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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 April 2017
very relaxing. i love max richter. beautiful, haunting, mindful.
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on 29 May 2017
Sublime.. Restful....Richter at his best.. recommend without hesitation..
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on 28 June 2017
I can't get enough of this mans music. I play it in my studio an I'm all chilled out!!!
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on 20 April 2017
Very happy with purchase and service.
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on 29 December 2006
Like most reviewers,I agree that this is no 'Blue Notebooks'. It does not share the same, almost intangible melancholia. Moreover, I find Robert Wyatt an uninvolving narrator, who does not share Tilda Swinton's feel for the language (in this case Japanese author Murakami). However, the same ensemble as 'Notebooks' again succeed in creating a resonant soundscape of alienation and yearning, esp. on the beautiful 'Flowers for Yulia'.

Yes, it's short. But like haiku, it is a distillation of elements, the critical deployment of only essential materials, that makes it work.
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on 6 October 2006
Max Richter deems his music 'post-classical,' but I guess it can also be called ambiental, electronic, minimalist - if one MUST put a label on it. This album represents however one of those very rare instances where this association of the 'classical' and 'modern' labels is not giving credit to or benefits the latter, but on the contrary is seems that it is the'classical' that has been ennobled and refined through its association with the electronic and the modern treatments. Doubtful or skeptical? Give this album a listen. I for one have found it difficult to recall such a rounded, accomplished and complete composition (for this is a 'composition' in the true sense of the word, whatever that means). If you have listened to modern 'heavy' music ranging from post-rock to minimalist to ambiental work (or even, dare I say, contemporary classical) this is very likely to seem like a unique work, a peak, a supreme accomplishment you will cherish dearly.

Even if his previous album(s) announced Richter as a serious musician capable of unexpected greatness, I was still blown away at the outworldy combination of harmonies, delicacy, and beauty, outright unashamed beauty, that he has succeeded on this album. This is an extremely sad 'symphonic' work yet graced with a special bitter sweetness, of lonely walks at night on the deserted streets of the city - but so soulfull and heartfelt and personal that this music cannot be called dark. This can easily become the sountrack to one's lonely evenings, to one's falling asleep, to relaxing afternoons, to maudlin mornings - and so personal it is (I keep using this word for lack of a better one) that you almost feel it is your own inner music that's beeing played.

In fact it's almost impossible to describe it in words - perhaps the true sign of a masterpiece. It is a beautiful (impossibly beautiful!) album and that's that. Listen to it and it will become a part of you, bringing with it a slice of life, of ineffable realizations, of quiet revelations, of atmospheric delicate sweet sad mysterious movements.
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on 4 November 2006
First, let me say that the musical pieces contained on this disc are almost, but not quite, the equal of "The Blue Notebooks", which is a stunning album. There is more emphasis on piano, rather than strings, but the weird voice samples remain, albeit with a different person saying them. So, yeah, brilliant album.

Now, the previous reviewer compained that the album is too short, which may be true. But I prefer to think of LPs in terms of how good they are, rather than how long they are. I'd much prefer 35 minutes of brilliance to the same music but with another 35 minutes of filler.

Longer albums arent necessarily better! If an artist feels that an album is right as it is then there is no need for them to add any more.
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on 26 December 2016
There is a piece on here called 'Sunlight' which is possibly the most wonderful thing I have heard in many, many years. The beauty of this melody is firmly set in my mind and is nagging me constantly. This whole album which must really be heard in its entirety is achingly melancholy and if like me, you find it difficult to relax - you really do need this record in your life, somewhere.
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on 25 October 2006
I entirely agree with the reviewer as to the sublime quality of the compositions on this disc. Even more so, these descriptions befit Max Richter's 'Blue Notebooks' recording which of late has become the most played disc in my collection. However, I award only three stars here because I am greatly disappointed with the duration time of thirty-seven minutes! Noteworthy also that 'Blue Notebooks' is only around forty minutes. Current technology allows up to eighty minutes on normal audio CD's. Accordingly, to issue discs with less than at least fifty minutes duration is simply a clever ruse by marketing conmen. A similar trick to the reissue of former discs with reshuffled tracks and DVD's extended with previously cut-out material!

Unless purchasers are made more aware of such ploys and thus become more discerning and deciding to avoid being deceived in this way, then collectors will continue to be milked of their hard earned cash!

Perhaps Amazon could take note of this comment, particularly if we customers all got together and requested that details of duration times etc were included in the initial details given.

Nevertheless, I think Max Richter's work is absolutely brilliant! Please give us more next time though!
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on 6 November 2013
I really do like this album a lot and have played it in my car

Makes me feel c ALM AND COLLECTIVE
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