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on 8 December 2009
Microsoft's Office 2003 is a very good product and cosmetically at least is an improvement over Office 2000. However there are a couple of annoyances... for instance if you have SP3 installed and you need to work with old Powerpoint, Word, Excel or Coreldraw files you'll find yourself blocked from opening them for "security reasons" - there are fixes available on Microsoft's website to re-enable access though, as well as other fixes to block access again - all involve tweaking of the registry but it's all done for you by running the fix.

Another annoyance in Word is that after using it for a while you may find that the page formatting goes awry, especially if you have changed the default side margins from 1.25" to 1", with the cursor moving to the very top of the page. The quick fix is to view the headers and footers then close them again - the cursor will then be in the proper place. A more permanent fix is to run the program repair option - you will need the original disc/s though - which will keep it from happening again for a while at least!

Backwards compatability with Powerpoint 2000n files is also not ideal and you may well find some of your slide animations being out of sequence or not working at all. Still, the absence of that pesky paperclip thingy makes up for all of it!

I just don't like Office 2007 - I have just never taken to the ribbon toolbar - so I'm likely to stick with Office 2003 for a while yet, warts and all. All in all though, a good buy.
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on 4 March 2013
I ordered 2 of these Both were copies you could feel that front was a label stuck on to disks & the product code label was copied had no metal strip in,
I did try in a machine but Bullgaurd picked up WARNING do not buy or you could be putting spy ware on your machine, I contacted stating this and got immediate refund
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on 2 September 2009
I think the product is better than the latest versions and uses less memory. I received the product the next day
and loading was simple. Despite warnings to the contrary there where no problems because it was an OE version
and it works well with Vista HP.
Great value!
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on 15 August 2009
I bought this software from allsorts-2009 and it wouldn't install, it just kept giving an error message. I had waited a couple of days for my new pc to arrive before I tried it, then when it didn't work, I looked at the disk and found it was covered in smudges and small scratches.
I got it professionally cleaned, hoping that would help, but still no joy, so I emailed the seller a week later...they replied, asking me why I had taken so long to report it. I replied, saying that I didn't think a week WAS long and explaining why, but they didn't reply and because I didn't know about their 4 days policy thing, I carried on sending them emails, which were also subsequently ignored.
When I went about looking for some other way to get recompense, I discovered that I could have made a claim, but unfortunately it had gone over 90 days, so it was too late.(something else that I didn't know about).
At the same time, I found 5 reviews on the disk/seller and 3 of those had also received disks that didn't work. In these reviews it said that they had checked their disks and found them to be pirate copies.
This seller seems to be blatantly ripping people off, right, left and centre and I don't know why Amazon allow them to carry on selling on their site. I have been left out of pocket and am utterly disgusted.
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on 16 March 2009
Worth every penny. Office 2003 may be out of date and replaced by Microsoft's latests models but what's the point? All our computers work well with XP and now when we change we're having everything downgraded back to XP to run programmes like this. Ok it was expensive but it saves time and it is hassle free. 2003 is simple, elegant and a joy to use.
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on 28 March 2012
I've just received my copy of Office 2003 from Matilda92 (ordered at 19:08 on 26/3, today being 28/3). I've had no problem installing it with Windows 7, and it's like coming home after a period of utter frustration with 2007. Give it a go.
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on 5 February 2011
I ordered my copy from seller 'allmodcons1962' and it was a genuine copy in unopened packaging with product key and holographic disc etc. It installed fine in Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit without having to run in XP mode or anything like that. But if you are installing Windows 7 for the first time too, you must let the OS install all its updates first or the self-installer on the Office disc won't work. Once you've installed Office 2003, remember to install the install the service pack 3 update (the latest as of Feb 2011).
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on 12 September 2012
The earlier versions of M$ Office seem to be easier to use than '07 or '10, leaner, faster, and more intuitive. So I have gone back to this 2003 version when installing Windows 7 on a new HD in an old laptop with a maximum of only two Gig of Ram, knowing that 2003 Office will not overstress a relatively old and slow machine, (state of the art 1.8GHz with beautiful big screen when new in 2002).

The CD supplied by Novvicouk was sealed and passed all the verification tests and installed with no problems in less than an hour, about 380MB of data. I chose not to install Outlook by using the Expert install option, but all the others, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc, worked nicely under W7 when I checked they had been activated, apart from Access which needs to be in XP-SP3 compatibility mode. However to be on the safe side I later set W7 to run all of them in XP-SP3 compatibility mode. I've never used Outlook in almost thirty years of working with M$ PCs and don't plan to start now, so will make no further comments about it.

Then I went online in earnest. The subsequent series of updates took another couple of hours to download and install (ordinary copper broadband) for another similar amount of data in total across successive update sessions - I lost count of how many. I also made sure it found the .docx compatibility update with Office 2007. At least it did not need a reboot in between updates.

And now after a few days of testing, and no crashes, I am happy that all the elements of Office 2003 I wanted work as expected, handle all my files correctly, and are fully up-to-date and secure. And everything feels nice and fast.


Addendum. 09 Jan 2013
W7 Compatibility issues resolved.

I've noticed that the machine has now been very stable for a couple of months, none at all of the Blue Screens that initially plagued me. I had always allowed it to send the crash reports to M$, and I guess they were listening, and their updates have fixed the issues. Now I don't run Office 2003 in Compatibility mode, (except for Access which crashed just now while testing it with compatibility mode off). Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint are all happy with no tick in the compatibility box, and can be launched by clicking on a relevant file.

Addendum 2. 14th March 2014
Support ends soon.

M$ will no longer be supporting Office 2003 after 8th April 2014. So if you do buy it make sure to install it and apply all the updates and 2007 compatibility packs before then.
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on 28 January 2011
Very rapid order comms and delivery. Product exactly as described. MS say it's compatible with Win7, but I had a problem installing it on my new Windows 7 laptop, but after invoking the windows compatibility features of win7, it installed like a dream. Excellent.
Microsoft Office 2003 Pro
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on 14 February 2014
I had read reviews saying office 2003 will work on vista + W7 but not W8, but the odd review said it would work so I bought it. When I put the CD in my new Windows 8 laptop the install box popped up but it wouldn't install (saying I don't have the right or something like that). so I tried to log onto the optical drive, but it would not let me view the files on the CD!. So next I went to run (or the DOS prompt) and typed D:\setup.exe where " D:\ " is the optical drive, and it installed no problem, so far everything seems to work great!
The disc I received was a new genuine DELL OEM version, the type you used to get with a new pc years ago.
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