be used with great efficiency by experienced users.

So, full of faith, I loaded up the latest version. But I seem unable to make Office accept any of its old way of doing things. While the new "ribbons" look pretty, they seem to be unadjustable and are a very inefficient use of screen area. And the control one used to have using toolbar options seem to have disappeared. I will give it another (frustrating) four weeks before I give up and re-install Office 2003, or try the more-compatible OpenOffice.

My employer has 50-60,00 copies of Office - and they have decided not to upgrade to Office 2007 - due to retraining costs and inefficiency as everyone reclimbs the learning curve. I should have listened to them. So should you.

If you are new to grown-up office software, go for it - it looks cute. Otherwise, hold on tight to your Office 97 or Office 2003, and resist Microsoft's pleas for your money.
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on 29 August 2007
As a business user I don't really have anything good to say about Office 2007. The new interface now requires 3-4 mouse clicks where 2-3 were needed previously. Many of the keyboard shortcuts no longer work or don't work the way they used to (I don't use the mouse very often). It's not possible to customise the menu structure to any extent as Microsoft have imposed the "ribbon" structure with it's fixed content.

Many of the highlight colours just don't stand out e.g. highlighting text is pink on a white background but highlighted buttons are a sort of yellow colour. There are also only 3 colour schemes available, blue, silver or black. None is particularly attractive and none is particularly clear. Differentiating between several windows often not easy because they are all similar colours.

As a heavy office user, I found the new version of office restrictive and un-instinctive, as if Microsoft have told me how i will work and what commands I will have easily available instead of me being able to select my own. Oh, and you can't even customise a macro button image now! Instead you have to use the ones provided which are an anonymous bunch at best.

you are restricted to a single row of custom buttons - the "quick access toolbar" but if you want the traditional icons on the bar (font, size, style) then you can only fit another 10 or so on the bar - which is restricted to a single line only. when visible, the ribbon occupies a massive amount of space (about 30mm of vertical height) thus restricting the amount of text that can be seen. There appears to be no option to relocate the ribbon, it's always along the top. Hiding the ribbon then needs a double click to bring it back.

I am struggling to express how frustrating I find this software. I am currently in the process of requesting a refund from MS and going back to Office 2003. Note that I can't find anything that 2007 does which 2003 didn't already do for me.
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on 17 September 2008
I recently bought a student version of this package for my son who needed to use Microsoft publisher for his school work. I already had Office 97 professional and for me this has been adequate.

This product adds nothing of value that I can see, but totally changes the appearance of the user interface making it that more difficult to use as you do not know where to find things.

Worse than this there are two serious flaws which are going to influence me to uninstall this software.

1. If you download some word files, written in an older version of Word (97-2003) some of the symbols are not interpreted properly. This happended to me when I downloaded some maths exam papers. Symbols such as square roots are substituted for other characters.

2. If you have two versions of Office installed, every time you click on an office document, the software will take at least a minute initializing, before it can load both itself and the document in question. There have also been many instances where the software has crashed and a report is sent off to microsoft. This happens alot when you open office documents online. So most of the time I download and save the document first before reading.

I am thinking of removing this software from my computer, now that my son has his own laptop. If there are any further problems, that will be his problem.

For those of you thinking of buying this software, my advice to you would be don't. You would be much better off downloading OpenOffice from the Internet and using this instead. It is, as far as I can tell compatible with Microsoft Office, is free, and easier to use. It also includes useful features such as the ability to convert Word documents to pdf format etc.
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