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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2006
When I heard Robbie was doing a dance album I dreaded it cause I love him for his amazing lyrical talent and dance music usually has awful lyrics and is cheesy but not this album.

Please don't let the first single "Rudebox" put you off buying this amazing album. It is definatly one of the worst song he's done but most of the rest of the album Is simply fantastic.

1. Rudebox - Ok song but one of his worst but he deserves a pat on the back for taking such a risk - 6/10

2. Viva Life on mars - An excellent country track with a big sing-along chorus. - 9/10

3. Lovelight - An stunning cover of the unknown Lewis Taylor track. Robbie makes this track his own and both the music and Rob's impressive vocal performance makes this lightyears better than the bland original. - 10/10

4. Bongo Bong - I detest the original of this but this version is pretty great. Lily Allen sings the chorus and it works fantasticaly. - 8/10

5. She's Madonna - An amazing song. Simply faboulous in every possible way. Robbie wrote this track with the legendary Pet Shop Boys and it's about Guy Richie dumping his ex for Madge. Lyrically this is excellent and the whole arangment of the music is magic. A definite #1 single - 11/10

6. Keep On - Lily Allen once again makes an appearence on this uplifting anthem. With crazy lyrics, this is so bloody catchy and will have you singing along. An must be single - 10/10

7. Good Doctor - This is simply hilarious. It's Robies take on presctiption drugs and lyrically will have you in tears laughing. It's extremly catchy and sounds a bit like the Gorillaz. - 9/10

8. The Actor - An truely fantastic song. With female vocals which sound a bit like Madonna. This song is very kraftwork and sees Robbie sing about his take on Hollywood and the actors. - 10/10

9. Never Touch That Switch - This song is the only original song which Robbie did'nt write himself. It is not one of the best but is quite catchy - 7/10

10. Louise - Another excellent cover of an 80's classic. This time it's the Human Leugue classic. Robbie's vocal is magic on this track and the music is also excellent. - 9/10

11. We're The Pet Shop Boys - Another cover, this time of a cover of the song about the PSB written by My Robot friend. The PSB duet with Rob on this and the result is excellent - 8/10

12. Burslam Normals - His vocal is haunting on this and it's very Bowie sounding. Slightly boring though but still quite good - 7/10

13. Kiss Me - Rob's cover of his songwriting parter Stephen Duffy's top 10 hit from the 80's. I have never been a fan of the song but Robbie makes it his own and it is far better than the orignal - 8/10

14. The 80's - This track proves what an absolute lyrical genious Robbie is and that he is up their with the likes of Morressey when It comes to lyrics. An absolute Robbie classic where he talks about his childhood in the 80's. Lyrically and musically, it is fantastic. Sounds a bit like the Streets. - 12/10

15. - The 90's - Just like the 80's this track once again proves his amazing lyrical talent. He talks about his time in Take That and it is simply fantastic. - 11/10

16. Summertime - Robbie wrote this song for a sountrack a number of years ago and has re-recorded it. It's not as good as his original but with William Orbit pruduces this summer anthem it remains a winner - 9/10

17. Dickhead - The hidden track that has everyone talking. Absolutelly hilarious. But don't let you kids here it lol. Dec from Ant & Dec even makes an apperence.

Overall this album is simply amazing and I would give it 9/10 overall. There is something on their for everyone.

Well done Rob. Once again you've made one hell of an amzing record.
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on 24 October 2006
This album is a shock from the first moment you hear it. But, you have to say it takes massive balls for Robbie to suddenly change from his power ballards that have made him so popular. This is so different and it is great to see him try something new.

Great songs include Bongo Bong which jusy gets you doing a silly dance that if anyone saw you would probably just laugh.Shes madonna is a great track.Robbie sent a demo of this song to the girl in question and she loved it.I can see this being a single as it is a real strong song and stand out from the whole album.The 80s and 90s are great tracks that have you sitting there,really taking in what he says from the heart.

Now stop all your negative reviews and respect the guy.This album will be huge,its Robbie Williams where Robbie hasnt been before
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on 24 October 2006
This is a very brave album. Robbie has endulged himself with music he likes rather than music he's always made and it shows, for the first time it sounds like he's enjoying himself and not making paint by numbers pop songs. In my opinion he has pulled it off.....Rudebox is very different!

There are standout tracks namely, "Rudebox", "Lovelight", "She's Madonna", "We're the Pet Shop Boys" and the brilliant "The 80's". I'm three years older than Robbie and grew up in the 80's, the track just made me laugh the first time I heard it.

All in all I recommend this album, give it a listen and ignore the blinkered people that have simply given it a 1 star rating because it's different.
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on 23 October 2006
Why are you guys freaking out? just cos robbie is experimenting i say fair play to the guy.

I LOVE this album it has put a smile on my sad winter face!

Yeah so what if hes talking nosense half the time, havent we all? were just not in the position to put it in to wordson a song in the public.

I have had a little boogie to this one already!

I love the electo pop feel to it it makes me feel good and thats what music is for

Rob is great he doesnt take himself too seriously and it shines in this new album!

I feel good and thats well worth the 8 quid!

It makes life feel fun again!
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on 24 October 2006
Well, after being concerned to what Robbie's new album would be like I am impressed. Yes, 50% is different from his usual style but it definatley grows on you. Especially love his versions of the Human League's "Louise" and Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy's "Kiss Me". Also love Robbie's humour which comes out in the words of "The 80s" and "The 90s" - hehehe! "Love Light" has got to be the favourite though.

If you buy this, don't expect a carbon copy of Robbie's previous albums but something perhaps a little more experimental, touched with the old Robbie we all love!
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on 24 October 2006
I'm not a big Robbie fan, I own his last album and that's it. I like a few of the hits, I think he's a fabulous entertainer but I've never really thought he was that into what he was doing. On this album i get him, in the past his earntestness embarrassing and mawkish and his raps have annoyed the f**k out of mebut on this album I get him and more importantly I believe him. The guy is singing his ass off and taking a massive risk and delivering it with fabulous, f**cked up, audaciuous pop chutzpah. The boy done good. LOVE IT.
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on 15 October 2006
I've just heard the album (rather than a couple of tracks like the first reviews on here) and it's amazing. If you want another Angels you're going to be disappointed, but if you can just broaden your horizons and actually listen to this album, especially the lyrics to The 80s the 90s and She's Madonna, you will hear a touching, funny, clever and above all constantly astonishing album.

I'd also suggest non Robbie fans that you give it a try too, you may be very pleasantly surprised.
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on 23 October 2006
I think that this album will definitely be a 'grower'. It's not immediately my cup of tea, but I think it soon will become a cult item.

I respect Robbie for having the guts to try something different and difficult, and above all risk his fan-base for a move away from commerciality. Look at the success of 'Swing...' and that was predicted to be a huge flop.

If you like Human League, Bowie, Pet Shop, Divine Comedy etc give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.
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on 24 October 2006
I got this album today, and liked it on first listening. It's quirky, funny, a bit of a (ok, a LOT of a) piss take and Robbie is his usual sexy self. Ok, so I don't think it's one of his best, but he obviously enjoyed himself in the making of it. If that means he's wealthy enough to take the piss out of his adoring public, so be it. I like him, I love how he's grown and developed and there is nothing to not like in this album.

Mr Williams; YOU ROCK!
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on 25 October 2006
As someone who has followed Robbie's career from the start (before everyone jumped on the Angels band wagon!) I have been becoming more and more disappointed with his albums whilst I thought Escapology was a good album (apart from Me & My Monkey) I felt Intensive Care was over rated and now this disc....

I first heard Rudebox and thought it was a joke on the press about how Robbie could write a track in 5 minutes and get a child to put the music to it...but no it was for real!!! In a time when the likes of Timberlake and Furtado are going for a smooth current sound using the likes of Timberland, Robbie appears to be in a reverse gear making rather dated sounding music...Is this a bad thing?? Maybe not, but it takes a bit of getting used to, I have listened to the album a lot to try to give it a chance to grow and I would say it is a little easier to listen to than Intensive Care but you have to give it a lot of listens, although the final track Dickhead really is pointless.

For once I would say do not read into the lyrics, Robbie appears to have lost the sharp lyrical wit he once had, simply enjoy it as a memory of the 80's and 90's. My one big question would be who advises the likes or Robbie, Michael Jackson and George Michael?? Are they surrounded by yes men and are therefore permitted to releash albums that are far weaker than they are able to produce. Robbie is an extremly intelligent artist and a very good business man who is normally always right (but not always!!)

Give it a go and let us know what you think (but give it a chance!!)
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